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I never know which way to name my videos so that it gets more clicks. Uh gaming can also refer to like online casino and gambling, but it’s. Also what people mean by video games? Video games is kind of a boomer phrase.

I think uh, but in this case we are talking about the games. The console games. Uh. You play with controllers pc games, video games, okay, but we’re gaming, affiliate programs anyway uh. This is an extremely popular niche.

Anyone from five to fifty can play video games there’s, all different kinds of sub niches. There are thousands of potential affiliate programs that you could promote. As you can see, this is a definitely.

This is definitely a popular niche, because i’ve got 50 gaming, affiliate programs, i found, and it’s, just the tip of the iceberg. Usually i do just 10.. This list has 50. in this video. I’m, going to cover just three that i found particularly interesting, and this had less has to do.

This has less to do with how much they actually pay you and more about the products that they’re. Promoting because i want to show you how diverse of a range of things you could potentially promote under the category of video games and why you should narrow down your niche to something more specific other than just gaming.

So the first one is probably the most surprising. This is called aussie boost or ozyboost. I don’t even know how to pronounce it what they do now. This is crazy. What they do is they actually boost the stats of your characters that you play online.

So with these open world games, i don’t know if they how many games they do. Obviously they do world of warcraft stuff. Okay, yeah. We’re gonna, say just world of warcraft for now uh, but other services in different games may also exist.

I know dota 2 is a very popular game. I can’t see why that they would. In fact, this might be dota 2 right here: yeah, d2, dota, 2.. Okay, so, basically getting back to my point. Basically what they do is they take over your character and they boost its stats.

Now, normally, when you play a game like this, you have to do various tasks. You start out weak. You want to get stronger over time, but to do that, you have to spend a lot of time. You have to grind through boring tasks to earn certain points, and then trade them for gear, then go on missions and do all this boring stuff before you get to the exciting stuff.

What you can actually do it’s like the app where you pay people to stand in line for you, you can pay someone to build your character for you and then you can go on missions and do the fun stuff with a strong character.

I think that’s, awesome, let’s, see how much they pay 15 per sale, uh yeah, 50 per sale with a 90-day cookie, and they run their affiliate program through share cell. This is definitely a very cool affiliate program worth promoting uh looks very reliable.

They’re through share sale. It’s, a very reputable company. This i don’t know why share cell has these kind of janky? Looking sign-up pages, but it is what it is anyway. I thought this was a very cool idea.

I had never heard of this service. Let alone thought that there would be an affiliate program for it all right. The next affiliate program i’m going to talk about is fanatical. Now this is a company i’ve, never heard of, but when you first think of video games, you think of selling video games, that’s.

What a lot of people want to do? They want to play a video game and then they want to sell it, and this would be a good example of how you can do that. Now i like steam, i’ve used steam before and it this reminds me of steam a little bit, especially with the way they ‘

Ve got these featured things here and they ‘ Ve got all different kinds of games. Uh build your you can build your own bundle with a bunch of different games. That looks like maybe like a walking dead style game.

Uh roller coaster, tycoons, these various sims style games, are very popular. I’m sure they ‘ Ve got some of those uh simulator games in here they’ve got some cool space games and horror games looks like a lot of stuff that you can choose from.

I don’t know if it’s as much as steam or how they differ from steam. Exactly but anyway, you have a very good amount, a very good set of choices of games that you could promote, and i believe these are all online games here now when it comes to something like playstation games and xbox games, i don’t actually Know i’m, pretty sure microsoft has an affiliate program.

I don’t know if xbox is included in that and i don’t know: do people still buy game cds or does everyone buy online? Now you would have to look into that if this is going to be your niche, but i’m sure there’s options for both.

I know i’ve, looked into some nintendo stuff recently and uh the best option. I could find was amazon’s, affiliate program for promoting game cds for nintendo games? Okay, now, the next one i thought was very cool.

This goes very much within the gamer gear niche uh gamer headphones, gamer chairs, gamer, pc parts. This is cool though, because it’s, actually, custom controllers. Not only can they customize the look and they’ve got some very cool.

Looks here. I like this wood one with the gold buttons is kind of cool. This one, i guess, is very popular. This one looks cool, you got the orange splatter and the biohazard thing, and they even have a thing where you can let’s, see controllers customize controllers, so i think you can create your own customized controller.

In terms of look, but what else they can do is they look? It sounds like they can actually add buttons to do specific things. According to what i read on the website – and these guys are also from share sale and they pay 10 commission and it looks like the average order value is over 150 dollars.

Uh i don’t, know let’s, see how much these controllers are 129. You figure some kid gets on here and he’s like i want this chrome controller for 129 and then they say. Oh, you’re only 30 away from free shipping.

So then, why not get some other junk uh as well, not junk? Sorry that’s? How i feel like whenever i order online, they’re like why not buy this! Other stuff, so you can get free shipping esports controllers looks like they can add some buttons to help.

You play games better and faster anyway, very cool service, a very reasonable commission. I mean if you can get 150 dollars and 10 percent, that’s. 15 per order, you just need a couple orders per day and then it’s, money in the bank.

So those were the three that jumped out at me, not because there’s, some crazy uh high, paying affiliate programs. A lot of people go for. They’re, just very cool products that normal people will order, and if you have a gaming website, you know you don’t have to make a gaming website just about modded controllers.

You can make it about custom pc cheat codes. You can make it about indie games, you can make it about anything else, and someone might want something like this, especially with christmas. Coming up now would be a great time to promote something like this to your email list, that’s when people, i think i would guess, tend to spend more money on items that they don’t truly need.

You know i’m, going to treat myself type thing, but yeah, so you know you don’t have to look at these items and say well. Okay. Now i need to be able to build a controller website. Some of this stuff can fit into some broader niche areas, especially with gaming, because if you like one type of game, you’re, probably gonna like another type of game, i’d, also be interested to see if there’s any like uh gaming, skin, affiliate programs or gaming.

I think you can trade weapons in some games now, uh there’s, certain like crates that you can open that have certain things in them tons of opportunity to promote a bunch of different stuff. This list of 50 affiliate programs for gaming also has some like hardware stuff, some flash games, uh.

Of course, gaming chairs, yeah, so okay, bunch more to go through be sure to check out this post link will be in the description. Thank you for watching everyone. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and i hope this video helps you in your journey to generating online income from an affiliate blog.

So you can make time for the little things that matter. The last thing i should mention i forgot to tell you about is that the mini course on how to build your affiliate blog? Is these two tabs here start an affiliate blog will teach you the actual physical process of building the blog and then learn affiliate marketing? As the training of how to get traffic, how to make sales all that type of stuff, all right, that’s, all i got to say about that.


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