What is a Squeeze Page & How Does it Work?

Squeeze Page

What I’d like to do, is share with you. What is a squeeze page, what’s, the purpose of a squeeze page, and how does it really work? So let’s dig deeper into how a squeeze page works and what it is so first off a squeeze page is just a way to capture information or data about your potential customer or visitor.

So let’s. Break down how this works so first off you may create advertisements or many people create advertisements, let’s, say on a certain page or place. In this case, we’re, going to say Facebook. This is where everything is happening, and everybody is hanging out over here in this region and area.

So what you do is you place an ad on Facebook now, once you place that ad on Facebook, what you can do is redirect them to your website. Now your goal is now to capture information. This is typically known as lead data or capture a lead capture, an email address.

This is known as the asset: okay, because it’s, valuable and it’s important. So here the way this page might be set up, so it might be set up something like this, where you have a little video at the top, and then you have an email address that you can enter or a name and an email address that you can Enter and then you can hit go to receive a free goodie.

So what this is is really. This is your shiny object that you’re presenting it could be a PDF file, it could be a tip, but this is something like the glimmer that you’re, showing your audience in order to capture their information and then, finally, at The end after they go ahead and tap enter their information.

It takes them to that shiny object. It takes them to that gift place where you promise or you deliver what you promised so here. This is what creates them and makes them happy. So, in the end, what is a squeeze page, so the squeeze page is this page right here that squeezes the buyer or squeezes the visitor into giving you their information so where they give you their name or email address, or both it captures that information.

So that way they can receive a goodie or a prize or a tip or a PDF. It could be an e-book and in return you get that asset. So for you in the end, it’s all about creating that asset. So you can, in the future, send out other emails promotions, other goodies and connect with your potential buyer.

Now this in simple terms is known as a funnel because it takes people through the process. So we go from step one to step two to step three and if we draw it out somewhat like this, what happens is? Is people go and enter at step, one right here and then go to step, two step, three step four and you can have multiple sequences within the funnel.

This can actually continue moving on down. So how does this work on a deeper level? How do you, if you take things even further? How does this work? Well, what happens, is you actually have many more websites that drive people to your squeeze page, so you might have an advertiser over here on another web site, such as website number two.

You might have another web site over here that drives people to that squeeze page. This could be website number three or advertising place number three, so they’re all driving people to these squeeze pages.

Now, in fact, if you’re smart or if you have the time luxury or other people to help you out, you could have multiple squeeze pages and then you do your a B testing. So a be testing, meaning you try different methods or try a different color.

Try different pictures, try different headlines. So you could go that route, but they’re, taking people to squeeze pages and in the end, delivering them to goodies that you promised. So the whole goal is to collect that asset.

Once you have that asset, you need to do a few different things, so you connect with your audience. You connect with your visitors and that’s. What the point of that asset is that email address, then what you can do is send out promos, goodies or other freebies and material, and then in later this drives you to your sales.

So all of this works together, but it’s based on getting that information and getting that squeeze page. Okay and the more conversions you can get from that squeeze page the higher or the more email addresses that you can collect, because the more email addresses you collect, the more people you can connect with the more promotions you can send and in the end more sales That you can receive so it’s, all about creating this squeeze page taking people from other websites and other areas driving them to that squeeze page taking them from that squeeze page making sure this converts, keeping it very simple and then moving them and Giving them what you promised, so your squeeze page is a promise to deliver something like a tip PDF book, an e-book whatever it is free video free report, and then you deliver them what you promised – and this allows you to get the asset in hopes of connecting With them promoting to them in the future and ultimately generate and get more sales, I truly appreciate you sticking with me and learning about squeeze pages.

Hopefully you got a lot of insight from the video and if you want to continue learning from me and want to see more video trainings like this one or even more detailed webinar series, then go ahead and click this button right here and when you get there Enter your name and email address and then I’ll, continue to send you free goodies through the newsletter.

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