Squeeze Page Tutorial: How to Make a Squeeze in Minutes

Squeeze Page

All right guys, I’m saying – is that it’s, we, but again so this time around. So they only show you how to create landing pages sales pages of pages, but because it’s. Gon na be a lengthen things to do to are trying go to the pros I don’t want to take much of your time, because I never want as well, not good sense to do.

We need to take action on our products. We need to work on ourselves, develop a server called blog on ourselves, so all inquire head and let’s, show you how to creates in squeeze squeeze page years, is quiskal a squeeze page or whatever is called an opt-in page here.

So I got a request from my good friend exe or make money online, our employee, those voices channel click on it. If I here’s good ways to make money online, yes, I mean real ways to make money on actually check that channel and actually grew so go ahead and check out the YouTube channel and subscribe to his channel and then even go ahead.

Comments and like personally lively community so check out is a little channel on a make money online. It’s, actually great content over there subsidy he requested. I show him also create. I’ll, make sales pages and it’s like that said of so.

As I said earlier now, we’ll, go ahead and show that right now, but definitely in possibly next video gonna show you how to do that. But for now I’m going to show you how to create exquisite. Yes, I’ll create a squeeze page.

So what actually is squeeze page squeeze page is a kind of a a page where you know we’re going to visit this. It was on to that page. You make them anyway. With that email yeah, we want to collect visitors, Commission NVIDIA name the email phone number, the address, whatever the main of this bridge, actually for in Icarus, just connect via email address, or sometimes my video phone number.

But you don’t want to give your visitors information under the essence of getting obsessed, not this crispy, because and very very vital, because if you can get just a thousand emails of obvious this was nice, you can always reach out to them as Sales game markets, a game or promotes also them salt.

It’s very, very essential to move out into social. I’m gonna walk, go ride. The winds that now I’ll, show you how to do that. So, basically Archer in many many things, many plugins you can use that if you, if you have the very first thing you need, is a WordPress website.

Yes, you need allowed in WordPress website, settle Olga’s on platforms. That will give you, you know ready-made templates, ready-made a squeeze pages, ready-made landing pages sales pages, so you just have to be installed in one click or I think in those in such instances we often obtain a kind of a monthly fee, pay motif least to assess Your pages assess your business another that board.

I think it’s better. You have your own are kind of control for your work. You have total control, so I recommend you, you have your websites and if I go ahead and make use of your WordPress websites, we are the website and Yahoo opposite sides is called.

The next thing you want to do is help us with the plugins section. Now I’m logged in to my wordpress dashboard area, and this is the plug-in section three go ahead and then you upload this plug-in the plug-in here: profits Buda.

Yes, this is the plugin I used to create my own landing page monitoring. My sister is often pages all my marketing pages. I use profits, Buda, a fair profit, good idea, so many other all the I think there’s.

Actually, a is a five Architects element, so there’s, so many I cannot remember they are so many many few you can just go great. We can call as go-go-go-go little NC page Judah for WordPress of you, quick with a big pitch builder plug-ins for WordPress, so you get a lot of lease doesn’t pop out.

So for now, as I said, I’m using profits. Buda and I’ll – be using these for the past, I think create four or five or five or so years since I joined for to success since I joined em middle, such as effect creating selling products on war.

Applause. Yes, so profit Buddha is very, very good yet another that it’s. Avian slows down work so the next thing, once you have your profit, we die. We do have the profit Vidya check on the description below you’re gonna see a link to download profits Buda.

Yes, you take it to my facebook group and they I have excluded in right there. In my facebook, Ruger such for profits, vida and then get assess to download its so from there no see is for profits. Video.

I can see install already on so settings to deactivate, so you head over to profit Vida right yeah. So I’m heading over to profit vida. It’s already installed on my wordpress dashboard. So the next thing I’m going.

This word girl, Syria, after you install profits buda. So you just keep up all these place and then head over to the templates management. So you get a lot of templates or new landing page ISA, squeegees membership area.

Thank You pages. Download pages, Commission pages just think about any marketing pages. One. You’re gonna get a whole lots of them and, for instance, look at the first sets of pages here we have the obscene lead or squeeze pages.

Yes, so you see, we have different variations. Yes, you can just head over you and then click any one. You like you cannot just installed installed in. So you can see. I have this installed. It means I’ve used this technique before so you simply install it, and then you can always go down either scroll.

You have welcome to do squeeze pages, mystery have more avi, and then you can always come here and play around test them and do as much as you can. So I think I have. Let me see I don’t mean try and bring out one outside.

So let me install a new one now and will install this, which is a was the name. This is a squeeze page exact. 6 ml install it right. Now I’m, scoring it right now, so once it’s gets installed now its installed to the next engine we will head over to page and we’ll create a new page.

So I’m. Creating a new page now, all the creates a squeeze page, a simple squeeze page, so I’m heading over there right now. So let me create a page. I’m, just name it. What am I going to call it? Let me see free book who give away and what about free book giveaway yeah so that’s.

My side suit, I don’t, know simply head over here. Come down here. You will see you see the scene templates here. So just come over here and then you’re gonna change, templates rising profits, video. So you want this page to be on profit with the uh, no Joel, the regular pin which you installed.

So you’re gonna come over here, click on profits, buda and they’re from they cannot head over and then publish so once you have this published, you can easily head over and then preview you can head over.

I don’t review the new page. I don’t wan na see okay, this is just publishing. So now I’m gonna beauty. Page I don’t. Even I see how well, if you page now, slowly, okay, so this is the page now, so there is nothing inside here.

So I have to change this page, so I have to edit it and then upload that squeeze page, which did a squeeze page from port, confirm profits Villa the one I installed yeah. You got some somebody head over and then loaded.

So so this page, which I just created, and so it’s very, very easy to forget. I click on the yellow button. Now I appeared on the yellow Boston athlete on his Boston. So not gonna bring me right here now.

So I’m now at an edit scene, back end of profits, beautiful apples, so I’m gonna come over here now, and I click on this icon here lost em, please now after it needs some go to come over here. Load templates and ends good to load.

Exotic screech exotic uploaded results. Please you know all that simply of then landing pages squeegees like that. So this is one I just installed earlier on. So I’m gonna click on its exotic and then I’m, going to load its fault, so once it’s loaded, it’s going to show you you know, gonna give us a whole Lots of scoffs, so you can see, sometimes delete this.

Then I’m going to delete these other videos, so I’m, going to come here and deletes. So you see we have brand dead new don’t for us. This is done for Ross whispers. I’m gonna delete all these coughs. This is what believe this gets.

So you see the page is gone. I can also delete this text. Wait. I’ll come over here and click. It then deletes come over again and then deletes come over here and then deletes also delete this. No one ‘

S really appreciate your scope. So don’t worry about Francie designs, so I’m going to believe them. So we have a simple option: page or lead page. So I’m, going to proceed from elephant on how we can integrate our in integrates our autoresponder service in series, because you have to have your autoresponder, the airway bar or this response, and he inserts the code wound up making become functional and umekes Walk as you want, so I also go our head in through the next section into other sections in the next video, so stay tuned and make sure you subscribe the channel.

So you don’t miss the next updates and our gonna explain all these simple elements of adding text, adding images adding and buttons and order like. So thank you for watching. If you have any question, please feel free to, let me know so what else? What else? What else? What else? Okay, let us just quickly head over only become a new are just trying to it’s this a little bit so as we know it’s.

This text now just come over here. Click on its so just seen on the texas en ville, you see for reports, reviews wrong with edits year, just cited 64 reports. Reviews how I need fedoras, say means say means so that’s.

All you see is very, very important. I can increase the size, I can increase the size of V and all set over here and then make its border. Our higher don’t, make it higher can also increase the space in between yeah.

So I think this is still Itza, so it actually takes a little time. Does the patient? You can change the call load. It takes everything’s actually editable, so that’s all for now. So what in the next video we’ll show you Anson integrates your autoresponder set.

Is inside this. You know the most important parts of speed. What is this up? In the mix it’s called a conical, let’s. Informational such as the mail and then email, so when we get in touch with you in the next video please subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out now a Biff, and if you want to get a minute in the softs, we Honor guest blogging for this crisp you wan na, get probably depth logging just make a check on the description, see a link to get sees and also what else.

I think if you have an autoresponder service there’s, a link here, you can use war. Applause is giving out a CD. So there’s, a link yet go ahead and clean up that’s. Your recipes free trial period so that’s all for now.

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