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Ve got a total of 50 that you can go through, but that’s a lot and there’s. So many sub niches that you could do. You could have something like guitar repair or you could have something like learning to sing for children.

There’s, just really so many things that you could do with music. So these 50 cover quite a few different topics, but I just wanted to show you my four favorite and tell you a little bit about why they’re, my favorite, the first one that I really like is actually probably my favorite out of everything.

I know you’re supposed to save the best for last, but this audimute company, what they do is they make their own type of soundproofing equipment. You can see they pay 5 % Commission, which doesn ‘

T sound like a lot, but if you’re going to be soundproofing a full studio, you’re, probably gonna have to buy a lot of equipment. So I would imagine that the average purchase price is pretty high here and when you take a look at their website, you can see it’s done pretty nicely.

They look like a pretty high quality company. One of the reasons I like this particular company, or the reason I think this affiliate program is pretty cool to join, is because it’s different when someone wants to get into the music niche everyone’s like oh, I play guitar.

I want to get into the guitar niche. This one is a little bit different. A little bit different angle provides you with a little bit of a unique way to attack the or a unique way to build an affiliate site and make money.

Their affiliate program is through ShareASale, which is a company that I really like. I do a lot of affiliate programs through them and you can read more about ShareASale. On my blog on one more cup of coffee, I’ll, put a link in the description; okay next one number, two another cool one that I like is this primal oops, prime news, page 20 %, which is a pretty nice sized Commission.

These musical loops are not that expensive, so you won’t make much per sale, even though the percentage is high, so what Prime Loops does is they have? The sample beats that you can use for your own music.

So I thought that was pretty cool. One of the reasons I like this affiliate program is because it’s, so easy now to get into the music creation of music production business. There used to be a very high barrier to entry, because you need a lot of money to pay for the equipment, but now you can buy everything you want on Amazon.

You can watch a youtube, video and learn how to make your own beats or learn how to make your own music. You can upload your music to SoundCloud and YouTube and you can build a you, can build your own fanbase.

Basically, you can do your own music production, you can do your own marketing, you can do your own graphic design. You can outsource bits and pieces of everything. So maybe, if you make your own music, you can then hire someone to create your label for you or you can hire someone to manage your social media.

It’s easier to run your entire business and you don’t need the help of a record label to do it. So I think this is going to continue to be a good industry to be in. They run their affiliate program out of their own system.

It looks like here so they do pay 20 % on sales. What they are not clear about is if someone buys from you one time and then they end up buying later in the future. If you earn off of those those sales, you know if they buy six months down the road it doesn’t, look like it.

Usually they’ll say that specifically its lifetime Commission’s, so I wouldn’t bet that that’s the case, but it’s worth asking. If you do sign up. Okay. Third, one that I like another unique one, I’m sure you can see a trend here – how I’m picking some little bit more unique ideas to go with.

So personally I do not like karaoke and I never have so. I would definitely not build my own website for karaoke machines, but I know some people love it and I know worldwide it’s, probably one of the more common and more popular hobbies, especially over in Asia.

I spent some time in China and I did do karaoke pretty much every week and I hated every minute of it and I hated every minute of it, but I know some people love it. This is a home karaoke machine that you can get.

One thing I like about the karaoke niche or the karaoke topic is that there’s, still many angles that you could do. You could do you know. Obviously they have karaoke for kids here it could be family activity that you do.

You could include the karaoke affiliate program on a family related website. You know what to do with the kids on Friday night, when everyone’s bored or if you’re quarantined for Keffer coronavirus. You can do you know how to entertain the kids when everyone’s going stir-crazy, but you could also do a more adult themed hanging out with your friends drinking some beers singing some karaoke at home.

That could be fun. It could be something like. Maybe a men’s. Mount I don’t know if men would do karaoke with each other. Anyway, there’s, a lot of different angles. You could do to promote something like this.

Let’s, see what Commission’s. They have 5 %, ok, so 5 % isn’t very high, and these products, don’t, seem very expensive. So money-wise it’s, not too exciting, but as far as entertainment value, I think if this is your, I think this is something you enjoy and get a lot of.

You could enjoy building a website that promotes something like this. Okay last one hook sounds: this is another music sample website, but it’s a little bit different in that it’s, royalty-free music.

I guess these other things would be royalty-free as well, but the target audience here. You have a lot more target audiences. This one seems to be more for creating your own music and this one seems to be more for just general royalty-free music, so you could market royalty-free, music to business owners who are creating YouTube videos.

Like me, I’ll, have a royalty-free track that I paid a good amount of money for as a backtrack on this one. You could have royalty free music for youtubers who are creating videos. You can have royalty free music for a lot of different audiences.

So again you don’t have to create a royalty free music website. In order to promote this, you just need someone who might be able to use this type of music and whatever sort of projects they’re doing so.

I did some initial keyword research here for the sound proofing equipment stuff and you can see it’s already pretty easy to start segmenting this stuff, like pool equipment, sound proofing, so I’m, not sure why people would soundproof their pool, But that would be worth looking into equipment cab, sound proofing, so maybe of your taxi driver there’s, something that you would need to do to soundproof the back of the cab.

I’m, also not sure about that. But maybe you want to start a website about how to be a cab driver, how to be a bird driver, how to make money doing a side, gig driving or what you know. What are the things that cab drivers worry about, and I’m.

Not sure if you could use this type of equipment to soundproof a cab, but you can look into that and, of course, the obvious soundproofing music studio. You could just do a whole website and how to build your own music studio, and that would be enough just that one single topic there’s, so much you would need to build a studio.

I also looked a little bit into the karaoke stuff and I haven’t looked too much into this. What I did like is there seems to be a lot of searches for specific songs. So if you look at the top here, see how great thou art karaoke it looks like a karaoke song, what a beautiful name karaoke song, so you could maybe somehow do reviews of karaoke songs.

Perhaps there’s, different music manufacturers and make different versions of karaoke songs. You can say which version is better or where to buy certain songs, or you could do like a if you have a place where you buy karaoke music.

I’m, not sure how that works. If maybe you can install karaoke songs into your singing machine and then you could say: oh well, okay, this karaoke song was good here’s, a sample of me singing it. Do it YouTube video? Something like that, you’d, go through a bunch of different songs, and that seems like a pretty good way to gain traction.

Sometimes people, you know they they don’t want to necessarily see a review. It’s, good or bad; they just want to see someone using it. So if you have okay, what a wonderful world karaoke! So if you want to make a youtube video of you singing what a wonderful world using karaoke using your karaoke machine, that may be enough to just drive traffic to your affiliate links.

Look at me. I have this in a karaoke machine. I’m singing karaoke with my girlfriend singing what a wonderful world everything works out. You don’t have to do a hard promotion like this is the best you have to get this machine and you can just go through and do hundreds of hundreds of songs and post that to YouTube and sell some of these karaoke machines.

I think pretty good idea. Okay, so you can check out the rest of these fifty affiliate programs at one more cup of coffee, comm and if you have any questions all about how to sign up for an affiliate program or where to find a specific affiliate program or if you need help Narrowing down your niche and finding a specific topic to talk about, you can leave a comment on the blog post, which I ‘

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