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I’m, going to be showing you seven virtual assistant jobs that you can do as a beginner. They are easy. Beginner virtual assistant jobs number one data entry: are you good at typing? Are you a good writer? If so you can add data entry to the list of services that you can offer? Somebody may give you a job typing in information into a google doc and or into a spreadsheet.

Most often with data entry projects, you’re, going to be going into a system that already exists. One of my very first jobs as a virtual assistant was literally just taking the information from a big stack of sheets and manually entering it into a spreadsheet, and so the system was already there.

I literally just needed to fulfill it. Uh use my typing skills to do that: data entry project. Job number two is email management guys. This one is huge. Email management is actually one of the first things that many clients will hand off in their business.

So if you again are good at typing and you know how to write just a good email, this is an invaluable skill. Now you may be going into their personal inbox, organizing it maybe into gmail outlook, something like that uh, you may be using a more advanced system.

We use help scout at the virtual savvy and it’s. A way to answer our customer service emails, and so we can create templates and uh different ways to respond. We can even put labels on our different emails, so we can uh look in the future and kind of see the history of our customers that email and so there’s, a lot of different ways that you can do email management.

But if this is something that you think you can do, go ahead, add it to your list of services, another job that you may be getting as a virtual assistant from one of your first clients would be calendar management.

Now we love using tools like calendly or acuity here at the virtual sappy. This is a way that somebody can. You know book an appointment with you without having to do that, email back and forth, but sometimes that’s necessary too.

Sometimes somebody will have to come and say: hey can, can the client meet at two o’clock? Can you say no, but they can meet at 2 30., and so you would actually be putting that information uh. You know back and forth and then putting it into their calendar, whatever kind of calendar they use to manage their day.

One thing that you can do as a virtual assistant is also just managing their personal calendar, sending them hey every single morning. Here’s, what you here’s! What’s on deck here’s? What you’ve got going on today.

Calendar management may also include coming up with a content calendar. We love team up team up. Is a group calendar where multiple people can view the same calendar, but it’s, really really good to plan out things like blog posts and events that maybe uh your client is going to be attending conferences and really to do a high level view Of the content that’s going to be produced in the business, so we love using team up to plan out our content and then using something like google calendar to do the day-to-day appointments and meetings.

Another easy job that you can do as a virtual assistant is facebook, page management, most businesses have a facebook page and they need somebody to post content to that page to respond to messages that they get on that page to respond to comments, and this is something That many virtual assistants start out as one of their first services because likely you already know how to use facebook, so you may be coming up with a content plan.

How many times a week. Are you going to post on their page? You know what’s, the copy? What’s? The images that you’re, going to be using, you may just be coming up with prompts for them to post to their own page.

It may be that you go in and they already have posts or there’s, posts that you’ve created, and you use facebook’s native scheduling tool and you can schedule the post to go out for the entire Month so there’s, a lot of different things that you can do under that umbrella of facebook, page management, but it’s.

Definitely one of the jobs that we recommend for beginners. Another way that you can use your facebook skills that you likely already have is by offering facebook group management. Now you are probably in some facebook groups, but a lot of facebook groups have admins and as an admin for your client, you can do a lot of things to take some work off of their plate.

You can respond to comments. You can be posting inside of the group. You can be creating events for them. You can be uh. You know asking engagement questions. You can be accepting members into the group there’s now a feature where you can ask group members questions before they come into the group, so you can manually review and make sure is this person going to be a really good fit for the Group, that’s, something that’s pretty time intensive right.

So again, this is all these are all things that you can be doing to help your client grow their facebook group and make sure it’s. A good, healthy group, another job that you can do as a virtual assistant, would be utilizing your canva skills.

Have you used canva before we are big big fans of canva? You can go to the virtualsavvy.comcanva actually to uh to access our affiliate link for them. We only endorse people that we really really trust and canva is one of the top free tools that we love inside of the virtual savvy.

What is canva canva is a place where you can create it’s, a design tool for non-designers, and so even if you don’t, have a background in design using the different templates using some creativity using a lot of the trainings.

They have right there inside the platform. You can create so much for your clients. You can design ebooks, you can do social media graphics, you can be doing pinterest pins, you can even do logos and some video features instagram stories branding boards there’s.

So much that you can do inside a canva that you could offer as services for your virtual assistant, clients and the last easy beginner service that you can do as a virtual assistant would be visibility and outreach.

So what is visibility and outreach? Well, your clients want to get their name known. They want more eyes on their business right. An easy way to do. That is to get them on podcasts, so you can reach out to various podcasts, where your client would be a good fit and pitch them right say this is why uh my client would be an amazing fit for your podcast there’s.

Also, something called harrow help a reporter out, and this is an awesome way even for beginners for newbies someone with no pr experience to get your clients on some major media. I’ve, been featured on cbs news before because i simply responded to a hero request.

I ‘ Ll include a link to how to get on harrow with this video. Now i want to hear from you which one of these skills are you most excited about, which one do you want to add to your list of skills as a virtual assistant? Let me know in the comments below now remember one of the best phrases that you can learn as a new virtual assistant is i don’t know how to do that, but i can figure it out.

I’m a fast learner, literally it doesn’t matter. If you are the most skilled individual, what matters most is, are you reliable? Are you the kind of person that has tenacity that can figure out a new skill that is so much more valuable to clients than knowing it all? We’ll, never know at all.

There’s, so many platforms out there there’s, so much that you can do as a virtual assistant. So i suggest start with the skills you already have now. If you want to learn more about how to launch grow scale, a virtual assistant business, i recommend going to my free webinar training, the virtual savvy.

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