Squeeze Page Tutorial: How To Make A Landing Page & Build An Email List In 8 Minutes

Squeeze Page

But in this video I’m, going to show you how to build a landing page or a squeeze page in just a few minutes. Now. What is a landing page or squeeze page is basically the page that you’re. Looking at right now, it’s, a one-page website where, basically, you have some sort of offer on that page, also known as what I like to call an ethical bribe where you’re, going to give away something for free.

That has high perceived value and in doing so, the people in order to receive it, they’re, going to have to enter their email address. So, as you can see here, it says free bonus, weight-loss, kickstart, simple steps to kickstart, your weight-loss journey click on the link.

The person enters their email address when they enter their email address. They’re, going to you, know, get the e-book that you’re, offering them or whatever the bonus is, and by doing so they’re, going to have been subscribed to your email list and there’s.

A lot of power and benefit to having an email list, an email list gives you the ability to reach out to your customers. Prospects be able to market to them, build a relationship with them, be able to build a long-term relationship by adding value to them and having them like know and trust you, and it gives you the ability to just offer different product services or whatever.

It is that you’d like, and it helps you increase a long-term value of a customer as well, which is really useful here’s. Another example of one that’s on my youtube channel. You’ve, probably seen it before it’s, just project life.

Mastery calm, slash subscribe, and this is a landing page where I have a video and I have something called the free life mastery toolkit, which is just some really valuable videos and content that I give away for free and basically just enter your email address, and you’ll, be subscribed to the email list; okay, so that’s just another example of one another one here’s, a one that I have on K, money mastery, which is basically says free.

Video reveals exactly how I make over 8,000 per month, outsourcing over a hundred plus Kindle books that I didn’t write, K, money, mastery com, slash free video and it’s. Basically, a free presentation that I gave that has tons of content and everything and people get it for free when they enter their email address, so those are three different examples of squeeze pages and landing pages.

Now, how did I do this? How did I create this, and how can you do this? I use a website here called leadpages and I’ll have some links below this video that will show you. You know give you access to this, but also have a blog post with a link on project life.

Mastery comm that will show you guys more details. Instructions written out on how to create a landing page, but leadpages is great because they have all these different templates. That you can use and they don’t just have templates for squeeze pages or landing pages, but they have website templates.

They have thank-you page templates. Upsell templates, launch templates, pre card templates templates for almost everything that you want. They’re already pre-made. They’re, very easy to use and edit you can see there’s, so many that they have here testimonial sales, page webinar pages.

This is what I use in my businesses, and I literally have probably about 30 or 40 different lead pages set up with them. They also have some other cool features, such as lead boxes and links. I use those on my blog also but anyways to create the the landing page.

It’s, going to click on opt-in. They have some really high converting landing pages too, so you can sort it by the conversion rate. If you’d, like because the key thing is, when you have a landing page, you want it to convert.

You want to make sure that when people go to your page, they’re going to enter their email address. So conversion rate is really important. You can see this template here that I use the basic squeeze page, which was this one right here, but basically I going to do is going to pick the template that you like they even have a tutorial that show you how to use a template.

I’m, going to click on this one right here. You’re, going to put the industry. I’m just going to click on, save and continue it’s, going to generate the template right now and basically you can edit it with a few clicks of the mouse right here inside.

So you can actually change this cover here. Just by clicking on this image link options, you can change whatever book that you’d, want to have appear there. You can change this text. If you’d, like you, can change the headline, if you like, you can pretty much change everything that you want on this page that make it really really easy for you to do it yourself in only a few minutes, you don’T have to hire a programmer or a web designer.

You can do it yourself, really really simply with leadpages. Now what you’ve created your lead page to your liking, then the next step is to integrate it with an email management service, and the service that I like to use is something called Aweber Aweber comm again, I have links below as well as A detailed instruction on project life, mastery calm, but Aweber allows you to manage all the emails of your subscribers.

So when people click on this button here and they put in their name or their email address, then they’re, going to get subscribed over here on a weber and aweber again allows you to manage that list and send out email broadcasts as well As set up what is called an autoresponder series, so, for example, I’ve got a list here and you can easily by the way, create a list is by clicking on manage lists and click on create new list.

But I’ve. Already got a list here set up, and basically, once you have a listed up, you can send out either a broadcast which is basically a one-off email that you might send out to your list. You can do that pretty easily.

Just by clicking create a message: they have different editors that you can use. I’m, going to use the HTML editor. So if you’re launching a new product, if you want to promote a Kindle book, an Amazon product, whatever it might be, you can easily email your list and basically send out a mass email to a lot of people at once.

So email subject is here: hi, my name is whatever and you can fill in whatever you want here, you can send out links. You can link things amazon.com. So again, really simple, really straightforward! You can preview it.

You can send it schedule. The dates of when you want to send the email for so, if I schedule a broadcast, I can send out it immediately or I can send it out on Wednesday or you know, Thursday or any day of the week any time I can segment the list.

I can send out to multiple different lists that I have as well again there’s, just so many things that you can do here with a a weber. Even setting up a follow-up series is really powerful. So, for example, when someone subscribes, I can have a whole series of emails that they’ll receive once they subscribe to the email list, so I can have email sent out few days for the next three months.

If I choose that might build a relationship with my subscriber might offer them different products that I have or services or give them free content, free value help them out build that relationship with them as well.

So there’s, so much that you can do and integrating is pretty simple. Once you’ve created the list, you’re, going to have to create what is called a signup form and just click on create a signup form, follow the instructions, and then here back at leadpages and the integration settings you’ll basically reload this and integrate with Aweber and then be able to pick pick that form, whatever form that you want to use and then customize it save it.

And then you want to come over here to lead page options, give it a title and the great thing with leadpages is they’ll host the lead page for you? They’ll host a squeeze page or the landing page for you.

So they give you a special link here and the link can be whatever you want, but I’ll just be project like mastery comm, slash, lead, page or dot V pages, Co, slash template and then once it’s saved, then you Can click on publish and with leadpages you can integrate it with WordPress with Facebook, your own server or you can just use a link that they give you right here.

So if I pull up the squeeze page here, you can see it again. It’s, just a simple template that I use it in edit it at all, but that’s it that’s, how you create your own landing page, so I hope you enjoyed this video leave a comment below.

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