Step-by-Step Guide to Set Up Dropshipping Customer Service for Shopify and Amazon

Customer Service

It’s. One of the like those little things in your business, but it’s, also one of the most important things, because these are the people that are actually you know facing the customer right. So if you’re, not the person that actually facing the customer, if you have those people hired in your business, please understand that this is one of the most important positions because they’re actually facing the customer.

They’re, actually answers answering to customers, so this is very, very important position right. So when you’re hiring for that position, please be very, very selective and control how they do their job.

Here are some rap statistics right for this. For the customer service, 50 % of US customers have abandoned and purchase due to a poor customer experience. So this is very, like you know, scary, because that’s, so many sales that are lost because of just you know one let’s, say one person who is in that position and maybe that person had a bad day or that Person is just not properly trained and the sale is basically lost right, so 7 in in canned shoppers say that they ‘

Ll spend more money like 17 %. More on average was a business that provides consistently great customer service. So the investment that you put into customer service is not significant but then kind of like the ROI you get from.

It is just probably more than you know you can help from any kind of like advertising or any kind of you know promotions, because it just free money that’s laying out for there right. So if you already have the momentum with your business, if you’re ready, you know six seven figures level, then you should definitely invest into a great customer experience.

33 percent of customers say that they’ll, look to switch to a competitor after a single bad service experience. So customer you know brand loyalty all of those things they’re, not as important, so they’re overrated.

So people actually will switch brands easily if they had a bad customer experience. So one of the most important touch points you’ll, have whose customer is their support experience. So your service must be outstanding, now choosing the right customer service channels right because with e-commerce with drop shipping business you have to you need to have a proper channel.

So one of the channels is email, for example right and there’s. Certain like platforms that allow you to to have this nice flow of response to customers so whether they’re asking you before shipping times or some product features or product sizing.

You know any kind of questions that response has to be provided. You know max within few hours right, so you you need to have. If you are operating a different time zone, then you might even need to have several persons responding to customers at their specific.

You know time zones, so email automatically creates a record of your discussion easily, allowing you to see how satisfied a customer was with their customer experience as in for feedback and keep track of conversations.

So there are several tools for that. So obviously the simplest one is Gmail there’s. Also Zendesk support there’s like help scout. Now I highly recommend gorgeous right. You can see on screen like gorgeous is the one that I recommend it’s too, specifically created for for Shopify.

So I’ll. Show you some of the things like how it looks so it specifically created for Shopify. I highly recommend it. There should be a link below where you can try it out. You can sign up, they provide free trials, but this is definitely worthwhile too, because they also allow you to do upsell to your customers.

For example, if customers are asking for something, your customer support, reps can actually upsell extra items to people who already purchased from you right so, and you can see how much how much each person on your customer support team is generating in revenue in sales.

For you and they also integrating all of the main channels into one dashboard, so it’s very easily to manage the whole support. So I highly recommend Gorgas. You can use it for your business now. Another channel that you can utilize is a live chat right, so a live chat is very easy to use it’s very easy to to implement and same time for customer it’s very, to ask a question right, so how to Recommend to have it, and also you know if customer has you know, for example, they’re browsing your website.

They have specific question a specific time that you want to ask. Obviously they can ask you an email, but they’ll, get the response in like few hours, whereas with live chat, they can get the response like right away, make their decision and buy the product right.

So it’s very, very important to have like this kind of like on time. You know direct perspective, direct communication with customer and give them enough information for them to make a sale. So here you know the example like, for example, lock see here.

They invite their shoppers to start a conversation while providing automatic answers to common questions. So it’s. They have some Bart like some automated messages here and live chat. Doesn’t have to be available 24/7.

You can just set hours and post them on your website, so customers know when they can find you on other times the basically their questions. They can still submit questions and you’ll, be just forwarded to your email, so live chat.

Availability can be based on your you know, higher to highest traffic time. So, for example, if these are Eastern times let’s say from 9 to 9, then these are the times where you can have your customer raps.

Basically answering the questions and the additional hours can be added during a sale or immediately after sending out a promotional email. So there are several tools for life chat support. I probably don’t go through all of them.

There’s because it will take a bit of time, though Shopify chat, Apple, business shot. You have all Ark, you have a chat where you have TD all right, so there are multiple tools that you can utilize for this purpose.

All Ark is pretty good and Shopify chat is pretty good as well so check out these two, if you were to ask me number three, is basically frequently asked questions. So a lot of the questions right that that your customers are asking.

I’m. Pretty much the same questions every single time, and so, if you have the section with most frequently asked questions, you can just eliminate a lot of the customer support, queries and save a lot of time on your customer support team and some of the major things that You need to cover our billing or the process saying shipping returns and exchanges customer accounts sizing.

So those are the major things that ecommerce brands are experiencing. So here’s example, so you can, you can see on screen so me and it’s like they have. This very very nicely built frequently asked question section right, so you can have product payment.

Orders, membership returns shipping. So all of the questions – and there’s – some extra questions in here, so it’s. Kind of like every sink is pretty much like answered for you. So if you have a question you can just go here and get your answer.

Get your you know the answer for the question you’re looking for immediately, so they’re organized their most common questions from customers. So answers are very easy to find and I would recommend to revisit your frequently asked question page on a regular basis, just make sure it’s up to date and tools to help you create.

This would be help center, easy slide and frequently asked questions by powr. So these are three tools to help you create this section so how to provide better customer service. So first know your product inside out, so your customer service reps, they have to be.

You know very, very trained on your product, so if customer has a specific question for a specific product, they need to know how to answer that question and it’s. Pretty much. You know if you don’t know that, like, for example, with drop shipping.

Obviously you don’t, go into a lot of detail. You know when you are selling products you don’t, go like and doing like very deep research, but you know you have to you have to you have to get that knowledge right.

You have to get that knowledge. That’s. Why? I recommend, if you are identify some niche, that you can focus on some products that you can focus on the customers that you can focus on. Then it just makes your job so much easier because you’re, just focusing on a specific customer.

You know what they’re, what they want. You’re, focusing on the specific products. You know you know everything about them, so just makes your life so much easier and it makes your easier for you as well to hire new people for your team for customer support.

Second, one is learn to use positive language right. So, for example, with someone messages you and your customer support team and asks about you know like returns or shipping right. There are two ways to you know.

There are two ways to answer. One is like more like negative, very where’s, for example, you have to do it or I need you to you know it can be. You know it can be like straightforward and accurate by the same time it’s not as polite and also customer might feel offended.

So they don’t want, they will not, even if they buy from you and they kind of like this issue gets solved. They wouldn’t want to buy from you again so, but instead, if you you know like so it here, heretic dump example.

So to start you ‘ Ll have to check your order. Number ok, sank. Okay thanks. It says here that the product won’t be available for a few weeks, so I can. I can place an order for you until it arrives in our warehouse right and then the same, the same stuff here right so positive, just basically rephrased.

So positive, first, let’s. Verify your order! Number great! Thank you. It looks like the product will be available next month. I can place an order for you as soon as it reaches our vert house right, the same thing but said in two different ways and it totally reframes.

The whole conversation makes it more positive and customer would be more happy after having this conversation with you, so customers, you know they don’t want to be lectured on what you cannot do for them, but they want to hear what options are available To solve their problem, that’s.

Why I like tried reaching out to Amazon support, I mean their Amazon is probably the best in the world that’s. Why they’re, the biggest you know: ecommerce company, that’s. Why they’re, just crushing it, because they have this focus on customer experience and making customers happy about everything else in their business right.

That’s, why this is so so huge platform that’s, why they grown so fast and now, like it’s kind of like if people have expectations for shipping for customer support and they’ve have Very high expectations because of the Amazon kind of like set those expectations and set those kind of like standards for all other e-commerce companies, so advocacy for your customers.

So traditionally you know businesses are expected to have empathy for their customers, but empathy is only like a first step in equation, so most important, more important in amputees advocacy right, so customer interactions like overall they have three phases right.

So, for example, the stage is sensing, so this happens is at the start of the conversation. When you ask question in order to pinpoint what caused the customer issue, then the second stage is seeking so after the problem is identified then explore what can feasibly be done to solve that problem and then settling so once solutions are surfaced right, you can work with Customer to decide what is the best outcome and advocacy like most often occurs during the second phase like telling customer what solutions you’ve explored, can calm them and also if a customer can see your logic there.

You know there ‘ Ll, be more understanding cry. So if you, if you offer like a lock lock, sir, so if you, if you offer a solution that just like straight forward and you don’t, provide the context for that right.

It’s like the customers will not be as satisfied and the worst thing that you can do on a customer service. You know call or our conversation is appear uncaring. So, for example, you know if you just do like, for example, we are sorry or you know, just very generic stuff, then you know, and you don’t provide more details, how it happened, why it happened.

What can be done in the future? To fix it, then it’s. Kind of like customer will not feel that you actually care right, and so that’s very important step for you to to utilize in your business and make every conversation may have every contact with customers.

Whether it’s, you or your customer support team very engaging and show them that you actually care so customer service template guys. I’ll. Probably don’t, read them because you can see them on screen here.

But, for example, lost orders right, so you can just take this. You’ll. Just take these templates hi Peter Mercer. To here order. Hasn’t arrived yet right, customer and happy with their product hi Stanley.

Thank you for getting in touch right. I can, I can assist you or we can jump on a call today right, then package is damaged right. So these are. These are the templates you can utilize. So if you want, I can I can.

I can attach these templates below for you guys. So just let me know if you want them in the comments and I’ll, send them to you, so you can utilize them. So this is customer service, one guys very fundamental stuff, very basic, probably very small investment, to get it right for a business.

Whatever your business is like, whatever the size is, whatever the you know, whatever kind of like the volume of sales you’re generating, but even if you do like six seven, eight figures definitely invest more into your customer supports one of the things that Will give you tremendous ROI and will create loyal customers that will buy from you again again that you didn’t have to pay? For you know another acquisition, you’d, have to pay for Facebook Ads to acquire them again.

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