Written And Unwritten Rules In Catalog Printing

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There are rules in catalog designs that should be followed. These rules are the foundation of what and what not to be done as you go about these prints. Like some rules, they can also be bended or broken depending upon the need and the process that it is being done. It is important therefore to know first why these rules are being done to be able to have a firm stand on why they should be broken. The main objective of rules is to give guidelines because these were effective ones for those who have been there already. Better to see if they will first before dumping them as ineffective.

Order forms are a must in catalogs. Before the internet became famous, mailing was the only option that people have for submitting their orders. The basic form used is the easy to fill type and with an attached envelope. This gives people a little convenience in the hassles of mailing order forms. With the development of other means of communication like fax machines and the internet, this mailing method is being reconsidered by the companies and businesses. There may still be others that do not have the convenience of modern technologies to work for them so it is better to think first before eliminating these order forms. Not using order forms can mean less expenses as the extra sheets and most especially the envelopes are the ones that make them that expensive. It is best to consider first the possibility that the readers may still have the need for these forms before totally eliminating them from the catalogs.

Consistent layouts work best. If you want to create a stable and effective image, then consistency is the key to that. This ways people would recognize the company instantly from the logos or designs that it uses. But if every layout and design remains the same, there is always the inclination for the readers to become bored with the same things that they see all the time. Adding creative and updating designs into these catalogs but not actually removing the essence that it consistently represents can do keep the peoples’ interest intact. Putting unexpected surprises once in a while also can lighten and keep the attention more. 

These are just some rules in catalogs designs that are tried and tested but needed some twisting when the need calls for it. The focal point is to think what will work for the best first before trying anything.

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