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I use this for and it ranks then or it ranked then, and it still ranks today. So I’m, going to give you a little demonstration of spin rewriter how well it works, how easy it works, and then I’m going to go over some of the other features that come along with it, that you may be interested in also now below this video will be a link to my website.

I recommend you go there and check it out. It gives you a full breakdown of spin rewriter, as well as the upsells, the pricing of each one of them, and if you’re buying this during launch week, you’re, going to see the the special pricing available during launch week.

As well and there’s, some bonuses – you can pick up. I’m, actually throwing in one of my own bonuses, which is two gigabytes of plr content that you can use in about any category or niche you can think of, and you can use it to rewrite using spin rewriter.

Alright. So inside of my account here, you got a few options here. You can rewrite a single article. You can rewrite multiple articles. If you bought access to the gold membership, you can access that here, as well as the WordPress plugin integration, which is absolutely amazing.

I want to go over more details about this. In a minute you can view your full archive of articles that you’ve written in the past. You can join their affiliate program and promote spin rewriter there’s.

A tutorial selection, uh tutorial section here with a lot of new videos, i believe, is about 10 new videos added in here, which are very easy to understand. Just to help you get the most out of spin rewriter and you can contact support here.

So, first of all, this is a product that’s, been out there for a while and it’s, constantly updated new features added pretty much every year and the artificial intelligence in this is just amazing and it gets better and better.

Every single year, so what we’re going to do. I’m, going to go up here and go to rewrite, and i ‘ Ve already got an article that i got from my collection of plr content and I’m just going to copy this now lots of times i don’t use my own plr content.

I will actually go to google or bing or yahoo, and i would just start copyIng snippets uh paragraphs from different websites on a topic paste it in here and spin that – and it works amazing too. So you can see it here.

I added this content. We can go into settings, I can adjust any of these, and so it gives you all kinds of options depending on how much you want to spend your content now, obviously, the more you spin it the less readable it’s going to be so Sometimes I don’t even use any of these options, but you can, if they’re here by clicking the more information it gives you details and explains to you exactly what each feature does.

If you want to use those now, if we go-to words and phrases, you can protect words here. So for certain words in your article, you don’t want to change. Then you can add those here. You can also automatically protect anything that’s capitalized in your article.

This is an article that I used here a while back for VPN I don’t need that, so I’m just going to delete it and then, if we go to advanced settings, you’re, going to see here Where you can enable auto one-click rewrite to automatically start rewriting the process, which makes it super fast and easy.

Basically, you just paste an article and you click rewrite article when it starts rewriting it and that’s. It enables hyper-speed technology. This just allows it to work faster and then you can also use one level or multi-level nested spinning.

So this really really spins your article, making it a lot more unique but also less readable. So I’m, going to leave these options the way they are and before i jump down here and click on rewrite. You see a couple of links here, so this is integrated here with a service called big content, a search which has tons and tons of plr articles and even ebooks, and you can directly search for them here and add the article if you have a subscription to them or You can also down here fix grammar, so if there’s, problems within uh, your content, you can integrate it with this service called perfect tense and it will go through and automatically fix all your grammar issues.

So I’m to leave it the way it is, and I’m, going to go ahead and click on rewrite article. So what it’s going to want to do. Is it’s, preparing the best synonyms for your article? It’s. Reading your article, it’s, actually reading it and trying to understand the words.

So it’s, going to go through and replace all these words with the best synonyms possible. So when it spins the article it’s going to make it a lot more readable, and so you come down here and see that uniqueness, billions of possible versions.

Now we also have more options down here at the bottom, but I just want to show you the full article here and how fast it did this, and so what I can do is I can click on any of these words, and I can continue to edit This article, if I want to so if I click on one of these, you can see custom words, the top words we can select all the words we can apply all of them and then over here you can also filter by meaning so where it actually tries To understand each word, so you’re, getting the best words added to your article, that it can be, and if you don’t see your words, you can just click in this box and add it and it will add it To your collection of words here now, you can also come over here and you can hover over several words and, for example, like wanted to you can see it’s, all underlined as one word.

So if you click on it it it gives you more options for that also, and so, if we scroll down here at the bottom, we can go to settings and what we can do here. We can make sure that these are the way we want to.

In case we want to rewrite it again and click. One-click rewrite we can save it for later or we can finalize it, which I’m, going to go ahead and do, and it says your article has been finalized and saved to your archive.

You can now generate unique versions of your article below so this is our full spun article right here now before we go in here and we create unique articles which I’ll, go ahead and click this and show you, and here’S an article that it created for telling us it’s, 94 percent, unique from the original article.

We can preview the article. If you’re, set up with Copyscape, you can check it or you can post directly to your WordPress site. If you upgraded for this option during your purchase, which is an amazing new feature, I’m going to talk about in a minute.

But if we scroll back up here, one thing i really like about this, and this is going to be available in the new version 11, which doesn’t come out until the 11th, which is three days from now. So I don’t have the ability to show it to you yet.

But what you can do is down here. You can see the text from all the generated, unique article and we can come up here to videos and we can search youtube for videos to add. So i can do something like affiliate marketing, fetch videos and we can come through here and select several videos.

We can add one per article and choose selected videos, and now, if we scroll down in this article, you can see where it adds this code in here for this video well in the new version 11, which you guys are going to have you’Re not going to see this code, you’re, going to see the actual video.

It has a visual editor. So you can see this video in the article and the same thing works with images, so you can insert relevant images. We can do affiliate marketing and we can just pick a few images here.

Add them and if we scroll down you can see how we have a code here for images, but once again, in the new version 11 you’re, going to see the actual image here. It has a quite a few new features that makes it really really powerful and a lot better to use, especially if you really want to customize your articles.

But if you don’t it’s. No big deal you don’t have to you can just come up here. Click keep clicking generate unique article and it’s, going to create a unique article from this content. Every time you do this now you can also click on export and you can export the finished article in spin tax format.

You can export each unique article in its own text file. You can export unique articles in a text file separated by a custom article separator, and you can also export up to 1 000 articles from this spun content.

So if you need a bunch of articles put in here, how many ever you need export, it is a zip file. It’s going to create that many articles from the spun article that you created absolutely amazing. So what I want to do now, is how easy it is just to create the articles, and you do have the other options where you can rewrite multiple articles at once, but what I want to show you also is the gold membership, and especially the WordPress Plugin I want to go over, but if you were opt-in for the gold membership, I’m thinking.

It’s either 37 or 47, but what you can do here is you can get content on-demand through their own service, which gives you up to 50 articles every month and basically, what you do is you add in uh your own keywords? How many articles do you want? Click request, spun articles and they will create them for you and add them right here in your past article, so you don’t have to mess with finding the article spinning them or anything they will do it for you.

Next, you can also set up a limited access account for your assistant, so they can come in and they can access only the parts of it that you would want them to. You can also spin on the go with the iPhone and Android apps, which are really good.

These have been updated in version 11. Also, you have priority servers for faster spinning and this does actually work faster after i upgraded, i noticed there was quite a big difference in it and then also priority support, so you will get your questions answered faster and they do have really good support.

Okay. Now, what I really want to talk about the WordPress plugin? This is amazing, especially if you want to have it to create and basically run your entire blog on its own. So this is going to be 47 normally 97, and this is a WordPress plugin that you’re, going to upload to your WordPress site.

You’re, going to install it. You’re, going to integrate it with your spin rewriter account and what it’s going to do is pretty much run your blogs automatically if we scroll down here. What the two biggest benefits of this are that you can install thIs on unlimited websites.

Okay, it comes with four powerful features where you can automatically spin and republish old posts. So if you have old posts on your website on your WordPress website – and maybe they’re – not ranking very well, and you want to update those – you can install this WordPress plugin.

You can go inside of your account and set it up to automatically respin these old posts based on how old they are seven days, three weeks, two months or whatever it is, it will also automatically fetch new, unique articles for you.

You can see right here how you can set it up to be automated. How often it creates new posts, how many days, whether you want to publish those right away or not, and what the keywords are you want it to search for when it creates these articles? For you, you can also spin post right inside of WordPress, and this is really really powerful.

So you can go inside of your WordPress account, go directly to any of your posts, scroll to the bottom and click on spin, this post and it’s. Going to take that current post and spin it and make it into a new article, and then you can connect it to your websites and when you connect it to your websites, what that’s going to do is allow you, when you rewrite your Articles, you can come down here: click on a post to WordPress and it’s, going to directly sync up to your WordPress account and post this article to your WordPress site.

And if you want, you can generate another unique article and you can post that one to your website and you can choose the different websites that you have set up with spin rewriter and another benefit of this.

Is it allows WordPress integration with support for remote posting? So i just read this to you: it says the one-click remote posting feature even allows you to schedule the exact date and time when you want your new post to appear on your website and you can set that up and then directly publish it to your sites.

So this is the WordPress plugin that goes along with it. This is Aaron here, and I’d like to show you this has all in any of the features you would ever want out of a spin rewriting tool, and from my own experience it rewrites the content better than almost any other spin rewriter out There, of course, I know there’s, some outrageously expensive tools.

That may do a little bit better, but overall, you know if you’re, just looking for added extra content to use for your websites for your videos, whatever it is, you’re doing for your projects. This is an amazing tool to do it, but if you do pick this up during launch week, you can get it at the yearly rate for seventy-seven dollars instead of a hundred and ninety-seven dollars, so a huge discount of sixty percent that they’re going to offer during the launch week.

I highly highly recommend that anybody who needs some kind of a spinner to use for their content go pick. This up. You’re, not going to regret it. This is one tool that I use. Almost every single day in my business, i even use it on a lot of my main websites just to add content to to give it more content.

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