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Article by John W.Smith

As technology becomes second nature to the average user, more people than ever are using it as a way to stay informed, express their own opinions, and to make money in the comfort of their own homes. If you can do all three at once, wouldn’t that be ideal? Blogging is touted as a way to accomplish this goal, and have fun while you’re at it. However, with millions of blogs on the Web, making money with blogging can be extremely difficult. The niche is notoriously competitive and many blog owners don’t really understand the process that surrounds making a good living with their blog. Without these basic parts in place, you might enjoy your blog, but you are unlikely to make good money writing it.

The first and most frustrating issue that almost every blogger faces is finding and retaining readers. Without readers, a blogger can’t accomplish basic goals, including making money blogging. Your readership is your base, and you are unlikely to be successful if you are relying on family and friends as the sole readers of your blog. A blogger that is serious about making money at the venture needs to put a heavy focus on drawing in readers- not only by having good and regularly updated content, but by actively marketing their blog to draw in a steady stream of interest. Even the best bloggers often find that it can take several years of concerted effort before their readership is enough to make decent money. It’s extremely difficult to stay committed to a process that takes that long to pay out.

Another problem you might have trying to make money off your blog is how to turn the viewers that you do have into an income stream. Simply put, being able to write doesn’t mean that you understand the various systems that are used to make money off blogging attempts. In most cases, successful bloggers are using several different programs to generate a good income. If you are settling for the basics, you are unlikely to do well.

Millions of blogs are active on the Internet; many of those bloggers update their content regularly. However, very few of those writers make money blogging. Making money with blogging is difficult because people generally don’t treat it as a “real” job or business. Unless you do, you probably won’t rise above the crowd. While it’s hard, it’s possible for motivated bloggers.

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