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how to use Yoast SEO and it’s very simple and easy To use the main purpose after all, is just to change your meta title on your Meta Description, but there are a few other things you want to make sure you change here and there to make sure you do the best you can for your SEO campaign and For your website, so let’s get right into it.

First, you want to go into plugins. If you don’t already, have it installed go to install if you don’t already, have it installed, go to a new? Go ahead and search and just SEO, it should be one of the first ones here it is 5 million active installations, it’s very popular and by the way guys, you do not need the pro version.

The free version offers just what you need. Ok, there’s, no need to upgrade. It is not worth it. If you get everything that you need in the free version, go ahead and install now and activate, I already have it activated and once you have that go down over here to SCO and you’re gonna want to go ahead and go into General, so first thing to be aware of is that just SEO makes it very easy to get your XML sitemap to be able to submit it on Google search console for faster indexing, so XML sitemap is basically just a file of all the web pages.

On your actual website and by having an XML sitemap, it makes it very easy for Google to crawl your pages and your website and get it indexed very quickly on their search engine. So you can go ahead and copy either.

One of these go over to your Google search console, go to sitemaps and just copy and paste it and go to submit. As you can see, I’ve submitted in the past and it’s very easy and it really speeds up the indexing process.

So that’s. One thing that your SEO does very well and it’s. Very simple, then you have my master tool here. You can get your verification code for being Yandex or bay-do and submitted through it here, and that’s, pretty much it for that go ahead and go over search appearance.

These are some important things that you want to take account for. First of all, choose your title. Separator I just like to go with this one. Nice and simple makes it real, easy and simple two separate words so and then with over here, when this is knowledge graph in schema, I would go ahead and leave this blank, because this organization and purse schema is really not that great.

I use another plugin for my schema, so do not worry about this. Okay, it’s, not important. Just go ahead and leave it blank and we’re gonna go. Then you’re gonna want to go ahead and go over to Texan Ami’s, and for your category pages you want to present no okay, you don’t want these to show up in search results unless you Actually are using your categories, for I would say, for post purposes.

Maybe you have different categories that you put your blogs into, but if you don’t go ahead and present no. For that and for your tags, you want to go ahead and press and no for your tags. Okay, most people do now want their tags showing up on search results.

Okay, so just go ahead and press no post format make sure you go ahead and disable this. Okay, category URLs just keep it as removed and then go over to our choice. You want to go ahead and disable your author archives and your date archives.

Okay, make sure you disable both of these special pages. You can leave that alone breadcrumbs. You want to make sure your breadcrumbs are enabled because it’s very good for the user experience. Okay, make sure you leave that as it is, and you can leave all this as it is as well content types, okay, post, your post and search results.

Yes, we can leave that as it is. That looks pretty good, so that’s, pretty much. It guys, like I said these other things, aren’t really that important. You can see your organization at your social profiles that’s, really just it guys site map search parents make sure you get those pages disabled.

So they don’t get indexed, and here is the best part of your SEO and why many people love it, including myself. It makes you real easy to change your meta title and your meta description so go to any page.

Then we can go over to edit all right guys. Now we’re on my home page on the back end and if we scroll down you can see where it says the Yoast SEO and right here it gives you a focused keyword where you can type in your focus keyword and it will.

It will give you a green, yellow or red light, depending on how good you optimize this, but it’s, really not important. It’s. Really, just a bunch of you, don’t really need to follow the advice that Yoast SEO gives you.

Okay, like all of this, as long as you have as long as you have the basics down, you know, including your keywords and the right spots. Optimizing for click-through rate optimizing for the user, you’re gonna be good to go and then to actually edit this you can go to edit snippet, and here you can change the title: the slug and the Meta Description.

Okay, make sure you include your targeted keywords on here and just optimize them for a click-through rate. Okay, you want people clicking on your listing, rather than your competition, alright, guys that pretty much sums it up for the this mini tutorial.


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