5 of the Best WordPress Donation Plugins

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we’ll, break down the best wordpress donation plugins and offer our take on what makes each one unique number one give WP. This is the most popular wordpress donation plugin by a longshot, and it’s, easy to see why the plugin enables you to set up multiple causes and receive variable donations for each of them.

Plus you can share the progress of each campaign with your site’s. Visitors each cause you create, has its own donation form that you can add practically anywhere on your website. You can set multiple donation levels and enable custom amounts for each project, as well as individual goals.

At any time, you can review donations and filter them according to the payment method and date. Speaking of payment methods, the plugin works with stripe PayPal and also enables you to process offline donations.

However, you could add more payment methods using premium add-ons, which also enables you to integrate the plugin with other third-party tools and give WP is also great for those who need to generate tax-deductible receipts.

This plugin is free with premium add-ons available number two P pal donations. Sometimes you just need a simple donation button that lets visitors contribute with PayPal donations. You could add a simple peepal donation button anywhere on your website.

Using a shortcode or a widget visitors can decide how much they want to contribute, and you won’t. Have to deal with juggling multiple processors, it keeps the entire donation process simple for both parties and it’s completely free number, three charitable similar to give WP.

You can create multiple campaigns, offer visitors the chance to donate an amount of their choosing and show users how much money they’ve helped raise. However, the primary difference here is that charitable includes more options.

When it comes to donation forms. You can design forms that load in modal’s on new pages or within the same window as each campaign plus donation forms automatically inherit your theme style with charitable.

You can collect donations both online through PayPal and offline. The plugin enables you to design pre-built emails, including payment instruction for offline donations, as well as thank-you messages.

This plugin is free and offers several premium add-ons. If you want to extend its functionality, you have options for several more payment processors, support for recurring donations and an add-on that lets users cover payment fees.

Among many other options. Number four donor box, this fairly new plug-in lets. You create multiple donation forms for individual causes and each form is fully customizable, including color schemes and logo options.

Plus you can have an almost unlimited number of custom fields to each form. The plug-in supports both pre-configured and custom donation amounts and enables you to process payments via PayPal, stripe, Apple pay and Google pay.

It also includes a donation matching feature. It offers recurring payments out of box and for any donation form you can give users the option to enable automatic payments. Each month, recurring donations get access to a dashboard where they can see past payments and modify their details, and it’s.

Free with premium integrations number five seamless donations. This plug-in enables you to set up a single donation form visitors can use to contribute to one of the charities. You’re, promoting at the donation stage.

Users can decide how much to give and where the money should go. The plug-in supports recurring donations. Out-Of-The-Box, and it also lets users make contributions in the name of others. As for payment processors, seamless donations works with both PayPal and stripe.

Additionally, seamless donations enables you to configure automatic. Thank you emails for contributors. The plugin also works with many other third-party tools, including goodbye CAPTCHA and SendGrid.

Setting up your donation form is simple and the default design works seamlessly with most themes. If you want to access more advanced, layouts and designs, there are additional premium add-ons available and there you go.

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