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If you can manage your own social media pages, your own email, if you can get back to messages and set up appointments, then you can do this for other people as well and make money online. As a virtual assistant, you, don’t have to show up to an office every day.

You can do this right from home. You can create your own schedule and work whenever you want in this video. I’m, going to show you some virtual assistant jobs that you can get started with now and that is coming up next, so stay tuned.

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So you don’t, miss a video, and if you want to learn how to create your own business and make a full time income online check out the link down below in the description it’ll be the first link, and that Is my number one recommendation to make money online and now on to the video hello, my friend welcome to living delightful freedom.

I’m de la Nia and in this video I’m, bringing you some virtual assistant jobs that you can get started with, and you want to stay till the end of the video, because I’m going to show You, where you can go so you can get better with this and get a good idea of what you’ll, be doing as a virtual assistant.

Okay, people are looking for virtual assistants all the time. The jobs range from social media management to data entry to responding to emails, and things like that. But there’s, a variety of things that you can do and I’m, going to show you coming up.

So without any further ado. Let’s, get right into it all right. So the first website I’m, going to show you is belay solutions: okay and belay solutions, hires virtual assistants; they hire bookkeepers and web specialists; okay, they work with several trusted companies, and this actual website is only us-based, so they’re.

Hiring for virtual assistant services, virtual bookkeeping services and website maintenance services. Okay, there are other things that you can do if you’re in a different country as well, and I’m gonna show you that in a minute, but first I wanted to show you this one.

Anyone who is looking for a virtual assistant job and are located in the US, you can go ahead and get started with this one, and you can come over here to apply. It says: work in life, shouldn’t be so hard, and this is a really good company to work for I’m.

Actually gonna show you how much they pay alright. So right here belie solutions pays its employees an average of 2105 an hour belie solutions. Employees with the drop title executive assistant make the most with an hourly, with an average hourly rate of twenty to eleven, while employees with the title talent acquisition coordinator, make at least an average of twenty 105, so on average they make twenty 105 per hour working for Be lay solutions, okay, alright, so the next one is fancy hands, and this is fancy hands calm.

So this one is also just based in the US, but it is also another website that you can come to. If you’re in the US, and you want to work from home as a virtual assistant – and you just want to go to an actual company that gives you the work, then you can come over here to fancy hands, calm and then sign up.

If you come all the way to the bottom here to jobs – and you can come over here and apply for the virtual assistant job fancy, hands offers virtual assistants to everyone to do this. We need a team of great assistance.

It says we’re. Currently, hiring people to work as assistants for thousands of very discerning users of this site. If you have a fast internet connection and the ability to use common websites and software, this could be a lot of fun or looking for smart people who want to help others and help build a great company.

Are you going on the phone and great at internet research? This could be the perfect position for you. So pretty simple. If you’re good with researching things, and you can call people maybe send out some emails, and this would be a great company for you – this is fancy hand calm and with this one it’s a little bit different.

You don’t, get paid for hour. You get paid per task alright, so over here we’re. Looking at how much fancy hands pays you okay, pay, is per task and depends on the difficulty of the task the time of day and the time it takes you to complete it on the low end task range from three to seven dollars per task, but some Are more but some are worth more, so you can actually make even more than this per task.

So this is fancy hands, pardon the interruption, but if you’re enjoying the content so far make sure that you are smashing that subscribe button liking. This video and now we will continue so you don’t have to join any of those companies.

If you’re, not in the US, you can actually come over here to start making money at the virtual assistant. You can go ahead and post whatever your experiences are, and you can create your own price on here.

This person’s, charging 18 dollars per hour. Sixteen dollars per hour over here she is putting down her experience and everything. So you want to get some experience doing this first, so that you can charge more money with this and with up work.

You can actually make more if you’re just getting started, maybe start at a low price, so you can get some reviews and get some experience if you’re just getting started. If you have experience with any of this stuff, you can go ahead and put that down charge more money, charge eighteen or twenty five dollars per hour, just like these guys are doing, and you can get started with that.

I’m. Also gonna give you some resources where you can get started with becoming a virtual assistant, and I’m also on freelancer comm. You can also post your job over here on freelancer comm. There’s, a variety of different prices on here for virtual assistants for data entry.

This person has ez data entry on here, so you can come over here and look for a virtual assistant job that suits you. This is another option for you. As you can see, some people really need virtual assistants hiring for $ 16 per hour and they really need virtual assistants who are experienced versatile, can communicate English and can usually be available to work between two to six hours a day.

So if you can do this, you can actually apply for this and you can apply for any of these okay, so this one is on freelancer and you can also post your gigs up on and make a little bit of money doing that, especially if you’re just starting out and maybe charge just a little bit to get the experience and just to get you started, and I’m gonna show you some resources that you can refer to on information on becoming a virtual assistant.

That way, it can help you out a lot, especially if you’re starting out okay, so I went ahead and found this article by Corky handbook comm, and it is how to become a virtual assistant. Everything that you need to know she’s very thorough in this blog post, so you want to go ahead and check that out.

She goes through what is a virtual assistant? What services does a virtual assistant provide, and you have a list of services right here – that she shows you? You can do any of this stuff right here, or at least learn how to do this stuff or if there’s.

Anything that you already know how to do that you can offer you can make more money with this okay. So if you can do any of this customer support, processing, orders and refunds website design, WordPress maintenance, graphic design there’s, just a bunch of things on here.

If you can edit, if you can proofread, if you can do transcription content research keyword research, this is super easy stuff. If you’re already on the internet, you can offer to do content. Research keyword, research for people who are entrepreneurs and things like that.

There’s. Data entry, bookkeeping, lead generation, you can edit videos, you can manage people’s, social media. If you’re already on Facebook, if you know how to create a post on Facebook, then you can this project management, community management and moderation.

She gives me some great tips on getting started with this and doing this actual business for yourself, and if you get really good at becoming a virtual assistant, you can start your own website and actually promote yourself.

You can go to Facebook groups and actually ask people if they need a virtual assistant. Some of these people, depending on the Facebook group that you join, you can go ahead and find some entrepreneurial Facebook groups.

Maybe a Facebook group with youtubers. Maybe some youtubers need a video editor, somebody to manage their YouTube account or their social media accounts, or anything like that. You really have a lot of options with this.

Okay and I’m gonna link this article down below. So you guys can check it out, so my friend, I found another website that can help you out with your virtual assistant jobs. These are 30 sites offering free training for virtual assistants.

Okay, this is virtual success Avenue on this website. You have a lot of virtual assistant tips, success stories courses so on this actual page that I’m on right now you have 30 sites that are offering free training for virtual assistants.

So this is very helpful for you. I’m gonna link this down below, and this is really awesome information for you before you get started. Okay, especially if you’re brand new to becoming a virtual assistant, okay, and also if you like, you can use this page as a cheat sheet.

While you’re actually doing a job because you can actually go down here and if you need to do some social media things here’s, a social media, quick starter, so you can go ahead and refer to that. If you’re doing some keyword, research and things like that, you can go ahead to this page.

It says search engine journal, so there’s, just so much that you can learn over here. While you’re doing your job as a virtual assistant, you can always look it up on this page right here, so that is really cool.

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