Adplexity vs Anstrex Review – Finding a Profitable Diet Ad With Native Ads Spy Tools

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Get into my computer, we’re, going to compare the two systems and hopefully find a campaign idea to run for diet this year in January or next year. I guess because we’re approaching January, so let’s.

Get into this. This is complexity versus abstract, two spy tools that show you ads on native ad platforms or push ad platforms and other places around the internet. Okay. So today we’re, going to try and find a winning diet campaign because we are approaching the best time of year for diet, but of course, diet works all year round.

So inside ad plexi, I’m, going to be going back and forth to ad complexity and sex, okay, so here’s, what you would see if you had an anthrax account and you just logged into the native platform. You would also have the ability to switch between push and native on ad complexity.

You’re. You’re, paying for each platform, so this is the native ads platform. If I wanted to see push ads, I’d. Have to pay also for the push ads okay, so there are features of both that are really good and some better on complexity, some better on and strike.

So I’m, going to try and do that right now and show you what I like about each platform. So what I really like about complexity is the fact that I can sort easily here, um and it’s. It’s all right here, but it’s kind of the same, also on and strikes where I can see how the number of days these ads have been running.

So if I want to sort by the number of days running, which is one of the biggest filters that you need, because you want to see ads that have been running a long time – okay, next, we want to find a network that, maybe perhaps we’re already working with as an affiliate, because I’m doing this as an affiliate, so I want to find something that is working for affiliates.

So one of the biggest um affiliate networks obviously is Clickbank. We’ll. Compare Clickbank today just to make this video quick, but there’s a whole bunch of different networks here, but here’s. Another thing on and on complexity they don’t have as many affiliate networks as you would see.

Over here on the abstract, okay, they have a lot more affiliate networks that you can compare. So if you filter out by affiliate network, you’re, going to start seeing the exact ads that people are running from that network.

So you know they’re affiliates and you can see exactly what is being run here. Okay, so that’s, just um one advantage on Zantrex versus ad complexity. So let’s choose Clickbank here, because let’s find a winning Clickbank offer that we could perhaps run, and I’ll show you how to do that.

So click on Clickbank here and in Zantrex. I can do the same thing here by selecting Clickbank okay. Now. The next thing we need to consider is that there are a ton of traffic sources out there, so the first filter we just did is only filtering what affiliate network is being promoted here there’s, also a ton of ad networks here.

So wherever you’re, getting your traffic, you can perhaps sort by the exact traffic source that you’re. You’re choosing here, so you can see there’s, a ton of taboola ads here there’s, outbrain pretty much.

All of the mainstream traffic sources are here on the abstract. Now, on applexity there aren’t as many traffic sources. As you can see here, um there’s only less than a dozen on an on applexity, so that is one other advantage for abstract now.

The next thing I want to do is I want to filter the obvious ads that are doing well, so what I’ll, do first, is I will filter for the last uh we’ll, say 14 days, so I want ads that Have been running 14 days, I can do that here by moving this up to 14.

. This one I like, because you can actually do a date range on ad plexity, so I can actually select for the last 30 days. I also want the last 30 days ads that have been running for 14 days. So now you can see it’s filtered out more adoptions on here I can’t.

Do that date range okay! I can only do the number of days it’s been running, so this is um. This is actually important to me. I find I don’t. I don’t really like that that you can’t really see because you can see it.

I ‘ Ve only got ads from November October, and I can sort here the date the last scene descending and you’ll see that it has October to December so December, 4th is it’s, good? It’s, showing me the most recent ads, but the date range I can’t really choose so one win for complexity here now.

Another win for ad plexity here that I really like is the fact that I can sort by received the most traffic, so I can see immediately what ads are getting the most traffic and these are all Clickbank offers by the way.

So if you’re, a Clickbank affiliate, it’s very easy to see what people are running right now. Okay – and that is another win for complexity – is all of the information is right here on this page. If I was to come into anstrex, I can’t filter by the most amount of traffic, and I can only see these numbers here add strength and gravity which I’m, not going to really say I trust too much.

I don’t understand the algorithm, so I can’t really say I trust it, but maybe it’s. Working really well, and maybe they’re. You know their gravity and their ad strength is effective. But to me, I like to see the number of hits it’s had in the last 14 days and with complexity.

I can see that right here, 5 000 hits 27 days six devices. I could see all that just by hovering over the ad, so there’s. It’s, a lot faster to work on ad plexity to find these offers. So the next thing I want to do is I want to filter by diet.

I want to see ads or landing pages about diet, so on complexity, I can actually choose if I want to see what’s on the landing page or the ad info, I can also filter by images advertiser publisher placements, all of that stuff.

Using this query bar on anthrax, it’s, a little more, I guess cumbersome. You have to come here. You click on search but watch what happens when I hit a new search here and I search diet. It’s going to reset all of my other previous stuff.

Now I’m back to one day, took away my network everything so now I have to start over. Okay, I don’t like that. It’s, a glitch, I think, and stress they shouldn’t. Have it like that? Okay, on complexity, we have the ability to just type in the diet.

It’s, going to keep all of my other filters in place. Here and then it’s, going to just filter out ads about diet or on the landing page. If I reset this in the ad info, it ‘ Ll show me ads that talk about diet, so another big win for complexity, because this obviously helps keep things in order a lot easier.

So you can see how the amount of diet ads has dwindled, really a lot here that something that’s been running 14 days in the last 30 days, but you can see the keto diet plan seems to be the winner here.

We also have keto yup, so it’s, pretty much the keto diet plan and if I select landing page here, maybe I’ll get more options. This is um why? I would suggest using the landing page filter because you’re, going to get more options because a lot of people aren’t putting diet into their ad text or their ad headline.

Because a lot of these strategies here are to keep the ads a little vague to spark interest. So if you say this is the best diet ever people that aren’t interested in diet, aren’t going to click the ad.

They already know what it’s about. So you can see. A lot of these headlines are not related to diet. It’s, trying to get people to click on the actual offer. Okay. So next on anthrax, if I was to search diet like I said it kind of resets all the filters I don’t like that.

So now I have to kind of reset all my filters. I have to choose the affiliate network again and it’s kind of a pain in the butt. But what can you do? I guess you’re still getting the same information pretty much.

You’re, getting a little more information here, but again I have to do all this so affiliate network Clickbank days running um. 18. Then also. This is another thing I don ‘ T like about add answer x is: I can’t reset this back without resetting the whole thing again right, so I can’t go back to 14 like I can on here, or I can just move it back and forth and Kind of choose what I want to choose here so aside from the pricing.

Obviously, and sex is a lot cheaper, but I think with ad plexity it’s, a lot easier to use and you’re, getting a lot more information right on the front. So let’s. Go into now. Let’s. Just assume I’ve picked the offer.

Let’s, see if we can find one that is going to work here. So this one here, the custom keto diet plan. Let’s. Just choose that so on ad complexity. If I come in here, I can start looking at all of the data it’s, going to take a second to load up, and you can see that this affiliate, assuming it’s.

An affiliate is running in all of these countries, so you can easily see all of the countries that are running you can scroll down. You have all of the data on one page, so it makes it much easier to filter through you can see the device types they’re targeting on the days of the week.

They’re running the trends of their ads um. You can see – maybe they paused here and then they started up for another test and then they made some changes and then they started up again and now they’re running consistently since November 23rd, and so this is good information to have.

You can see all of their publishers by duration, the placement ids all on one page again a super win for ad plexity here, because it’s all on one-page plus. I can just look at the landing page I can see which one’s been running the longest by the number of days running, and I can select this one which been, which has been running for 15 days.

If I click on it, they’re, going to filter out my referrer. It’s, going to show me the landing page, and this is an affiliate by the looks of it because it’s. It has the hop equals, so that means an affiliate is direct linking to this offer and it appears that it’s working for them.

So maybe this is an idea for a diet. The campaign is running a compliant custom. Keto diet ad on some of the ad platforms out there, and you can actually start to filter and look at what ad platforms simply by looking in here as to what platform they’re, actually using okay.

So this one is rev content. So very easy to do on anthrax. However, here’s. What I get for results on the last 18 days kind of hard to see any other ads. I can’t filter by landing page versus an ad. I’m sure.

I could, if I went into the depths of their search function, but it’s just a little harder to find. Now let’s. Just click on this as an example to see what I would see. Okay, so I’m, not getting all of the other data on the one-pager that we wanted to see from adplexity.

I’m sure I can go into these little tabs here and find that right here I can click on stats and I can see they have pretty much the same info um. So it’s, not a big win for ad plexi. Considering that you can still get that info here, you can see the creatives that this advertiser is also running, so you can see all of their similar ads now.

You can also do that on complexity as well, by searching by advertiser once you find them so, but again you can do that on both platforms. Coming up again, you can look at where they’re running the ads.

So you can see these are the places that are getting the most traffic, so here’s, a win for ad um and sex, because it’s, showing you the percentage of the traffic that they think um. This affiliate is running on.

So, you can see the publisher as well as the traffic source. Okay and all of the traffic sources really are right here in these little boxes and then, if you click click on the button, I’m sure you’re, going to get a lot more information, the exact advertisers, and where they’re actually placing their ads so good information.

You can actually take this information and move it on to the Google display network. If you’re running compliant and say, hey look. I want to run my ad on this advertiser or this website. You can actually just run your ads on Google display network to these platforms and probably make some serious cash if you find some good placements.

So really, both platforms have a lot of information. I’m going to say if I had to choose a winner between complexity and anthrax, you’d, be a very tough one to choose, because really both have the ability to do the same amount of information.

Just I like filtering better on ad plexity because of all of the ease of use and it doesn’t reset your searches every time you search, and you can still look at all of the placements. All the publishers, everything inside ad Plexi, while you’re, paying more on ad complexity.

I think the ease of use is worth the additional price. But if you’re on a budget and you want the same amount of information and if not more, you can still use the anthrax listings here and use that.

So I’m using both really, I think they’re, both good tools, hard to say, which one is better but uh. If you want discounts on either of them, please use the links. In my description. I have a great discount link right, uh below a for both of these platforms, so make sure you check those out if you want to use them to support my channel.

Yes, of course, I’m, an affiliate for both of these, but this is an honest review, very easy to find diet campaigns that are going to work in January, and, quite frankly, I think I might have to try one of these myself moving forward.


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