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I know I came here and I’m gonna show you where you can sell your domain names that there’s. A few different domain names, marketplaces that are available for you to sell your domain names, the first one being GoDaddy.

You can see in one of the previous videos that I ‘ Ve done is how to list your domain for sale. I GoDaddy it’s really easy to process to go through. So you go ahead and check out my previous video about that.

Now the next marketplace that you can sell your domain is seto the Sedo marketplace. This is going to be another very popular marketplace and it’s. Gonna have a lot of buyers and end-users that are searching through here for domain names.

So this is one of the places that you want to list your domain names. If you’re trying to sell them, it’s C TOCOM C TOCOM, and that’s. Gonna be a good place to sell your domain names now. The next one I have is ft.

Now. What ft is it &? # 39 s, a domain name marketplace so to speak, but it’s your own domain name marketplace. So you have your own domain name, let’s. Just say your domain calm and you want to sell domain names there.

Your list of domain names that you have in your portfolio. You set them up with an ft landing page and they have these nice landing pages that you can do just like this by now as on them or make offers that are, something to really increase your sales for your portfolio.

If you have a landing page on that says for sale rather than just a parking page here, but it says for sale by Now button you can hook it up with escrow or stripe, or I believe PayPal also, but escrow and Stryper gonna be your main Ones to focus on, especially when your son domain names with higher values.

All right, you want to go through escrow for higher value domain names. Now the next one is gonna be Dan calm and Damned is kind of similar to FD. What Dan does is that allows you to have payments scheduled out for your domain names? So let’s just say.

For example, your domain name is a $ 50,000 aiming, but you all accept monthly payments for it. So Dan allows you to accept monthly payments for your domain names. You can see on their website right here that their domains added today and there are domains.

I’ve just sold today, so you can go through here and see the veins that we just miss or the domains are and they’re. Also, some of the top sellers right here all right minions, stroll down and see some testimonials here: international, Australia, testimonial Dan comm is a really nice way to sell your domain name now.

If you go to one of the domains, so learning hub comm is being sold, and this is learning hub, comm right here. So this is a cool little Lander for Dan command you can see they also have this one right here.

This Lander, where they have a domain expert here as a little quote – and this is, I guess, a Dan comm representative – and this is the seller for the domain name right here – tell you they’re. Our trusted seller response within three hours and online about 12 hours ago I mean you, can also put your logo there just to become a little more trustworthy and then the same thing here’s, another landing page for Dan command it’s fresh food calm and tells you a little bit about the seller, and then it has a Buy Now button.

If you wanted to make a buy now, you could also make an offer if you wanted to do that, that’s Dan calm. Now the last one is probably the most important is after Nick after Nick has a whole bunch of partners that I connect to when you list your domains there.

It is so if you scroll down here, it’s, a premium network and here’s, all their partners, I partner with so when you search these other partners or people go to search them. Your domain name will show up on those websites as well, so those people can purchase them.

Another thing about after next is when you list your domains with AfriNIC and they’re listed at someplace like GoDaddy or one of the other partners listed here. They will do what you call a fast transfer opt-in.

So if there is a domain name and somebody buys – and they click a Buy Now button – you have a Buy It Now. Price set after Nick will automatically transfer the domain from your GoDaddy account to their GoDaddy account or to wherever that domain is so it only dudes with several different registrar’s, but it GoDaddy is one of them, and that is after nick, If you guys got some value out of this video go ahead and check out my other videos about finding son domain names.


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