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However, this is just a category that people search for a lot. So if you landed on this video, some of these affiliate programs may apply to you. Some may not. Overall, it can be a general idea of how you can find a more specific niche audience.

If you were thinking about doing sports, then you can look at some of these topics and some of these products and maybe get a more focused, look at what your audience should be, or you could also see if some of these products could tie into your current Website, if you already have a niche that you decided on a lot of times when I promote affiliate products, I will discover products that I want to promote that aren’t directly laded related to my niche, but I can still tie them in somehow And I’ll, explain what I mean by that as we go through these affiliate programs, so the first one I want to show you is called fanatics, even though they have an image that clearly needs to be updated.

They do have an affiliate program and the reason I like the fanatics affiliate program is because you can get these branded jerseys, hats and other gear. This is funny. They have branded face coverings, that’s very clever, and I’ve.

Seen several times where you can have a website dedicated to a specific team, now I wouldn’t get a domain about that team. I mean I wouldn’t get a domain that specifically has that team’s name because you might run into copyright issues, but you could still be a fan side of a single specific team and you can make money off that website.

So, for example, if you’re gonna have a Lakers fan site. You know you can cover the stats. You can talk about the players, you can talk about how the games went all news events, but then you also have a lot of history.

Go through what happened you know decades ago, you can. You know there’s, so many different companies that make these these hats and gear and fan gear and all this stuff, you could talk about the quality of certain products or logos from different eras.

I know vintage jerseys and things like that are always fun, so I think you could definitely potentially have a fan site for a specific team, or maybe an area like if you want to cover all teams in LA you, want to do the basketball teams and football Teams and baseball teams, and all that you could also possibly do that as well.

Last thing is that if you want to promote these products, you don’t necessarily have to develop your niche around that you may have something like teaching basketball to your to your youth sports area or whatever that’s called youth sports Team – and you may have most of your content developed around that topic, but then you could run some promotions.

So if you have a youth sport, you have a youth basketball team and it’s in a specific area where these Detroit Lions. So if you’ve got some T, kids team in Detroit, and you’re. All gonna go to a Lions game.

You wan na send out an email. You could say, oh you know, come support us and buy one of these hats. I don’t know this is just a potential idea. So what I’m, just saying, is you don & # 39? T necessarily have to make your website about teams in order to promote team jerseys, but team allegiance is very popular people buy this stuff all the time.

Okay, the next affiliate program. I’m much more excited about because I’m, not really a sports guy, Fitbit, so Fitbit. I think everyone is familiar with what this product is. It’s, a fitness tracker and you can track your steps.

You can track your calories, you can track your sleep, so there’s, even all kinds of niches within this or all kinds of niches which could potentially promote this product. So if you have a develop better sleep habits, niche website and you could have you could promote mattresses, which we covered before you could promote Fitbit, you could promote sheets and you could promote.

You know how to read your Fitbit data and how to have have that help. You have a better sleep. You could also, you know. Obviously we’re talking about sports. You could have it be a fitness thing, so you know if you’re a boxer and you want to lose weight and you need to track your calories, then Fitbit could fit in with that amateur boxing niche right there and when I was talking At the beginning, saying how I sometimes I kind of crowbar products into my niche websites, this would be an example.

Fitbit is relatively expensive. You’re gonna earn a good Commission on the for each product. You sell. So if I have a sports website, Fitbit may not be exactly fitting to what I’m, currently writing about, but maybe I want to do some offshoot articles, so maybe my website is about running and well.

I guess running is a pretty obvious example. Maybe my website is about weight, lifting and Fitbit isn’t really gonna help you with weight lifting they can’t track your weight. How many? How many poundage you’ve, you lift so Fitbit isn’t exactly helpful for that.

But then maybe I want to run a series of articles about how to cut fat for bodybuilders, and in that case, if you want to cut fat, you’re gonna be lifting less weights and you’re gonna be running Or walking – and at least for me I hate running so this is a good product to promote to someone who hates walking you’re running because you say well, you just got to get your calories.

You got to burn your calories. If you hate running, then you need to do so. Many steps here’s, a good way to count your steps, so that’s. How I kind of crowbar certain products that I want to promote into a niche, even if it’s, not a hundred percent related any last affiliate program, and I want to show you today is Under Armour.

You’re, probably familiar with this brand. This is a great example of how big brands that you see every day are still participating in affiliate marketing every time one of these articles comes out and they say affiliate marketing is dead.

Well, I look at places like Under Armour because they are still running their affiliate program. They’re still paying affiliates if they’re paying affiliates. That means it’s worth their money to have an affiliate manager.

It’s worth their money to pay for affiliate software. It’s worth their money to have staff to answer affiliate questions, so the affiliate program is helping them make money. So I don’t understand why they would stop doing it.

So all that is to say, I think, Under Armour is a great product that you could promote. It’s. Another example of how you could be in this sports topic, but not necessarily have your website be about sports.

You could do active wear. You could do any kind of fashion thing. I heard about a website and actually see it. I just heard about on Instagram someone who was just reviewing running shoes, so you could do something about shoes.

You don’t necessarily have to make a sports website about sports teams. It could be just being active weight loss, fitness. Now. Everyone’s stuck inside because a coronavirus you could do something about how to burn as many calories as you can, without leaving your property.

There’s, a lot of different angles, so those are my top 3 sports affiliate programs that I would be. I personally would be interested in promoting. You can see a total of 10 plus links to all kinds of other affiliate program, lists and affiliate research over on my website.

One more cup of coffee, comm, slash best sports, affiliate programs and if you want to see how I build my website, so you can click on over to the learn, affiliate marketing tab and then that will map out how I build my site step-by-step, including building the Website doing the topic, research, finding affiliate programs getting traffic to the site, troubleshooting search engine, optimization all that stuff.

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