Why Your Organisation Needs A Website

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In this age of electronic communication, more and more consumers are turning to the internet to purchase products or services in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Research suggests that there are well over 500 million people who access the internet world wide, and that 70% of consumers who browsed online in the UK alone, went on to make a purchase. As technology progresses, consumers feel more reassurance that online shopping is safe.

Does your competitor have one?

As markets are constantly changing, keeping an eye on your competitor gives you an incite into industry specific market trends and can show you any offers they may be promoting. If your competitor has a website, so should you. If you don’t, they could be taking potential business away from you.

24/7 Shopping

Wouldn’t it be nice to have your shop open all the time without having to pay extra staff wages. Not all businesses can stay open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An online presence means you can take orders and enquiries even when you sleep. Online credit card transactions mean you can get paid too.

International Markets

With your website up and running, your products or services can be accessed by anyone using an internet ready computer, from all over the globe, any time day or night. It’s like having a shop or office in every town, in every country, all over the world.

Email – Fast and Efficient

There is no need to wait for the postman for that important document you have been waiting for and no more lost mail. Email can often be delivered in less than 15 seconds anywhere in the world.


Knowing what your customers really want or what they are thinking about your company is very important information. By including feedback forms and surveys on your website you can gather valuable information which in turn could improve your organisation.

Interaction with your customers

Keeping your customers up to date with company news, special offers, polls and forums can keep existing customers returning to your website and using your products.

Company information online

There is no need to be constantly repeating all the products or services that your company offers, and giving directions to your shop or office to people who call. Your website can hold all this information including mission statements, terms and conditions, office locations and phone numbers, maps, product prices and more, freeing up time to focus on your business affairs.

Customers Expect Websites

The internet is the fastest growing source of information, growing bigger and stronger everyday. Without a website your business runs the risk of never being found by potential customers. Also, a business without a website can seem to be less successful that a business that has an online presence. 

The internet is a form of media that attracts more and more people everyday. As competition between website designers and web hosting company’s increases and prices become more competitive, it makes sense to market your organisation online. Don’t loose out on all that potential business.

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