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This does not only apply to people who are in the e-commerce space. This applies to people who are bloggers, a digital marketers or your building, a personal brand, or you have your own YouTube channel whatever it is.

We all need that traffic to our website. So in this video I’m gonna show you how you can utilize Outbrain to drive targeted traffic to your website, alright guys and if you like, content like this don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel.

So that I know to make more content just like this alrighty guys now let’s, get started already guys. So the first thing that I want to talk about is always expand. Your traffic sources. You know on YouTube.

You can find a lot of different resources on how to run Facebook ads, how to run Instagram ads Twitter or Pinterest. Google Ads Bing ads, but it’s, no longer called Bing ads now under microscope, and now we have snapchat Reddit and the one that I all want to talk about is called out brain now.

I realized that not a lot of EECOM sellers or econ gurus out there are actually talking about out brain, which is such a shame, because, right now, without brain and also Pinterest, I’m, getting very low CP C, and it is actually a very Very great place to drag that targeted traffic and I’ll, be showing you in just a minute over the shoulder how you can target certain interest groups that are inside of your niche to drive that traffic, that you need alright guys and before I Move on, I just want to talk about the rule of thumb when you guys are thinking about driving traffic to your website is if you can get a positive row, ass or return adspend do them all, because if you are paying say $ 50 to run an Ad and you’re, making even just $ 60 back from the $ 50.

I would run that ad all day long, because a $ 10 profit is still profit. But how do you make more, you just simply scale up the ads, alright. So in the channel I always talk about different traffic sources, because you know never depend on one.

Sometimes, when certain platforms get way too expensive, people naturally go to other places to find places where they can get cheaper, clicks, cheaper traffic, all right guys. So what exactly is out brain now out brain is considered a native ad network and basically it is an ad platform where you can place your ads on high traffic websites.

Like CNN Slate Fox News Time magazine’s, there’s. All of these websites to get high number of traffic every single day, and so what we are gonna do is that we are going to place our ads on these websites to get eyeballs on our website, and this is basically called traffic arbitrage.

And if you’ve, never heard of traffic arbitrage, it basically means that we are sending traffic from other people’s, websites to our website, all right and also without brain. It is not the first of its kind.

There are other websites just like it like Rev content, tabula Yahoo, but in my opinion out, brain is by far the best, because a lot of their ads are very regulated and you can get actually very, very targeted traffic to your website, which I ‘

Ll be showing you in a tutorial later on in this video, how you can target certain interest groups that are inside of your niche. So that way you ensure that you are sending quality and qualified traffic to your website all right.

So this will work for any type of business, as I mentioned before, so whether you own an econ store, affiliate marketing, you have a blog, you own, a YouTube channel. You’re, doing digital marketing, personal branding, whatever it is.

If you’re doing anything on mine, you definitely need traffic, and so without brain you can actually run ads and get those people who didn ‘ T know who you are before to get to kind of know your brand or get to know your product alright, and also I get a lot a lot of requests and comments about saying you know Cynthia Facebook ads are getting way too expensive.

You know people are now looking for cheaper alternatives to Facebook ads right now. For me personally, I’m. Getting cheaper cpc’s on Pinterest and Outbrain, and on Outbrain you can get good targeted sources of traffic, so you guys don’t always have to stick with Facebook.

Now I do believe that Facebook is one of the best traffic sources, because they have such a big ton of data where they can go out there and find you the best type of audience to your website. But that does not mean that you just can you just limit yourself to Facebook but go out there and test out different traffic sources? Alright.

So how exactly is your ad advertise its they go on places mainly like blogs and news websites. Now it is less targeting options, as you will see when I go over the shoulder than Facebook, but nonetheless you can still put your ad out there alright.

So it will look something like this, but right now what I’m going to be doing is I’m gonna be hopping over and showing you how your ads would look like on these websites, alright guys. So let’s, hop on over already guys.

So right now I am on the website and if I scroll down on this website, you can see they have tons and tons of articles and a lot of traffic comes to this website every single day. But, as you can see, if I scroll all the way down, I we’ll, get to see these ads and, as you can see right next to us as sponsored.

This is actually where all of your ads will be placed when you’re using a brain. It’ll, be placed on websites like this, so your ads would be like placed at the bottom. So all the ones that you see sponsored would be how your ads would appear all right, guys so just kind of a quick overview on how your ads will look like alright guys.

So let’s hop on back already guys. So we are back here, and so I’m gonna give you a an overview on how this process works or how. I am actually utilizing out brain to drive traffic to my website and you know promote whatever you want to promote like if you’re, promoting a product, a digital product, your own brand, whatever it is that your main primary business is.

That is what you’re, going to be doing without brain, so first things. First, you want to register an account with them. It’s free to sign up, but it’s very easy. You just have to sign it without brain and then what you’re gonna be doing.

Is you’re gonna be creating an ad which I’ll, be going over in just a minute that you want to be placed at the bottom of these news, article websites, and then what happens? Is you want to do? One of two things all right, so you can either send about traffic to a blog, so you can host the blog.

If you have an e-commerce store, you can have a blog on Shopify or you can have your blog hosted on places like WordPress and drive traffic. There or the other option is to create an opt-in page using a landing page that you can create on websites like click funnels, where you can collect their email address and then send them to wherever you want to send them now.

Why do I do it in this way, as opposed to sending them directly to the product, because without praying from what I’ve tested is Outbrain is more geared towards people who wants to read articles, and sometimes people don’t purchase.

The first time they see a product, so in order to build up that trust and get that warm traffic, we want to send them more to a blog where they ‘ Ll read about your product or they’ll, read about the subject that they’re interested in so say for an example: you are in the dog niche.

You can create an ad saying, you know the top ten best dog t-shirts and then you could create a blog about it and then link those t-shirts to your store or you can talk more about a general topic say top ten dog training tips.

Okay. So, in that case, we’re, not actually selling a product. We’re, actually trying to build up trust with our customers and then actually sending them through our product. Now, for the this other option, if you want to send them to an opt-in page, we’re, not actually providing any value, but instead we can just say you know you could enter in your email address and get a free ebook, and that way They get something for free and in return we get their email address, which will be your biggest asset, because now you own their email address, you can send them whatever you want, without paying any type of ads cost.

Okay, and so what happens? If you’re gonna, do one of these you’re, then gonna redirect that traffic to your actual product or an affiliate offer or your youtube, video or whatever it is that you actually want to promote.

So it takes a little bit of work, but from what I found that this converts it better than if you were just send that traffic directly to your products directly to your Philly offer directly to whatever you want to sell them all right, because this one helps Us build trust, and this one helps us keep in touch with our visitors and hopefully convert them as a customer.

So after that, if you once you send them to your product page, there’s a t-shirt and you can get paid if they purchased. Your product, alright, so you know it’s not much before. Why not link it directly, go to out brains them to an add to your products right.

You know this is what separates an experienced marketer with someone who’s, a total newbie people sometimes say you know, Cynthia Facebook guys don’t work, Instagram, ads or Pinterest ads. Doesn’t work, and they might even tell me that Outbrain ad doesn’t work because they do it in this way.

They simply make quick ad and they don’t do any of the work in between here and they simply just send them to the product. Hoping people would buy all right because number one like I said before people don’t buy the first time they see the product, and sometimes people need to read a little bit more information before they buy.

So that’s when the blog comes in, so this is how I would structure it like this, as opposed to this alright. So what I’m gonna do is hopping over to out-brake and showing you how I create my add-on. Outbrain, alright guys, so let’s, hop on over already guys.

So right now I am on out brain and, like I said before it’s, free to sign up just go ahead and register for your account. Once you get your account, you want to come over here and click on add campaign, and we’re just gonna let it load and when you see the layout of out brains, you know at platform it’s very, very similar To Facebook you get to create your own interest, targeting you get to create your own location age.

Things like that, so we are going to be taking a look at this one, so just trying to wait for it to load already guys so now that it finally loaded, we are going to first name our campaign. So in this case I’m.

Going to do a quick tutorial on dog potty training, so I’m say you know dog potty, training example, okay, so the first thing that have us customized is the bidding strategy, meaning how much you want to do cost per click now over here.

If you hover over this, basically they ‘ Ll, explain what a cost per click is, and they will suggest a CPC for you now, as you can see on the screen, they suggest anywhere from between 52 cents to $ 1 74.

Now, for me, I always just start at 10 cents, because even though that it’s not recommended it’ll still run even at 10 cents, and so I found that that’s, my sweet spot. So I would start 10 cents, because if I start at you know 50 cents or AB dollar, it can get very expensive okay, so the next thing they want to have you do is budget type.

Now, in order to run an add-on Outbrain, you need a minimum budget of $ 20, and so I’m gonna go over here and type in $ 20 per day. Now some people might be asking me Cynthia, should I try 30 50 or maybe even a hundred? I would actually just stick to 20 because without brain you kind of never know, and you want to minimize the risk, and so I would just stick to my budget as 20, and so you can select your start date.

I’m just gonna leave it like this. Your start time I like to start it at midnight and then location now for a location. It’s really to your preference depending on the type of audience. You want to send it to you.

But for me for the location, I always put the top 5 english-speaking countries, and so that would include the United States, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia. So I can go ahead and type those in all right, so I just type all of these in and over here it’s very similar to Facebook.

They’re, going to show you. What is your potential reach based on your audience? So we have not done our interest targeting, but just doing our location. We have bought the size down now. This is the part where it’s very similar Facebook, where we’ll.

Do our interest targeting now without brain is very different because they only have interests or attributes, and so, if we come over here, there have a lot of different categories, so autos business, electronic entertainment, health, recreation, sports travel, and so it’s.

A very limited category – and if say you cannot find your niche in here, just find the ones that is more similar to your niche okay. So in this case, since I am in the dog niche, I can go ahead and find things that are close to what I’m doing, so I can come over to attributes and see if I can find C lifestyle and under lifestyle.

I see this one, it says pet lover. I can target people that love pets, okay and then, as you can see, my target audience is about 460. Okay, now again, you can come over here and add more and of course this was this will go up and this purpose of this training I’m.

Just gonna keep it at this one all right so then, over here they’re gonna show you, which placements that you want you want to go on the phone or the desktop. I just leave it at all. That’s. Totally fine and then, of course over here, you have to set up your pixels so very similar to the Facebook.

Pixel just go ahead and set it up, and I’m just gonna go ahead and click Next now. This is the part where we’re gonna type in our URL that we want to send our customers to so. In this case, I want to send my customers to a landing page where I can give away a free, ebook and return for their email address.

So let me pull it up already guys. This is the funnel um that I created in a different video, and this is the funnel where people can actually enter in their names or email address and get a copy of this ebook.

So if you want to learn how I did this funnel go ahead and watch the video that I did previously or you can sign up for my free click, funnels training to see how you can build your own funnel. But basically you can go ahead and copy.

This link – and I’m gonna, come back over here and I can paste in the link that I want to send my customers to alright. So here it is so you have the option between URL or RSS. Rss is basically, if you have a blog, you can link it that way, but in this case I’m just going to do a URL, and I’m going to say, add content now this over here is very similar to the Ad creative section on Facebook, where you actually get to create the title um put in your image, whatever it is, and so right now I’m gonna go ahead and upload an image already guys.

So I just uploaded an image. Now you can find these images on either pixabay pixels or any other royalty-free websites, and then once you upload it, you can go ahead and apply or you can resize it if you want alright, so they’re gonna give you a preview on How it’s, gonna look like on the actual ad when they place it on the website.

Alright, you can go ahead and actually replace this. So you can. I’ll. Just say you know: hey dog owner. Do you want an easy way to potty train alright, and you can write anything you want. You can resize the image things like that, alright guys.

So after you have created your ad copy, all you have to do. Is click this button to launch your campaign. They’re, going to review it and, and then they’re, going to start spending your budget and start advertising.

It alright, and so you can actually monitor all of your conversions and your clicks easily on this website. So what we’re gonna do is right. Now we’re, going to be hopping back already guys. So now we are back here and before I end this video, I also want to touch on what are some of the best practices when you are running an ad on Outbrain, and here are some of the recommended ad dimensions that I recommend that you resize your Image before you upload, because sometimes if it’s different – that some of it can get cut off and it wouldn’t look right, so you can actually adjust this on.

You know Photoshop or whatever you want, but try to keep your image at 1200 by 800 pixel that way it’ll fit perfectly into the ad. Also, as I, as you saw me, create the CPC I started with 10 cents. Now you can go higher if you want, but I just feel like it’s a little bit more expensive.

Even if you start at 10 cents cost per click, your ad will still run. So the next thing is location. Targeting again, I do the top 5 english-speaking countries, but for whatever reason you don’t want to target, say people in Australia or people in Canada.

You can just target people in the United States that’s, 100 percent, okay. So the next thing is don’t. Forget you do need a minimum budget of 20 dollars per day. You cannot go lower than that, or else it won’t run, but I also recommend to not go higher than $ 20.

It can be a little bit more risky when you’re doing 30, 40 $ 50. All right so also try to create your campaigns on different days of the week and just see which one performs better. Now, in my experience when I’m running these campaigns, certain days do work better for me and it, but it kind of depends on your niche and it’s, something that you just have to test it out yourself.

But you know, don’t always say: launch your ads on Mondays, maybe switch it to Friday’s. All right and next thing is use photos with actual people in it. I find that whenever you are running an ad people relate to the person that they see.

Okay, so try to do that if that is applicable to your niche. But in this case you say your niche is a cat or a dog or a type of animal. I would just stick with an animal, but go with a close-up rather than a you know, a photo where the animal is just all the way in the back.

You can barely make it out. Okay, make sure that it’s closed up and that the person looking at it knows exactly what’s going on knows exactly what, where they will be going once they click on your ad all right.

So the next thing is crafting your headline. A lot of people underestimate when they’re trying to type in their headline. So here are some of the tips that I recommend when you’re, trying to think of what to tuck.

For your headline so number one use a question because with questions you will get a higher click-through rate because you are kind of creating this curiosity. You know huh, do I really you know what is an easy way to potty train my dog.

You know I’m curious that’s. What I’m gonna click on it right so also when you’re crafting your headline, keep it interesting! Okay, you know nobody’s. Gon na click on a boring headline which they think that they already know the answer to also you want to input your target audience in headline, because you want to make the person look at your ad feel like you are talking directly to them.

Instead of to the general public all right and also focus more on pain points, if possible, this is something that I talked about before, even with Pinterest, when you’re, creating a post or a pin, you definitely want to focus on what people are Struggling on hit the pain point because, at the end of the day we are trying to solve someone’s problem right.

People, don’t want to buy a drill. People want a hole in the wall. Okay, so definitely focus more on providing a solution to the problem, instead of providing them with your product, all right. So, as you saw from my example, I would structure my headline to look something like this.

You know hey dog owner in this case. This is where I input my target audience here, so if the person that likes dogs, I am directly speaking to them, when I say hey dog, owner, okay automatically, they relate to my post now here’s, the part where I use the question, I Say you know want to know a quick and easy way to potty train your dog.

You know people are curious about that. People want to know. Is there you know an easier way to train their dog? Okay, and I also focus on a pain point. You know people don’t want to have to wait. You know weeks, all months to teach their dog to you know not pee in the house psi things like that.

So you want to try to encompass as many of these things that I just talked about. You know yeah the question, keeping it interesting input, your target audience things like that, so also, if you guys need help building out a landing page, if you guys do want to send them to a website we can collect their email addresses would think that that will Be better for the bang, if your! If your do want to advertise on outbreak, because if you’re, sending them to a blog that’s great! But you’re sort of not getting their email address.

Not staying in contact with them when you’re, sending to a blog now, of course you can run retargeting ads that’s great, but you could run retargeting ads, setting them to a landing page, but definitely at the other day.

I would prefer collecting that email just at the other day. So if you want to learn how to create a landing page, I have an entire training on that I’ll. Have my free clickfunnels course, which I’ll? Show you exactly how to create your own funnel.

You can even I’m swipe, my exact opt-in funnel inside the course. So, if you want access to that horse, I’ll. Have the link in the description also inside of the course I’ll? Show you exactly how to set up your account and actually build a funnel a lot of people get bogged down on how to set the account there’s.

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