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Hello, everyone and welcome to another one of our affiliate Network reviews. Today, we’re gonna be reviewing viglink and Vig link is also known as sworn commerce, which is the new name, but for today’s purposes.

We’re gonna call it big link. The link is still WWV. Viglink comm big link is a different type of affiliate network compared to the other ones, because they use a type of automation that saves a lot of time and energy for you.

As the affiliate partner, so we’re gonna go through today. Before we do, we’re gonna take a quick refresher into what affiliate networking is so affiliate. Marketing is a really great way that companies are creating platforms online in which you can advertise for their products and services on either your social media site.

Your website, your blog, basically anywhere online or even directly, to someone via email or other direct methods where you’re, basically advertising their products and in return they’re gonna give you a commission and that commission is either in terms Of a percentage of sales achieved or in terms of the a certain amount per customer that you send to them, so affiliate marketing is really great for those who want to create their own online business, whether that be through typically through a blog or their own website.

So it’s, a really cheap way to start a business. It allows you to be creative because you can write about literally whatever you want. You can even make money off of just photos: videos, drone videos etc.

So it’s. Really great as a platform, so the way I feel the marketing normally works is you sign up with the company and you join their their program online. You start advertising using their unique links, which is a URL on your website.

You can create different graphics or just hyperlink text, so it’s really great, but there’s, a lot of manual work and that’s. Why? I want to talk about viglink because they’ve created an automated way to do it.

So what they do is they implement the type of code on your website, and then they automatically take any URLs that you’ve already put on your website and they even take specific keywords and the hyperlink it they create the affiliate links for you.

So you never have to create an affiliate link which saves you a lot of time and effort. So we’re gonna go through that in today’s. Tutorial viglink, I’m, really excited to show you a kind of a different affiliate network than what we’ve gone through before.

Okay, let’s, go ahead and get started with vague link to go to the website. You’ll type in You’ll, see right away at the beginning to get started. You want to go ahead and sign up. So let’s, go ahead and click the sign up button, and this is going to give us two different ways to sign up the first one is with Google and the other one was with email.

I do suggest going with the Google one because it’s. Gon na use your actual Google login on viglink. So this means you’re, not got to think of two different logins. You’re, not going to save two different passwords.

It’s, all just gonna use your Google login. Otherwise, you can choose to sign up with email now, once you choose either one of these you’re, going to sign in either with Google or you’re, going to enter your email address and create a new password.

It’s, going to send you an email. You’re gonna have to click that the link in the email, which is going to activate your account and once you’ve activated your account. You can then start using the viglink Affiliate Network.

Now, once you’ve, clicked the link that comes to your email, it’s, going to ask you: where do you get your traffic from? So those are very important pieces of information for a big link to understand.

Basically, you’re going to want to enter there your website, if you have a website or blog or your social media site. Now, if you don’t yet have a website, you’re gonna want to create one, and there’s, lots of different ways.

You can create either free one or paid websites online, but to use viglink. You are going to need a website now, once you’ve added all your traffic sources, you’re, going to be redirected to the viglink dashboard to get there, go to publishers, big link, comm or go to big link, comm and click.

The sign in button in the top right corner, so once you’re on the dashboard, you’re, ready to actually install big link into your website, so it can start adding affiliate links automatically to do that.

You’re gonna click on the install tab and what this is going to do. Is it’s, going to give you the HTML code? So here on the number two section you’re gonna see the viglink HTML code. This code needs to be placed into just before the body section of the HTML code of your website.

So you can see here paste the viglink code into just before the body tag of your website, so I’ve gone ahead and copied this and then go ahead and go to your website now. If you know how to do this already go ahead and do it if you’re using WordPress like I am you’re gonna want to use the insert headers and footers under your settings.

I went ahead and put this in the footer section, which means that it will be printed above the body tag. So I put the code in here and then I hit save, and this will add that code in just before the body section of my website.

Now, once you’ve done that you’re going to want to enter in your website URL, then click check. This is going to check that you put the code in the correct place, so the big link can start working on your website.

So you see here, I’ve, gotten the success code. If you don’t get a success, so this will be read and it will give you an error message. So you want to make sure to check the error and then correct it.

But as long as you put it just before the body section, just like I’ve done on my headers and footers section of WordPress, you should be good. Additionally, on the right-hand side, there’s, different widgets that you can use, which these can then be installed.

If you’re using WordPress or blogger or other or tumblr, etc. You can use these other installation guides on the right-hand side. So once you’ve actually put that code onto your website. Everything will be done automatically from this point forward.

So the rest of the tutorial I’m, going to show you what viglink is doing so once the code is there. It’s, actually complete you don’t have to do any other steps to start making money and the having URLs put onto your website.

So what is viglink doing right now? So if we go into the merchants tab to get started, viglink works with lots of very well-known merchants like eBay, Nike, Amazon, etc. You can go through all these and see them.

If you want to see all the merchants that they’re using, you can search them by name by categories etc, and so let’s. Take Nike as the example. If I wrote an article about shoes in general about shoes – and I included there – a link for some Nike shoes, some Adidas shoes, etc, what what big link will then do? Is it will see any links or URLs that I’ve placed on that? Are Circle and it will convert that WWE comlink into a viglink affiliate link so that when a customer clicks on that link that ID redirected, someone to Nike big link is going to know that that customer was from my website and it’s.

Going to track that, so if we click on Nike any customer that was sent to Nike from an affiliate link that was placed onto my website, I’m gonna get six point: seven four percent commission based on the sale so that’s really great.

Additionally, what big link is going to do? Is it’s gonna scan that article and it’s gonna look for any words like shoes, the word Nike or anything related to shoes, and it’s, going to tag all of those keywords as affiliate links And it’s going to redirect them to either Nike or different shoe companies.

So any of the merchants listed here and it’s, really important that you check out what the merchants are, because if you’re, putting links onto your website, you’re gonna want to make sure that they’re, a part of the big link, so if adidas, for example, is not a part of big link and I put in a devious link on my website, big link is not going to convert it into an affiliate link automatically it’s.

Gon na leave the link, and then you’re, not going to earn any commission from it. So knowing whether a merchant is a part of big link is really important. The other key thing you want to know is that you, don’t mean to do anything with the link.

You can literally type in WWE key comm and put it on your website, and big link is going to edit that link and change it into an affiliate link automatically and that’s. Because you put the code on to your website and it’s going to know, then that I can go ahead and edit this website to change all the links to affiliate links.

So it’s literally done automatically. Now I’ve gone ahead and gone to my own personal blog, and I want to show you this as an example. So I have a travel blog which I use. I use the big link for so, if you scroll through my travel blog and once go down to different, cheap hotels in Ho Chi Minh.

So this is in Vietnam. Under under this, you’ll see I actually placed a link here which says a go TOCOM and you can see in the bottom left corner. It says This is a link that I personally placed here from Gotha.

If you right-click on this link and click copy link address in a new tab, you’ll notice. When I paste this, it actually changed. It actually shows me that this link is a redirect link to viglink. So what it’s done.

Is it’s? Taken the ago two link that I put on my website and it’s, changed it to a Vig link, affiliate link. Instead, additionally, it’s, changed the words like Hotel at the top here into a big link, affiliate link, it’s also changed the word room here into viglink affiliate link.

If I click on that one for room, it’s, gonna open, a new tab and it’s. Gon na redirect me to some some website which is related to rooms which in this case was booking com. So it’s automatically edited this.

I want to make sure to to note again that I did not add this affiliate link to the word room or Hotel. Those were not. Those are not links at all before before a big link was installed, so it goes ahead and adds affiliate links throughout your website, depending on the keywords that you chose.

So I, like click here for current rates. This is still if we copy it, it’s, still an affiliate link, and we can see that by checking the actual link and again I just did that by right-clicking, and I do copy link address so that I can see.

Is this my personal link, or is this an affiliate link from viglink, so it goes ahead and edits all those automatically I didn’t have to go to any special tool and change it, so that’s, how it works in terms Of your personal websites of changing it now it’s, important to know that, although a big link is a really amazing tool, it automates most of the process of actually creating and editing affiliate links.

The only bad part about it is, it did add, affiliate links. The word room in hotel, which I didn ‘ T really want a link here on the word hotel, so you have to give and give and take a little bit on if you’re okay with it adding random links throughout your website or not or if you want to manually, create them yourself.

No, if you’re someone who is short on time and need a quick option, big link is really great to add affiliate links without you having to even think about it. Now, if you want things to look a little more clean and don’t want the random keywords.

Tagged then big link may not be the best option for you. Placing affiliate links is very important to get results and we have a great article on it, which is called the best places to add affiliate links for results.

And if you’re, not familiar with where you should be. Adding and shouldn’t be adding affiliate links. You can go ahead and read this article. We will place it in the notes on the video below adding affiliate links in different places.

Gets you better results and some of the best places added easy. These are at the top of the page, putting it inside the post, where appropriate, and typically when you’re, mentioning a product place or thing that’s.

When you want to put it and then the last place is putting it at the end of the post so kind of as a call to action at the end. So you can go ahead and read our article that helps you to understand where you should be placing affiliate links.

Now, if you’re using big link, it will be doing it automatically, but understanding where the best places are to add them is also very important, so it would definitely check that out now. The last thing I want to talk about is the anywhere tool, and you can see at the top here there’s, an anywhere tab, and this allows you to create your own custom affiliate links through the big link.

Now this is great. If you want to post things on social media, so this allows you to create your own affiliate link simply by typing in the URL of the company, you’re working for so in the case of Nike, we could type in Nike calm or you Could go to Nike comm and if you want to link to a specific shoe or a piece of clothing that they’re selling, you can also do that.

You can put in any URL that you find online, that’s for an affiliate company or merchants through viglink, then simply click build, and you will have your own custom affiliate link here. So you can use this to hyperlink your own text.

To put it on social media to send it to someone through email, and you can also shorten it, which is much better to have a small URL, especially when sharing online. So this is a great tool if you want to create your own custom affiliate links for sending to people.

So, although viglink is a fully automated tool, it does everything for you. You can also create your own custom links using the anywhere tool now under the dashboard tab. You’re, going to see all the different information about how many people are actually seeing the affiliate links, so you can see here, on the right hand, side how many pages I had four hundred and sixty-six.

So far, this we’re. All had seven clicks and I haven’t made any revenue so far since I ‘ Ve only installed it for the past week or two. So this is the dashboard is where you’re, going to see all the different metrics that are important to see how much traffic you’re getting and how much money you’re going to end up making.

This concludes the overview today of the the Glink Affiliate Network. I hope you ‘ Ve appreciated the different type of affiliate network that we reviewed this time. This is more of an automated affiliate network compared to the other ones which are more manual.

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