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So whenever we see brands like big brands on an affiliate network, it you know builds a lot of trust for us as affiliates, because we know that if a big brand is working there’s Network, then you know there’s.

Some vetting us that’s occurred, so things like payouts and stuff. You know if you don ‘ T really need to worry about that, because there are some kiddie networks out there that may not pay out.

But when we see things like this, it’s, always a good sign home. So you can see Amazon revolute meeting done. That is actually to guaran networks. Norton, you’re, no Norton and mega Casilla, so some big big brands.

So with offices and experienced teams in several strategic cities, as well as business relationships all around the world, spicy offers empowers advertisers and publishers to effectively develop their businesses.

World wide awesome, all right, cool cool cool, all right, so let’s. Have a look at the publisher page before we do that last month, on spicy offers 200 countries monetized 1800 CK offers 3 million hits and 6,000 call it no no Combee 6000.

So that’s like six. What’s a thousand times? Six thousand, whatever that is, that’s, the amount. So let’s, just double check 600. My calculator six thousand times all right. Six million, no basic maths were anyway just gonna ignore that I use the calculator for that.

So you have around six. I think that six million needs because 6000k. This is weird, but anyway, so you have six million qualified leads on the network, which is awesome, so they’re pumping a lot of traffic gang.

They must have affiliates, are making a lot of money with this network, but let ‘ S. Have a look at the publisher page. Remember: web publishers. If you’re, an affiliate marketer on an affiliate network, you are a publisher.

Don’t. Forget that so think. Optimization enjoy revenue number one global performance Network. They trust us. So if you’ve got sons or affiliate marketer reviews Ravi. What baptise we got. Fabian call one cpa network many advantages fastest: daily payments of the industry, revenue driven performance, smart tools, most trusted and reliable affiliate network; no shaving.

No, if you know about shaving, then you understand that joke cpa offers you won’t, find anywhere else real exclusive offers in-house and direct advertisers, but barrett advertisers offers only above average performance rate and unique an intuitive platform top-notch support and professional performance specialized Team, so your your affiliate managers up and ready to give you some help.

So 85 % of publishers successfully increase their revenue within the first three months of using spicy offers. That’s, a crazy statistic: if that’s, hundreds inaccurate! Why just shows that you know if you, if you run this network, there is a big chance.

Your revenues will go up essentially and they connect directly. If you know some of the top tracking platforms running in funnel flops thrive as bread, be more vinyl, CPV lab yeah, awesome, nice stuff, alright.

So if i wanted to apply first network, what would that he look like what is the application process on this side? So you register as a publisher putting your work email first name last name and your skype ID mother tongue and in Ukraine account, and I’m assuming at the next stage.

As of most networks, you will then be asked something about you experience. What traffic sources you run or vehicles you run, etc, etc, etc, but let’s. Take a look inside of the actual affiliate network for spicy offers awesome.

So we are in the network. Now we can see like fresh offer. These are the offers that Polly just came out today. He run them if you rinse the traffic, because it’s completely fresh. He can be the first one of the first affiliates to run it and then it suggests it offers nice cool.

I’m, seeing a little pile of nutria offers here. On the left hand, side that are fresh. We’re, seeing a lot of sweepstakes credit cards submits most likely. You know with this sort of revenue range is definitely has to be submit, so CC submits a look at the offer.

Marketplace also offers these spicy offers. Have let’s, see if other offers really spicy. Are they weak? You know let’s. Take a look. Okay see can subscribe to offers fair enough okay, so these are just all the office.

Arkady’s Authority system. Here I was a bit confused at how dice thought. Okay, he can check flows. Alright, nice, so this is quite good awful. It’s like quite a gift for Legion wan na click flow to click, flow SMS CC, submit single opt-in, the water.

This is a good single opt-in office and a lot of you guys will, you know, want to run or have run single opt-in. Let’s, have a look at some sweeps. Let’s, take a look. They’ve got Samsung Galaxy S, 19 worked in Decathlon media world oops, Disneyland, Amazon, voucher, ebike, iPhone the in the okay, these okay fairly, like decent payout prices as well.

It’s, not too bad cool. Nice, nice, nice, nice with a iPhone nice or good or good. So it’s, quite a decent range of offers that can be run with the network, not the most for sort of single opt-in sweeps, but let’s have a look at what eaten off.

Is they actually have he’s, any potential for for CID, etcetera, etc? You know what it is dog okay, so these are a very white hat, so standard EECOM. If you look for sort of where I think adjourned $ 45, yeah, music, hospice, alright.

So you have to generate a cell to actually make this new law. Now let’s, have a look, be health and well-being what they have? Okay, so you like diets or supplements here at Vitol. You know you get your hair, your hair back! You’re, losing your hair blood sugar joy.

Some of these offers do really well like really really well. I’ll. Obviously you can see by the payout marks that you know $ 63. It’s, not bad man, not bad at all. I get out returned so yeah, the Lord offers, and they have available and his pirate horde range and always have smart links.

My links reports, conversions cash out time, assuming that payouts cause he couldn’t subscribe to an awful system, so subscribers offers is almost like. You can create your short list of offers that’s, pretty cool, so conversions reports.

Nice. Take a look [, Music, ]. Alright, what I want to look at, though, is FAQ, so I just really let you guys know if we can find it. You know what is there the payout terms? You know payout threshold finish very important knowledge to have in advance before you join the network, especially if you’re just starting out.

You know you want to try and figure out how you can get to the weekly payments as quickly as possible. If a network does struggle to provide that – and you know, then they’re more most likely more catered towards.

You know affiliates with more revenue. You can afford to wait a month before reinvesting into the traffic, because you just have so much category, but in your situation, where statically you are probably just starting out, so you probably need to find a network that can get you into weekly payments as quickly as Possible yeah, I so can’t, seem to find out information on this side, so you have to reach out to their fill your managers to get that sleep.

It’s a bit strange. We’re disappointing, but all good overall, this network is pretty awesome, fairly straightforward cool, like, as you seen, all the standard staff. Your smiling smile in its reports, conversions to review all the individual conversions, especially for when you’re.

When you’re running campaigns, I have a higher payout. You’d, want to look at the conversions and make sure that you know difference or placements, and you know way again. Your needs is generating high quality in terms of the actual converted revenue so which is the qualified needs, so yeah, all good, all good, all good, but yeah.

I’m just going to end this tutorial here. I hope you now understand how to utilize. The spicy offers platform, but yeah hope you enjoyed the video subscribe using the button below like using the button below one of the button somewhere and yeah.

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