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Okay, guys, I’m, going to show you how you can look at the if the competitor has a trending keyword or where they’re, getting a lot of their traffic from if there’s. Any spike for any reason, so what I did here is I put vitality for life.

I’m, just gonna open a few tabs to avoid traffic analytics, so he got vitality for life and they put usually takes you to domain overview, which is here that’s. Advertising research takes you to the domain overview and you click on traffic analytics and that’s here and what you can see there is a spike, some pretty big spike that came in so then next thing you want to do is to find out Where the spike came from so a lot of its direct traffic, which is really good and a big chunk, is their search traffic.

Now, where did that spike come from what we want to do? Is we go back into domain overview, which is I’ll click that’s, gonna come domain overview, and then that will show us a general overview of changes that we’ve had so.

If you look here top organic keywords, so you want to see from their organic keywords that I have a big paid spent. You can see on semrush, it compares paid versus organic. They used to have a bit of paid, but now this went to pretty much zero.

A lot of it is organic, so they ‘ Ve done really well organically keyword, trendy. They had a massive spike in 2016 doesn’t, try and terms of ranking on Google brighter than it dropped all right.

So what you do is look at two top organic keywords. If they had a lot of page, you see what they could see here. It goes top paid keywords. You can view details and you see what they what they’re getting most, so they spend on so there’s.

Nothing major here, as I said, I know this company from before there’s. No massive change! I’m, not sure if that will tell you how much they’ve changed over time, but I know what they usually sell and they’ve, always sold their blenders and their dehydrators and there’s.

No massive change, though oh these are the only four keywords they bid on. So it’s, a really small advertising spend a lot of it is organic. So if you look at top organic keywords, you can see them there and I want to see if there’s, any major change of one, that’s, getting a biggest chunk of their traffic.

So you go into the organic analysis and what you want to do and I’ll, show you what I thought was the reason for this bike and I was a false alarm. So if you look at the position, if something’s moved from a low position, something like let’s, say 20 or 13 or whatever and came to number one or number.

Two that obviously led to a big traffic and traffic percentage is how much traffic it brings to the how much traffic it brings to the to the website. So traffic percentage is nothing majors, but mostly still the brand itself dehydrated.

I’ve, always thought dehydrators there’s. No major spike. I don’t know what the reason for the spike it could be. Just everyone else is spiking because of culvert. A lot of people are buying online and there’s, a spike in health and wellness.

So one thing I thought it was and that’s, why there was a false alarm. So when I went to domain overview, I accidentally put the US, because this is an Australian website. So when I put the US and that will show you what a spike looks like when I put the US and that’s only 580, once it’s, very small, nothing worth looking at ins, they’ve, been dropping Considerably for the last few years they don’t sell in the US.

I don’t. Think and but if you look at the US, you ‘ Ll see there’s, organic top organic keywords, Cerreta versus rainbow, and that never existed before that takes 16 percent of their traffic, which is really high.

So that made me think that that was the reason they had a massive spike now, because of this Sarina vacuum cleaner they were selling, so you can click on position, changes and see. If anything’s changed so no shelf.

That’s. Change, but what you’re, looking for so boric when you do this on a fortnightly basis, you need to look at something that was this difference between juice and culprits. They’ve, ranked well on this one, but you see something where they were.

They were badly ranked and there’s, suddenly ranking really well. You see how their ranking pretty well on this one, the vibration machine, which they’re, ranking well in the US. What does that mean? The vibration machines are ranking around the u.

s. see that’s? Another trend that I got from from looking at some rush looking at competitors. So when I go into Google Trends, I know that the vibration machine, the main one, is called powerful. A sport vibration machine, let’s, say you don’t, know the main leading brand.

So if you look at the vibration machine there, you can see this massive spike suddenly from 42 to peaking a hundred so doubled in from in April. To it just doubled, and now it’s, just dropping back, so obviously it’s, a massive spike.

If you look at the past five, we see how big the spike is: vibration, machine but bigger that’s ever been. If you look at the main brand, they’re selling vibration machines. You see it’s powerful and look at this because happening in the US.

So we’re launching urgently in the u.s. they’re powerful. So that’s, an overview of how you can find trends. Samia’s trending up so I saw vitality for life trending up. I immediately research that keywords to see the reason they were trending up.

Doesn’t seem, they’re, launched anything new, but they’re a long time ago. I did the same exercise and I found out about powerful funny enough in Australia. I didn’t know about the brand, but they started selling it as they spiked up.

We sold it and made a lot of money because we followed their lead. Now we try to find a trending product first, but sometimes competitors to do that before us and that’s, how you can finally dig into organic research and then you can look at you, traffic analytics.

We did domain overview and then another thing we do is look at the paid traffic. So let’s. Look at our own website, for example. Now it is again lagging, but let’s, see if there’s. Anything new that got so us or really Australia.

So let’s, go to Australia, so analyze. My own company see well traffic. You if you look at traffic analytics, is different, but anyway let’s. Look at there’s! No spike, but we need to look at traffic analysis, which is the best source.

So if we’re going to dig into traffic analytics, we see Australia and we could see that it’s relatively steady. There’s, a rise here between March and April than a drop so that rise from March and April February to April so one up from 20k.

So one about fifty percent, it’s most again as it is covered. But let’s, see if there’s, anything that indicates so if you look at top paid keywords, so there’s, a lot more paid traffic for free d. You see here it’s, about half of organic is no higher the vitality for life.

So if you go to top paid keywords there we go position. One Ninja, Blender, breadmaker, all right. That was new that in cell bread-making before I know I didn’t sell but make it before. But let’s, see the details.

[ Music ] see position changes some researching my own company to see if to show you how we can find a trending product at a competitive website. Okay position changes sets in terms of advertising thing so best blenders from nothing number one optimum blender number one free.

Did you see ur bread maker number, two, listen you and artisan diamond blender so blenders. We know they’re selling juicers. They knew, though we’ll, look into a free. Did you see the advertising on that lesson? You why the advertising? Just here then we go on the website, would look into it and then optimum blender best blender for smoothies.

He research, those and I found bread maker with fruits and nuts dispenser. Alright, this didn’t exist before so. Let’s, see what they’re doing there. So that’s, how you can find what ads your competitors are running using some rush and that in a future video I’ll, get someone from my team to do.

I was going to the homepage. Why is he at go to the home page of our chat to my team now, unless some rush is not accurately taking it to the right page, so it doesn’t make sense to go to the home page.

I’ll. Look into that anyway, so that’s, how you can use so much to look at what trending keywords or what, if your competitors, if your competitor is improving number one, if they’re getting more traffic and why they’Re getting more traffic, so we need to do this on a fortnightly basis.

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