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If I talk about that, then it is a set of Aegeus who try to check that a particular software holds true or not for quality functionality and their important features for of the software or not. If it does not, then it needs to be noted down and rectified as soon as possible.

So this is why it is also a very important part of software development lifecycle process and it is conducted manually. Why so we can use automated tool also, but you can understand that a particular person who will be doing manually software review will be able to better understand the software than our automated tool will do, and the use of software review is everywhere whether it is requirement System design codes, making of test plans or test cases, it is used everywhere.

So you can understand that how important a software review is for a software element. So what are the main objectives? First objective is to increase the productivity of the development team. Why? So? Because you always want your software to be productive right second thing is to make testing process time and cost effective.

Now your the development of a software takes lot of time right. So you don’t want to have a lot of time for testing right, so you try to reduce it as much as possible and also you try to reduce the cost involved, also as much as possible.

So that can be done with the help of better software review. Third thing is to to make the final software with fewer defects. So when you will do a better software review, the final product software will have lesser or you can say, fewer defects.

In short, if I merge these three points, the software review makes the approach more focused and thus giving the better results to normal development of the software. Ok. So what are the process of software you fastest entry evolution? We try to see that what kind of software it is you know how many number of user it will be in involving we try to see the different friend aspects all related to that software, or once we’re done with entry evaluation, we try To find out the eligible management for that ok or we try to prepare the management.

Ok once it is done, then we try to see that how we will be performing the software review. That planning is been done and once done, the preparation is done for that and once we are done with the preparation for performing software review, we actually examine the software and once we are done with that, then we do the exit evaluation.

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