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Selena Gomez, promoting coach handbags to her 146 million Instagram followers, Kim Kardashian has pushed everything from perfume to vitamins and even luxury brand Fendi. Little sis Kylie Jenner, is in on the action too seen here, Hawking her makeup palette on YouTube.

I made this the perfect palette, and now even your next-door neighbor could be cashing in on the big business of being an influencer 27 year old, Maddie, Adam adido, really don’t meet more suits in my life as a beauty and lifestyle.

Social-Media influencer paid by companies like Maybelline, so many great, an Estee Lauder to promote their products on their social media. Honestly, I can’t believe this is me I can’t believe this could be in stores.

She has more than 5 million Instagram followers and over 15 million subscribers on her 3 YouTube channels. A native of Venezuela voila. She launched her first YouTube channel nine years ago on a whim.

I was in college in Venezuela and I decided I want to post my first youtube video. What were you studying biology? It’s very weird, but I always loved makeup and in biology. There were a lot of people that, like to makeup that I could meet in school.

So I was like you know what I’m gonna go, make a video post it online and find people about. Like the same things that I like, I had a little screen, so I flip it and I just sit and talk. We visited Mariela at her home in Los Angeles that doubles as her studio.

What do you roughly get paid per post and what is the most you’ve, gotten paid for something I wouldn’t be able to give you an exact number but ballpark. I have a college degree. My husband has a college degree here like MBA, and we chose to do this, so you can make a good living from it.

Marielle and her husband Gordo first moved to the u.s., so he could attend grad school and he went to business school. I was home alone, so I was like I’m gonna start, an English. Why? I need to talk to somebody so like I’ll talk to the camera, the YouTube videos were kind of like an outlet for you to practice.

Your English yeah, I was like I have no friends, so I’m. Just gonna find some online did it work out, [ Laughter ]. There are so many, especially young women, trying to be influencers. What makes your account unique? I asked myself that all the time, why do you follow me? I’m just being silly.

I don’t feel like there’s, anything special about me. Why and I I mess up and I show them that it’s. Not I’m, not perfect. I’m, not like court. You know yeah, but sometimes I feel like that’s. Why people follow me because I’m? I’m me.

I’m real today, it seems, like everyone is in a battle for the most clicks, because a big social media following can mean big money. The very first hurdle to becoming an influencer is hitting 10,000 followers, but you’re certified influencer.

If you will at around a hundred thousand it’s currently 6 a.m. 17 year-old mega vlogger. Emma Chamberlain was a typical teen from the Bay Area when she took YouTube by storm just two years ago. Right now we are driving around the DMV posting videos like this one, for my fricken test.

She’s now signed with a major Hollywood agency and partnering with teen fashion chain. Hollister, hey everyone. I am Jasmine brown. Jasmine Brown began working with major brands like Walmart and lady footlocker.

After being noticed for her fashion and beauty, videos and sandy balled launched into online stardom with her unique nail-polish designs now working with Sephora and Mattel, really big, youtubers and Instagram stars, they have agents just like Hollywood.

They have managers, they have publicist because the best people are making tens of millions of dollars a year and it’s, not just fashion and beauty industry. Influencers who are cashing in take dr. Mike Varsha offski, who promotes his healthy and germ-free lifestyle on his Instagram page and teacher kala del Sur, promotes the latest educational technology on her top dog teaching social media pages.

When you follow an influencer, you’re, not just following for the content that she posts. You’re following her for her opinion. These are her 10 favorite products. Well, these are also your 10 favorite products.

There’s. Also, a dark side of online influencing take the large number of fake accounts that some influencers have following them. It’s, a shortcut that plenty of people are tempted to take, and so they’re tempted to do it, but it’s.

Always a that idea. A recent report reveals companies paid out 744 million dollars to Instagram influencers. Last year alone, but a hundred and two million of that money meant to reach legitimate followers was actually spent on fake accounts.

The whole point of being an influencer is that you have influence of everyone following you is not a real person. You don’t have any influence. You just have a bunch of followers and buyers of social media.

Beware being a fitness. Influencer is my full-time job fans of social media, fitness guru, Britney Don, accused her of charging hundreds of dollars for her 60-day fitness and nutrition plans, some say without delivering on her promise and we never got anything back other than just oh girl.

You’re doing so great, but I’m, like how am i doing great so not losing weight. Britney Don posting, an apology on her YouTube channel, but Mario says the key to success is staying true to herself and working hard.

I always wanted to do something where I could have freedom and be creative. So in a way this is perfect for me, and so what I wanted to do, I mean you’re, getting paid to be yourself, it truly is for nightline.

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