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Recurring Payments Affiliates

So what are the best affiliate programs out there that offer recurring commissions? We’re gonna talk about that in today’s, training, hey everyone! It’s, Mike Adams, and on this channel we empower individuals to achieve financial freedom through improved financial literacy and business ownership.

If you’re new to the channel, make sure to click, subscribe click the bell, so that way you get notified on any and all of our future content. In today’s, training guys I’m gonna be covering some of the top affiliate programs that are out there on the market right now and if you’ve seen some of my other videos about affiliate marketing.

It’s, one of my favorite ways to make money online and really as a side business. It doesn’t burn up a bunch of my time, other certain things and I look for inside of any affiliate offer, and so I made a video about that.

So if you haven’t seen that video make sure to I’ll, put a link to it below this video. So that way, you know what I’m. Looking for inside of any affiliate offer that I’m gonna be recommending, but today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys.

Some of my favorite affiliate offers, and the reason that these are my favorites is because they actually check all three of my boxes. Okay, the first box is quality product or service. The second box is the fact that they’re already selling.

They make a lot of sense for a lot of people to purchase and buy this buy this program and number three is that they all have a recurring monthly Commission. So when you do sign someone up for one of these affiliate offers as long as they stay with that particular product, you’re gonna get paid month after month, as they continue to pay their monthly fee.

So each every one of these is a recurring monthly offer and again what we like about that is you do the work once and you can continue to get paid for that same work month after month after month, and that’s.

What we really really like and that’s, how you start building up those passive income streams, so that way you got money coming in the door that doesn’t take up all of your time to get okay. So in this training guys, I’m gonna cover some of my favorite affiliate programs, and – and these are all software programs, okay and the beauty of using software programs as an affiliate is again number one.

Is you don’t have to create it? Okay, you don’t have to go out there and invent some kind of software to refer to folks. There are really good software’s out there and the ones that I’ll, be showing you guys today.

These are all programs that, quite frankly, I’ve, been using inside of my businesses for years, a few of them. I’ve, been using for multiple years as we as we’ve grown our real estate business every as we’ve grown our networking company and, as we’ve grown our speaking business.

We’ve, been using these kind of programs and tools for years, and it really wasn’t until recent that I started taking up a real interest in offering of these tools and services to other people that actually need them.

That actually need them and actually wanted them. What I discovered um as I started expanding my network with other entrepreneurs, is that there are folks out there that want to get online. They want to start using online systems and they are lost in a sea of Google.

You’re, trying to figure everything out, and so you know when they’re like Mike. Well, I see that you’re making money. I see that you’ve, been able to generate plenty of leads online for your business.

You know how are you doing it and then be able to refer them to you know again, services that I’m currently using in my business. So each and every tool that I’m, going to show you here today is a tool that I currently either currently or in the past, have used up primarily to run my business.

So the first affiliate program that I’m going to share with you guys is a system called cart, run okay, and so what is Carter? Okay Carter is what I would call an all-inclusive really a client acquisition system.

I gives you all the tools you need to build your landing pages, email, automation, video tracking, as you get in some of that stuff. Karcher is not for everybody just to say this. Okay, it took me a while in my business to evolve to a point where I felt that I needed a system like this, because we wanted to start doing more.

Video tracking and things like that, didn’t want to have to integrate a bunch of tools. Okay, when it comes to marketing online, there’s, a bunch of tools out there and when you use certain tools, you’re gonna have to use you know: middle /, middle middle tools like zapier to be able to connect all These tools together so that way they can speak okay and so a lot of times folks will end up kind of duct-taping.

An automated system together. Cartridge is an all-in-one all-inclusive system that gives you all those things. So you don’t have to wire all those things together: okay, but either it’s, a very robust software program and its really, for, I would say my opinion – is it before more of an advanced user somebody who is again online.

Your marketing and again, you’re, looking to build a business online, and this is a great platform to do so. One of the great things about the cultural filium is that when you – and this is purely a monthly recurring, okay, Karcher pays out what we see here is a 40 percent recurring commission, and so when you take a look at the plans, okay and what’s really cool.

Is that cartridge number one? Is they offer a free trial? So all you really gonna do is get folks to sign up for a free trial on for this platform and then from there. If they decide to stick with it, they would choose to pay one of these monthly fees here to have their cart or system so $ 79.

The plan that I’m on for my business is actually this one here. So one hundred and fifty bucks, so forty Doug, you know forty percent of this – that is a sixty dollar payout every single month for each person you get onto this plan for their business and you know with this plan.

You know it’s. It only goes up to twenty five hundred leads at 79, so for any business, that’s really growing. It’s very nice to see how they’re gonna get into this planet. They really start expanding.

They’ll, be up into this in no time, but again, this fee is justifiable. Okay, because again, as a business owner, you need to have a CRM. You need to have a way to manage your leads and manage your customers and, of course, this is deductible for the business owner so again guys Cara, fantastic software and great affiliate program.

Now, when it comes to you know and online, you’ll capture pages and and landing pages and stuff like that, you’re either gonna go with an all-inclusive system like car truck and again again that’s, mainly For more of the advanced user, or you’re gonna use.

My second favorite affiliate program, which is click funnels, okay and click funnels, is definitely a little bit more popular when it comes to the space of landing pages and it’s been a little bit longer and a cool thing about click bottles is again.

You’re, looking at 40 % Commission’s on the monthly recurring and the standard monthly recurring fee is $ 99 for click bottles. So you’re, making almost $ 40 on every monthly recurring customer that you get another cool thing about click file so that that’s.

The recurring another cool thing about clip phones and then, if you’re anywhere near the online marketing space, you know about russell brunson. You know about click funnels. You know when you sign up for that.

You’re gonna start getting emails from russell brunson, and so they have all kinds of other products and services that they offer so yeah. You can use the click funnels platform and pay for that every single month, but they also have books and training courses and you earn 40 % of commissions on all of that.

Ok also click funnels uses. What’s called a sticky cookie, so from there let’s, say somebody signs up for a click the most trial on using your link from there anything that they buy from click funnels moving forward.

You are gonna get paid. The commission on that so again now you’re, getting monthly, recurring and then plus future purchases. So again, fantastic affiliate program. It’s really one of the best in the world and some of the most successful affiliates that I know use click funnels as really the cornerstone and one of the flag stone products in their affiliate arsenal, and so for most people that are running A system online either again a they’re gonna use.

An all-inclusive system like car truck or B. They’re gonna use, a landing page creator and funnel builder, like click funnels, and they’re gonna, have to add in the email component at minimum, and I’d, say for most business owners.

The two email services that most likely are gonna come up for simplicity, okay and, I would say most business owners could easily start right here with a get response. Okay, which would be my number three favorite affiliate program like get response either.

This is the original email autoresponder that I’ve used and number one. They have a great software again it’s been around for a long time. Many many people use it and it ‘ S got a really cool affiliate program, so they got their one-time commission.

So you can refer somebody to get response and if they stick with a paid plan, you can get paid $ 100 one time or you can go with my preference here, which is the recurring program and you get 33 % of whatever their monthly fee is so Again, the plans on this started at about 15 bucks a month, but they can they go up.

As somebody’s list, size goes up so either way you’re, getting 33 % of their monthly fee for life. Okay, so love get response and again, if you’re new to email marketing, this one’s, a great place to start.

If you have a little bit more experience in email marketing – and you want to be able to do – I’ll, say a little bit more okay, because you can do some basic automation with get response, but um an email software that I used for A very long time was active campaign, and so for most people either they’re using a system like car truck or they’re, using kind of a stack which you need to be click funnels and get response or click funnels and Active campaign so for active campaign that’s gonna be more for your savvy entrepreneur.

Someone who’s a little bit more familiar already with online tools and online marketing, and they know that they want. They want to be able to do a little bit more with their automations, that’s, where active campaign is gonna come in.

Many folks will graduate up okay. So what I did is I graduate I started with get response and I graduated up into active campaign and so again fantastic software. I used it for years many of my colleagues still use active campaign and some of the top marketing professionals in the world use active campaign and so again great great company and again fantastic affiliate program as well.

So, depending on your you as an affiliate, you’re gonna earn between 20 and 30 percent commissions as an affiliate for active campaign and again, as these are recurring monthly commissions. And so the pricing on active campaign is gonna range and again with any email service.

It’s. Gon na depend on the size of somebody’s list. Okay, so, depending on the list, okay, let’s, say somebody’s got let’s, say just say: 2,500 contacts on their list. They’re gonna be paying anywhere from 40 bucks.

Okay, upwards of a couple hundred bucks to utilize this powerful marketing automation, tool, active campaign and again you’re, getting anywhere from twenty to thirty percent of this monthly fee every single month.

As a recurring coming, my fifth prom affiliate program, I’m gonna share with you guys, is called click: magic, okay and so again, if you’re new to online marketing, okay, a nice I in corporate America, I was in advertising For a long time, and there’s, an old saying you can’t improve something that you don’t track, okay, and so before you even consider.

Okay, you put together an online system, and now you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna. Do some marketing right or I talk to clients and they say Mike. I’m ready to go. I got a business, I got a website.

I’m ready to do some Facebook Ads Mike it’s like okay. Well, let’s go and what kind of tracking do we have in place? That way, we can know for sure which of these ads are working okay. Well, I don’t know I don’t me tracking in place.

It makes me cringe. Okay, guys, you need to have tracking in place. Okay, if you’re running any type of advertising, if you’re running any type of paid ad whatsoever? Okay, if you’re using, you need to have a marketing message whatsoever.

Okay, if you’re posting a certain picture in a group on Facebook to get clicks. Okay and it’s, driving them to a certain landing page. Instead of just sending people directly to the page, where you have no way to know where that lead or that person or that traffic came from instead of that picture, going directly to the page, the picture is gonna.

Go to a tracking link that you’re gonna create on click magic and there’s. Other services out there, like bitly, that people will use as tracking links you’ll, see bit ly, links all over the place. All the time, but the reason that we like clickmagick number one is it has an affiliate program and this one here actually pays out 35 % recurring monthly commissions, and what’s cool about this number one is clickmagick is one of the best and One of the top top top click tracking softwares on the planet, most internet – marketers – that I know use this particular software.

I’ve, been using it for a while now and it’s, fantastic. The amount of data that you’re able to see you really can’t put a price on knowing what in your marketing is actually working and what isn’t. And if you’re someone out there that’s been running a lot of ads online and you’re, just not getting results.

You’re, not getting consistent results. Maybe reading some results sometimes, but other times you’re, not that’s all the more reason why you need to have proper tracking in place. That way, you can know which your ads are winners.

What what activity are you doing out there to get people to this page is actually work so that way, you can spend more time on the things that are working and less time on the things that aren’t. So click magic is an awesome program.

Fantastic software again one of the best link tracking software’s on the planet, helps people manage your marketing and make sure that you’re, actually getting a positive return on your marketing investment so guys.

Those are my favorite affiliate programs, car truck click funnels and get response, active campaign and click magic for most people that are looking to make money online or doing doing any type of marketing or advertising or internet marketing online whatsoever have a need for one of those.

Five programs, if not all of them, so they’re very, very popular and a lot of people use these platforms for the long term as they grow and scale their businesses. So, for all those reasons guys these are that’s.

Why these are some of my favorite affiliate offers that I’ve, been offering to folks for years, and if you’re interested in testing any of them out or becoming affiliates for any of these programs, make sure to check for the Links in the description below so there you go guys.

Those are my favorite affiliate offers. If you found value in this video make sure to give it a like give it a comment below and there’s. Plenty of other great affiliate offers out there. That offer recurring commissions they’re, fantastic products and again many of these programs that I showed you here all come with: email, swipes and and and templates and copy.

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