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Now many tools have the keyword search right, but, for example, ad spy is is a paid tool right. You have to pay like 150 dollars per month and it has like a limited number of searches. This tool you can see.

I just put the jewelry and for example, this one is pretty good right, so you click on it and you get the Facebook page right and then, if you click on the Facebook page, obviously you can just go in here uh into the page transparency.

You can see it was created like one year ago, and it has, I mean quite a big team already and you can see all of the ads that are being run by this page right. So you can see this. One specifically has some religious messages, which is very interesting like a niche.

You can see what countries it’s targeting, and you also can see the landing page here right directly from the tool you can just go and here – and so you can see it – has this one, this one um.

It has also some other products here so which is pretty awesome, so you can like reverse engineer very fast, and you can take advantage of you know of this advanced church. If you’re within a specific niche, then you can search for you know certain, like keywords that would be like the most beneficial for you right.

Let’s, say you search for a country that uh let’s say you only need, like the united states, for example, say united states and searching only for females right, and we will search for this, and so you can see right.

Brands dropshipping stores, so a lot of material, a lot of things to work with a lot of the examples of the ads. So you can. You can just increase your like standards of creatives. Just by looking at this, you can see how native these look, I love jewelry.

This page is utilizing a lot of the monthly monogram subscription, which is a pretty interesting model, so you can see it’s not like not just like regular products, but this is the subscription a lot of like user-generated content.

You can see these are like regular people models here and so let’s, see. How big is this, though this business is quite big, as you can see here, created like a long time ago, has pretty decent teams. 16 people.

You can see 16 people managing this business and you can see examples of the creative here we just instantly. We found this within a few minutes right. So this is, if you’re searching, was in your niche and you know kind of like what keywords people are using.

Then you can take the humongous advantage of this and just search for many things, not just inside of the ads right, but also like landing pages, URLs, and other things. So if you know your competitors URL, you can constantly chase them and see the kind of like what products they’re, pushing so quickly jump on those if necessary, and take advantage of the trends that are happening so that’s.

Just number one um smart filters, allow you to filter campaigns by ad type, demographics, language, and vertical. So we just did that right. We just search for the specific demographics right, and this is like one of the this just like one and you can see it has more of the trend.

So if you want to seal it, for example, videos let’s, search for videos right again, another example: here you can see there are a lot of examples, a lot of examples of the product. You can see that’s like in german, which is very interesting.

You can search and search and search and get a tremendous number of ideas for the ads right for the ads that you want to launch now and you can also search source them by and sort them by, let’s say most reacted.

Let’s, say most react. Let’s, see what it will show us. So you can see most reacted, 21, 000 and seen five days ago. Quite recent, so you can see how amazing it is to leverage you know. All of this, like data, that’s already present in the system, so that’s.

Another thing uh that you can leverage. If, if you’re an affiliate, I mean you can also search for ads by vertical and affiliate networks. So, for example, here I feel it. You have specific networks. Let’s, say biz off right.

We’ll have to like remove some of the filters not to like restrict the system in any way i’ll have to remove this both and see what it will find. How some of these you can see. It classifies these different ads by the categories right, a lot of the people here that you might recognize already that’s.

What you can see here, like basically classifying this by the specific category that you have here, so that’s, just one, and obviously you have other ones right. You have other categories of let’s say we do like diet.

Let’s, do a diet, so this is diets guys. So you can see weight loss different ads. You can see here again it has no filters. You can add some few extra filters and have even more like relevant information.

So these seems seem to be like i feel it like networks, black hat black hat ads. Probably these are already like shut down because they don’t last too long. But you can see if you’re in that niche or you you do something within that niche, then a lot of great examples here so another like store owner so for e-commerce entrepreneurs, how you can leverage this guy so, for example, if you do It here and you can see you can use also clickbank so e-commerce.

The interesting thing that specifically, i like specifically, was like woocommerce, because i mean everyone has shopify events using shopify, but people that use let’s say like woocommerce. They are just like flying under the radar right, like not many people are searching for for the apps that are using, let’s, say woocommerce platform, so here we would put let’s, say let’s.

Put the united states and see what it will show us. You can see some of the examples of the ads right again, you can add some extra keywords here. If you need to right, you can add some extra filters if you need to, and so basically giving you this kind of like wealth of like information in specific, like relevant information, not just information and basically have all of this, like very streamlined research process.

So you know exactly what’s working right now in your space. Another thing that you can do here is uh. You can discover the most advertised product to find the hottest trends. So if we would like to remove let’s say we would still stick to like shopify, but then shopify and woocommerce.

Let’s say we stick to this too, would be quite open. Oh, we’ll. Just stick to united states and most common, let’s, say most most common – that’s right legislator. By most commented, we will search by the ads that have been running within the last several days, and so we can see what is working right now, plenty and plenty and plenty of products you can see here now.

Obviously, a lot of these are, you can see there like in other languages. I mean some of these are very like weird. Nine 999, like i don’t, know how this, how it’s possible for them to sell it at this price, very, very low price.

So it’s. It’s, weird. They’re able to sell. It could be like some scam, personalized custom, dog, coffee mug right. So this is. This is interesting, most likely ships from united states, so good customer experience and grades crown rank.

You can see to my daughter, so this niche is like 12 000 likes, it seems, and so we’ll. Just let’s. Let’s! Reverse engineer this store. So if we go here, uh facebook page right 404, so it seems like they have removed uh the page, so the page could have gotten like shut down or something right, so that’s.

Also interesting. Let’s check this one. If this one is still present, so if there’s like 404, then it means the page got him like shut down across the cloud, a lot of cons, so this one yeah, this one seems to be appropriate and so page transparency.

Again again, we have plenty and plenty and plenty of ads. Now this is, as you can see, it seems like people into the niche of people who are into like smoking, smoking weed right. It seems like i mean it’s, not positioned like that, but it’s more like inspired by the positive, but it’s very interesting niche.

As you can see here, right, pretty cheap products uh their model is probably similar to like pura vida bracelets, just pure volume – and there probably is some type of like subscription on the back end that allows them to like increase, increase the lifetime value of each customer.

But you can see the customers seem to be pretty happy. You can see that’s just very quickly. We identified this business. I’ve, never seen this business before i just found it like with few searches here.

So sometimes you would be, you would find businesses you’d, find products that they’re, not even like you haven’t ever ever seen before and will show you business models that you haven’t even Like considered before so that’s, pretty amazing, like here this one, for example, see if this is a dropshipping store just like proper brand ceramic tactical philippines, united states.

It’s currently running ads and you can see a few clicks and we know what products they’re selling. I don’t know the volume i don ‘ T know that’s like final sale. Yes, that’s drop shipping, and so you can see very quickly what type of products are being sold here.

This is dropshipping from china. You can see shipping faq. This is this. Is it right? This is what you need to identify, whether the product being shipped from china or not. If the shippings are like 5-16 days or like 25 days, then that is being shipped from china, you can quickly identify it like you can see how easy it is like.

I i just like. Within a few minutes, i found some some interesting ideas. For example, this bracelet and this apparel, which will be relevant during q4, so you can see a few clicks, and this is a free tool that you can take advantage of guys.

The link should be below this video for you to take advantage of this add. So you can find all the information performance from each ad so, like i showed you guys, for example, here you can see how many times it was seen like you can see.

Just as in, like one day live for at least like two days, and it was seen eight times right, which is pretty like interesting. I mean i wish there was like a bit more insights here, but at least show you, the country like targeting uh.

Most of the traffic comes from now again guys you can take advantage. If you have any specific questions, you can just send them the question here. You can just like utilize it as it is most likely. You would not need any targeting if product is good, you can just go like broad with no targeting, and if product is decent, then it will sell that’s.

What you have to keep in mind, but you you can see all these like insights right. You can filter by different keyboards and pretty much compile the list of things that you really closely following. So then, you can take advantage of those and and leverage and model and emulate and just get a quick moment as possible, so guys as part of their launching campaign.

Most of the tool is free for now, but if you sign up using coupon code rockstars, you’ll, get all of it for free, including affiliate filters. So there, not monetizing this tool, yet they might and they ‘

Ll definitely will be monetizing, but for now it’s. Just you know, for you to to take advantage for this particular tool. You know, if you can research some amazing products that you can start selling or products for q4, then it will be.

You know you’ll just make you know a lot more than this to cost when it costs right. This one is pretty interesting. You can see here another great product, guys i mean i haven’t planned this. I just jumped on this tool, like you will jump uh when you sign up and you would just start searching and researching, so i typically go to the facebook page like directly.

I just start yeah. You can see page created guys. I mean how amazing is this page created, like literally like three weeks ago, running 190 ads um? This is probably like macedonia right so opportunity.

Is there guys, if you want to take advantage of this, there are made many like amazing products. You can jump on. You can see this one is very, very interesting. I don’t know what kind of like type of volume they’re doing, but you know 190 ads.

I would assume they’re, spanning probably at least five hundred. One thousand dollars a day on ads. I mean these are like very, very broad appeal ads right, so they’re driving. They don’t even have the website right.

They just put them on shine on website, which is a very interesting model right and they don’t even have like their own like website. They’re, just starting people there, or it could be shine on team uh, but then china one is based in the united states.

So it’s, probably not them just guys that are running their own products, which is amazing right. You can just jump on some of these. It’s fulfilled from united states, so you won’t, have the issues with fulfillment feedback score any of those things just another great example.

You know the product i just found was in. You know 10 minutes again here a pearl another another another, so truly amazing tool, guys i highly recommend. Obviously you can use. It seems like it’s only being advertised in chile, which is interesting.

It’s. Only let’s, see again new page new page created two weeks ago. How cool is this right, like niche store? I don’t know again how big of the volume of this page but small niche store very interesting model.

So this is, it guys, take advantage of this tool. Again you go to the visto li and there should be link below as well uh. You put the rockstars code in there, like the coupon code, take advantage of it fully free for now at least, and then, if you find it valuable and they have something to sell you, then it’s.

Your decision to sign up for it so, but i want you guys to take advantage of this while it’s here, because you know even just now like scrolling through the for this tool, i found quite a few interesting ideas for for products for Stores uh some of those print-on-demand, some of them were just products shipped from china that you can take advantage during this q4.


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