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If you blog and you are looking for ways to make money from it, pay attention to what you are about to read herein because you might discover an interesting thing or two about the subject. Countless others have written something similar to it but this article is going to offer a different angle altogether. So read on.

I am not a typical blogger but I own several blogs. I use blogs for a specific reason: To bring in the revenue. I have some blogs which achieve what I have set out to do and some serve as case studies. The thing I want to share in the following paragraph comes from what I have learned along the way. If you started out just like me with zero knowledge and skills, I believe you are able to relate to it and profit from it.

A blogging expert whom I frequently turn to for advice tells me that the main difference between a blogger who make money and the one who do not is the mindset. “The blogger who do not make money is a blogger. The one who make money is a marketer.” That is what he always said.

And why I know that what he said is true? A blog for marketers is just a platform for them to bring in the visitors. In other words they use blog to win the organic searches, and add the element of interactivity and personality.

A blogger on the other hand use blog to say what is on their mind, regardless of the profitability. Now, if were to look back and ask yourself why your blog is not making money then the answer might simply be the mindset. If you approach blogging as a blogger and not as marketer then there is no surprise if you are not making a single cent.

So how will marketers approach blogging? In a nutshell:

1) They are clear with the profitability involved.

2) They know how to funnel the profit in using solid system; for example by using ‘leads generation’ or search engines optimization.

3) They know when to move on. To out it bluntly; they do not fall in love with the blogs. Blogs are just a tool for them to achieve their primary goal which is being profitable.

To be honest, I see a difference in earning once I accept the fact that to make money with blog I got to approach it as marketers; not bloggers. I need to decide my preferred method to optimize a blog to earn revenue, choose what to promote, get it in front of the right crowd, and if it proves profitable, keep adding more. Making money with blog basically boils down to those simple steps.

Many guides have been written about earning revenue from blog, and people keep looking thinking that there must be an absolute guide for that. The truth is; it begins with the mindset. Set your mind on the path of making profit using blog as a platform and you definitely do not have to look any further.

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