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Article by Bob Beacham

When you’re looking at making money online, one area that’s easy to break into and produces excellent results is professional blogging. But why that particular choice? Given the many choices, why make money with blogging?

Well for a start it’s really, really cheap to get started. So cheap in fact that if you can afford a family pizza once a month you can have your own money-making blog. In fact you can get going without any cost at all but I’d strongly advise against it. For just a few dollars a month you can get professional blog hosting and then everything is under your control rather than having the restrictions of abiding by someone else’s rules.

Next, blogging software is now well established. Surprisingly, most of the best is also free!

Then there’s the ease of use. No need to be frightened by the idea of having to learn html, if you can point and click, you’re well on your way. If you’ve never started a blog in your life you can be up and running in a day. Inside a week you can have a great looking, efficient blog that’s already capable of making you money. Once you’ve done it once, if you want another money-making blog you’ll probably find you can set it up in just a few hours.

So making money with blogging is easy to start, but that’s just part of the story.

People love blogs. They’re a very vibrant, lively means of communication. It’s more like having a conversation with people than doing business in a lot of ways so people are more comfortable with them. If you’re trying to make money online then having people comfortable with you means you’re more likely to build a relationship that eventually leads to them buying!

We’re not done yet though, for the same reasons that people love blogs, search engines love blogs too. They tend to be more frequently updated than traditional web pages and search engines like fresh content. From a search engine optimization point of view, each post is a page. Don’t worry about the jargon at this point, all you need to know is that every time you add a post the search engines think your blog is more important!

It goes further. Because blogging has in recent years become a profession, there’s a whole network of support sites that will help you get your name out there. Dozens of websites and blogs actually want to know about you and your products or services. If you know how difficult and costly it is to advertise your name in the traditional business world you’ll see why blogging has become so profitable.

Blogging can make you money directly if you’ve got a service to sell but blogging can also make you money indirectly. If you have a shop – whether traditional or online – you can add a blog to draw in more customers. If you’ve written a book a blog is a great way to promote it. If you’ve got a hotel or guest house, blogging can have you full to the rooftops far more cost-effectively than newspaper advertising. Any kind of business can benefit from blogging.

You don’t need to devote 18 hours a day to it either. Lots of people who now make a full-time living from blogging started with just a couple of hours a week. Some of these people now earn six and seven figures a year!

So why make money with blogging? Because wherever you’ve come from and whatever your previous experience, earning a living online from blogging is a real, achievable goal. The only difference between you and the full-time professional blogger is a bit of information and a bit of time. The information is out there if you’re looking for it. If you put in the time, nothing can stop you.

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