Squeeze Page Tutorial- How To Create A Sales Funnel In Under 10 Minutes

Squeeze Page

Hey is that Crawford here and in this video we’ll, be showing you how to set up a squeeze page, or I should say better yet how to actually put a sales funnel together to sell whatever you want. So regardless.

If you’re trying to you, know make money with affiliate marketing. You’re, trying to sell when your own products or you’re, trying to build your email list. This is gonna help. You do it. I’m gonna show you examples of my actual sales funnels.

I’m, going to show you some examples of other really great ones, to check out to get ideas from and really give you ideas how to go about doing this right. So before I jump in and show you how all this stuff works, I want to touch on really quick if you land on this video randomly and you’re like what’s, what’s, a sales funnel like emails Or what okay? So, basically, what you’re gonna do! Is you’re gonna collect emails? You’re, going to give away something for free in order to get that email and then from there.

You can continue to market your services or products or whatever you have in the future hands down. This is the best business model to get started with. In my opinion, it’s, still one of the best ways to make a killing online.

You know if you’re, trying to make your first six figures online. Personally, I don’t. Think there’s, a better business model. To be doing, I made over seven figures doing this exact business, and I still do it to this day and I’m scaling up to now an eight figure business so keep in mind.

This is this is the model that all big players are using. I don’t care if it’s, a guru and the make money space it’s, a guru in the fitness and weight-loss space. I guarantee you if you look at what any big business is doing online, they’re collecting emails.

So with that being said, I want to show you a few of mine and then I’m gonna show you an offer that I really like, and then I’m gonna give you ideas about how you go about doing This and I’m, also gonna show you how we actually set this up.

So you can see, look right here. This is one of my squeeze pages: how to start a profitable blog with seven figure bloggers that Crawford. So this whole offer is based around Bluehost, which, if you don’t know what Bluehost is it’s web hosting right? So what you want to think of is what you’re, actually selling you map backwards.

This is where most people mess up right. They create some like random squeeze page to collect the email, but it doesn’t align with what they’re trying to sell. So I actually made my first half a million dollars online blogging and I’ve made.

You know over a million dollars. I can track back hands down to blogging and that’s, not counting all the other money. I’ve made; this is just from blogging right, and so what this whole offer is based around and and that’s.

What I want you to think of it’s, not just collecting emails. It’s. The whole offer it offers like what you’re selling, what you’re offering for people to trade their money. This whole thing on the whole donal process here is based on setting up a free blog.

It’s, teaching them the power of blogging. It’s, teaching how to get traffic with the blog teaching, why you need a blog to market your services, your products and then, of course, I’m teaching them to set up their own blog, and then I offer them.

You know, bonuses and whatnot like different training courses they get in order to to put that blog to use, so the hook is how to start a profitable blog, because if people are looking to start a blog, they usually want to find out.

You know like how do you do it right, so the hook is how to start a profitable blog and then the whole process going through teaches them how to do that. Now I want to go to the next one and give you another idea.

So this one right here is: how would you like to create a passive income business, and I do 90 % of the work for you. So if you think about that, that’s more of a curiosity hook and what I want you to think about anytime, you’re.

Creating you know a squeeze page or a sales funnel to sell anything that you want to sell. You always got to have a big idea that’s. What the hook is. The big idea is: what’s? Gon na stop people in their tracks.

It’s. Gon na grab their attention, make them say hmmm. I want more information. They’re willing to trade, their email for it right. So this one right here is promoting click. Funnels click funnels is the software that we’re, actually going to go about actually using to build the sales funnel.

So everything will every single thing. I do it’s, one one. You know hook one product I’m promoting and then all the content is based around that one thing. So it’s. One big idea, so you’re, not gon, na promote five different products in your funnel.

This is another thing I see people making the mistake of doing, especially when they go into affiliate marketing. They want to sell everything, so they create like a squeeze page and they’re, trying to like one day they’re selling.

This thing the next day they’re selling. That thing and what this does is it confuses your audience. Everything should be aligned to sell one product per sales. Funnel. Keep that in mind now, once you have the email, then it’s.

Okay, after they go through that initial sequence, you can sell anything. You want. I’m, going to show you how the sequence goes together. So if this is kind of confusing, I’m gonna show you what the whole process looks.

Like so you see, the hook is how would you like to create a passive income business, and I do 90 % of the work for you. So obviously this this is really more geared to somebody who’s just trying to get started in business.

They’re, trying to learn how all the pieces go together and they’re, probably interested in actually setting up something online that gives them. You know freedom as far as making lots of money as well.

Now, here’s, another one in the fitness niche that I really really like, and it’s, claim your free cravings crusher cheat sheet. I think this is really great, so keep in mind, the free giveaway can be multiple different things.

That’s. What you’re gonna! Do you’re gonna offer something for free in order to get the email and then from there? You can market to them right now here’s, where you don’t want to make the mistake. I see people teach that you give away Pilar.

If you don’t know what Pilar is that’s? Private label rights – I do not suggest doing this and the reason being is most of the private label rights products you can get or horrible, and what that means is you’re gonna go, buy a product from somebody, you license it, and usually These things cost 20 or 30 bucks, maybe even a hundred bucks, and if you think about that, that’s, that’s like nothing right, I mean for some people that may be a lot of money.

But when you know how long and the value people put into actually creating a really good funnel, that makes thousands of dollars every single day you’re gonna see that, like a hundred dollars, you’re, not gonna get quality.

So my suggestion is whatever you’re, actually selling go out there into your market and look at what other people are doing. So, if you were in the fitness niche you’re, not in any type of marketing niche.

You’re, not in the make money online niche and you’re in like Fitness right or any niche that you’re in, go, find offers and squeeze pages and sales funnels. That are what you’re. Trying to sell and model what they’re doing model.

What works! Now, when I say model I don’t mean copy. I don’t mean ripoff what people are doing, because not only can that get you a lawsuit, but it’s. Also gonna get people very, very pissed off you wan na model.

What they’re doing closely and do what it’s very similar. So like right here, this is just a PDF report. She’s, giving about basically how to kill your cravings. So anybody that’s struggling with weight, they want M & amp, Ms, they want chips.

They want cake like I’m talking about it right now, and it makes me want to cheat on my diet. So yeah you see this is a sexy offer right like how to kill your cravings like that’s. What everybody wants to know that struggles with weight so that’s? What you’re, what I mean when I say hook like cravings, cheat cheat instantly, kill the cravings that’s.

Gon na be a sexy, offer it’s. Gon na make somebody want to trade their email, and then what happens is once like. You click right here and you, opt-in, right. She redirects you to a sales page which is to buy her membership site.

So here’s, how the whole process looks and we’re gonna walk through the whole process before we build it. So this is one of my funnels, so this is, if we go back here, how would you like to create a passive come business, and I do 90 % of work for you? I give you this whole funnel like when you actually sign up for click funnels through me.

I give you this whole funnel. You can go out there and promote you swap out your affiliate links and then what you do is you basically just go out there and promote it? You already have a funnel that can make you money.

So you see like you, have you have the actual you opt-in page now what this is called as a split test, so you run two different squeeze pages and what it does is it tells you which one has a better opt-in conversion.

Then you have your. Thank You page, so that’s when somebody opts in you’re, like hey. Welcome to my email list, thanks for opting in here’s. What you’re gonna expect over the next several days, then they go through like these lessons.

You’ll, see like right here. I basically create these individual lessons. So if you remember what I said a minute ago about like when you get PLR how it’s, not very good quality, it’s like stuff that people put no effort into.

You can probably see, as I scroll down this page right this there’s. A lot of effort put into this like this is what’s called cells copy, so those are words that sell you know you got all the different offers.

This is what I call an offer, as I talked about before this is what’s called the bonus stack. It’s, where you get additional bonuses for signing up through click funnels. So, instead of just getting click funnels, you know, click funnels is a great piece of software.

It allows you to build squeeze pages landing pages, webinar pages membership sites, like literally everything. The problem is for a beginner just starting out. It can be a bit confusing when you get it.

So what this this this whole training. Does it teaches you everything how to use it, how to go out there and make money selling anything you want to sell and use click funnels with it, and then I have other things that that basically go along with it to make it easier and make your Process simpler, so this is an example of a funnel right.

They’re gonna go through this step, so you see they opt-in right here on the opt-in page, they get welcome into the email list and then they go through a series of lessons that basically pre educate them help them understand why click funnels Is going to help them and then also understand how you can make money with click funnels? This is a perfect example of how a sales funnel works.

Now I realize, if you’re, just getting started that may be kind of intimidating like cossack. I don’t know how to create that stuff myself, and this is why i told you to go back and find people that are doing what you want to do and model them.

You know back, i’ve, been doing this for quite a while. Now, probably like five years ago, six years ago, i’ve, been business for like around six years now doing this stuff and especially affiliate marketing, and I remember when I first started, and I was thinking the same kind of thing.

I was like man. This is intimidating. I don’t, really have any value to offer. I don’t. I don’t understand how the email marketing thing works and how to put the funnel together. So what I started doing is finding people that were in the industries that I was in.

I started in many of different niches outside of make money online and I would opt into to their niche or opt into their squeeze page right, and I would see what emails they were. Sending me out see what offers they’re promoting, and I would see what kind of value that I felt that they deliver to their audience, and then I want to figure out like how can I create something myself? So I want you to realize.

Even if you’re just getting started right now. This is a process. You can do you go through. You find people, they’re doing what you want to do and you model them. It’s. Really that simple. So I want you to realize this stuff is really easy to put together like you can see.

I’m, not gonna move it around like, but you can see I’m kind of moving it around right. Now I don’t want to move it around, because this is a live funnel that, like my customers are using, but basically, if, if you wanted to drag and drop this stuff, you literally can you know, click a button and add a new step.

I’m, going to show you how all that works in a minute, but it all is really simple to setup. You literally can build a sales funnel in 10 minutes, just like the title says now. Obviously this this kind of sales funnel.

This is not going to be something you’re gonna put together in, like even probably two days like this took me two weeks to build, so this is a more advanced sales funnel now a simple funnel we’re gonna Build that in a minute is literally just like a squeeze page, which is to collect the email.

You have your Thank You page, which you know offers whatever it is that you’re, giving away and then from there. Then you can email them and that’s. How an actual simple, funnel works now keep in mind.

If you’re, just getting started out, say you wanted to promote an affiliate offer. You literally could just have this page right here. You could have the opt-in page and then the thing they’re opting in for is the video.

The video on the sales page of the affiliate offer you’re. Promoting that will get you less conversions. You won’t. Make as much money doing that way, but you can still make sells if you’re going out there, promoting your squeeze page on social media, running paid traffic to it doing YouTube videos.

You know getting leads into your funnel. So here’s, how it works right, so we have this funnel they go through. But what’s? Gon na happen is, after they actually opt-in to your squeeze page here this one right here once they put their email in, they’re gonna go on your email list, so I personally use convertkit there’s, a weber there’s get rich fonts, which the one cost constant contact there’s market hero there’s literally tons of them right, sind lane they all work.

I personally like convertkit. I find it really dummy friendly, like it’s very simple: it’s, just like clickfunnels. You can see it ‘ S like you can drag the emails around like. I can take this email right here and drag it up here and if you notice, if you look right here, this first email goes out immediately.

So once you would put your email in so like, for instance, if you would go and and opt-in to the the page right here right, you would get email one and then that would be immediately. Then, the next day, on day, 2, day, 2 or technically would be day 1.

You’re gonna get the second. The second lesson, the next one day after that you’re gonna get the third lesson one day after that, the fourth you can specify. However, you want it, so this is really the power of a sales funnel it automates the selling process.

For you, so, instead of me, having to like manually, send these emails out to try to sell things every day. I can create an automation sequence quite right at once, create it once and then it makes me money every single day.

I literally have sales funnels that make me thousands of dollars every single day, and I realize, if you’re new and just learning about this. It probably is a bit skeptical and you might be thinking like that’s, not true, but I’m telling you there’s there’s.

People making literally hundreds of thousands of dollars a day may seem astronomical, but there’s literally sales funnels out there that are making that kind of money every single day. A thousand dollars a day is nothing in this business.

I’ve literally made five thousand dollars a day, ten thousand dollars a day when you get these dialed in it’s, literally just getting more traffic through the funnel it’s literally that simple. So, as you see, this is how it works.

You literally just build out the emails and then you notice, as I scroll down it, links to lesson one and of course you can say like hey, you subscribe to my youtube channel check out my facebook. You know whatever you want to do, but once you set this up once you do this initial sequence, this business is literally one of the easiest businesses you can manage, because all you got to focus then is getting traffic, whether you want to create YouTube videos and Put people into your sales funnel you want to do Instagram and put people in your cells following you want to run Facebook ads and put people into your funnel.

You literally can run this with a couple hours a day once you put the asset in place, so I want to put that out there when I talk about passive income, a lot on this channel and what I mean by passive income is automation there’s, no such thing as passive income, where you just like, do nothing and collect money.

That’s, that’s. The way most people market, passive income is like you’re just going to collect money for the rest of your life. You’re gonna. Do nothing! You’re gonna be lazy and it doesn’t work. That way you got to put in effort upfront, and there is gonna be some time time every single day that you need to maintain things like say.

If you’re running paid ads, that may mean you just check your ads every day and just make sure that your numbers are right and your conversions are on par. So you can do this with literally a couple hours a day, depending on how you’re doing things, but there is work upfront now here is what we’re gonna.

Do we’re gonna actually just build a funnel, and I’ll. Show you how easy this is. As you can see, I have let’s, see seventy two funnels in my account. I have. I have funnels for myself, I have funnels for my clients.

You know I actually run an agency as well, but basically I’m gonna show you how easy this is to build like it’s literally, very, very simple. So I’m gonna go to add new and what we’re gonna do is we can use the old one.

This is what I usually use. I usually use the classic funnel builder. I’ve, been with click funnels like as long as they’ve been out for the most part, so I’m kind of like stuck in my old ways. You know they can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

We’re gonna use the cookbook, which basically is the easier way to do things, and I probably need to transfer over this way myself. So what you would do is click start cookbook and you’re gonna notice.

There’s, all different types of funnels. So if you were building a webinar, you could select webinar and select one of those funnels. If you wanted to create your own product and create a membership site, you can select a membership site funnel.

If you’re doing like a coaching consulting funnel, you would do an application funnel. So there’s. Literally, all these different types of funnels, based on what you’re, doing homepage funnels. So if you wanted to make you know a home page for your website to get people to opt-in, you can do that as well.

So I’m gonna find the squeeze page funnel lead, magnet funnel it’s. Pretty much the same thing we’re, just gonna go as a squeeze page funnel, so you select, select funnel and then once you’re here, it’s.

Gon na show you like all the different versions of squeeze pages you can get now. For instance, if you didn’t know how to do it and you’re going to the tutorial you see like basically you go through, it teaches you how it works and how it fits together, and then you just follow it.

So I’m gonna find one that I like and then download it into my account. Let’s, see now there’s, tons of different templates like if I, if I click like free, but if I go into the actual old builder, you’ll, be able to see there’s actually way.

More templates, I’m going through the cookbook, but there’s literally, like hundreds of templates. If I were to use the other one, I’m. Just gonna select this one right here, the Jason squeeze page and then that’s, gonna download it into my account.

So I click get funnel it downloads. In my account – and I can use it if you’re using the other builder, which I talked about, the classic builder, you’re, just gonna go and select squeeze page, and then you have hundreds of templates and you select your Squeeze page, then you can go like right here.

It has. Thank You page. This is just pretty built for you. So, as you see look right here, we have the squeeze page. Now you can edit any of this. I’m just going to click Edit Page and you ‘ Ll, see that this is super simple to set up so basically, whatever you’re selling, like obviously I’m not into the corporate style of anything.

So I would take this off. You would just literally like going right here. I could just click on there and delete that image out and then I could just go and add something in my own. I’m gonna see. If I have like, I’m, just gonna use this one, so this is one of my offers.

I promote as an affiliate so make like right here. The marketing secrets, let’s, see, did it upload click the wrong button bear with me. I needed to click, add image that’s where I messed up. So you see like right here.

I literally just added the image with a few clicks. I would get rid of this. This whole Jason theme and notice really quick like if I hover over this stuff. I can literally just drag it around. If I wanted to add a video I can click add element and literally find a video and then add a video.

I mean there, we go add a video and then right here I can delete the video cuz. I don’t want that on there so like right here, let’s, see free 99 marketing secrets that will change your business. So I would do something like this.

Let me delete this one. I add a new headline, so I’m gonna kind of make this more of my own and and you I want you to notice too, you can even hide things. So if I go up here, I go to manage. I can hide like that top part.

I don’t like that top part. So now it’s like more clean. I’m gonna go ahead and eliminate this little divider. I’m gonna. Add me a headline and then I’m gonna move the headline above the button. So I always like to do this 100 % free download and then I’ll, put like a headline below that.

Actually I’m gonna make this a little bit smaller, and I want to show you something really quick. You can see that, like I can literally just click here and like change the color, so I can make that red.

It doesn’t really match, but we’re just gonna leave it as red and then go right here to click headline, so free marketing, OC hi. I’m marketing secrets that will change your business free audio 99 marketing secrets that will change door business so be it.

One percent free download right here, free audio 9 marketing secrets that will change your business. This is going to tell people that, basically, they’re. Getting you know, audio downloads. Now this actual product it’s, just like it’s, a PDF download and it links to all the different podcasts that Russell Brunson has.

So you see it whatever you’re selling. You want the hook to be aligned with what you’re, giving away like what you wouldn’t want to say, like here like download, let’s, see free affiliate marketing cheat sheet how to make money online, and then You’re, sending them to the the 99 marketing secrets that will change your business.

You want it to be aligned now. Obviously, if I sat here and played with headlines, it would be way better. Those are horrible headlines I come up with, but the point being, is you don’t want to you. Don’t want to have them, opt in for one thing and give them something completely different, because when you get people to opt in, I want you to understand its quality over quantity.

You can go out there and get like 5,000 people to opt-in. That are ill relevant and then nobody’s gonna buy. This is what happens a lot of times when people think that this business doesn’t work. Is they go? Get traffic like just posting it on their Facebook and they have a bunch of people on their facebook that are not interested in the thing and then all of a sudden, like nobody, buys anything they can’t figure it out.

You got to get traffic or, I should say people that are aligned with what you’re, giving away and, more importantly, you want to make sure that headline is exactly what they want. So if you’re giving away, you know your cravings cheat sheet, you want to make sure that you’re, obviously marketing it to an audience of people that are interested in losing weight.

Now, as far as traffic, we’re, not gonna go into traffic and everything on here. I actually have tons of videos that go over that on my channel, but this is how easy it is to set it up. Now there’s, one other thing you would do right, so we talked about the email list of how the email list goes together.

This is the Responder that automates everything right. So what you would do is right here. You would just go to integrations and then you know I already have convertkit, so I would just go here. I would just like subscribe to form and then I’m.

Just gonna select that one right now it’s connected. So when somebody opts into this page, they’re gonna immediately. You know go on to my email list now. The next step I would do is, I would go in and – and you know fix my thank-you page so like the thank-you page is where you deliver the download.

So I’m. Just gonna show you this really quick. We’re, not gonna build this one. It’s. The same process like right here, if I wanted to, I could put like my ebook or what I could also do is I could just redirect to the sales page.

So if I was just being an affiliate, I was just starting out building a simple funnel. I literally could just redirect where my page go. I could redirect to the 99 marketing secrets thing we built, which I didn’t save it.

So I didn’t take, but when I basically put that ebook cover there right, I would just redirect to the sales page or redirect to the actual page, where they actually get it and then download it. And then that way I could start building.

My list and I can start marketing those people further in the future. So if you want to go in detail, you want to see all this stuff sets up. You really want to see a deep dive in how this works case.

Studies of how I do it from both myself and my students, and if you also want to you, know download this funnel right here and be able to use that funnel. So you have one to go out and make money with.


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