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Hello friends and welcome to this shop style collective tutorial.I’m gonna show you all about shop style and all of the great ways that you can use shop style to create affiliate links to help bring on some income with your blog.

This is going to be broken down into several different videos, so that I can go into detail on all of the different things that you can do, because shop style is a pretty versatile tool. So today I’m just going to give you a main overview and show you all the things that you can do with shop style, and then I will go into detail with each of the individual things that you can do in in coming videos.

So stay tuned for those, so first of all, there is a difference. The website that you need to create your account with is shop style, collective comm. So this is what the landing pages that you want to look at.

You can apply here to become a partner with shop style and then, once you apply, you’ll, be able to log in this is SHOP, style, calm and it’s. Basically, a conglomerate website where you can shop everything that’s available on the shop style catalog, but it’s, not where you go to create your affiliate links.

So it’s. Fine to have a shop style account, but this is not where you need to go to create your account for affiliate links, so SHOP style, collective calm, so we’re just going to go here. We’re gonna log in, and this is what your dashboard is going to look like.

So I’m gonna go into detail on the product widget. The text links all of that in different videos, so just disregard those for now, but I promise I’ll come back to them. This is just going to be a general overview on all of the tools that shopstyle offers and how to get your first affiliate link to share through your Facebook page or through your Instagram swipe ups, so over here.

This is where you can click on news, and they have a actually of a really great blog where they share a lot of things. They share lots of tutorials how to set up an Instagram shop. They show you how to get visual.

They you can get a badge, you can check out the blog and see more posts here. They share a weekly blog post, full of sales that you can blog about, so that you can take advantage of sales for your for your affiliate links so make sure to check out the blog and also subscribe to their newsletter because they send it all out.

In a newsletter and it’s actually really helpful, and I really really recommend that the next function over here is the search function where you can search everything that is listed in the shop style catalog every almost every product that is covered with a Shop style, affiliate link is listed in the catalog, so I’ll.

Show you how to search use the search function later on in a different video. This is the widgets area. This is where you would set up a product. Widget with you can do several different products in it and it will create one widget and give you the code for that widget.

So you can put the widget inside your blog post. I’ll, be happy to show you an example. This is my blog and I had a blog post go up recently with some outfits in it. So what you see here is a widget, so it ‘

S got all of the products that I’m wearing in the blog post linked in this particular widget. So you can also see it. I’m trying to scroll slowly, so it doesn’t make you dizzy. You can also see it at the bottom of the blog post, so this is what a widget basically looks like, and I’ll, go into more detail about how to create these widgets and how to use them in a different video.

The next thing we’re, going to talk about right, quick, is looks and so looks are. When you upload a photo, you have on an outfit, you upload a photo of that outfit and you want to tag the products that are in that outfit.

You would use the looks portion of SHOP style to do that and then collections are groups of looks that are put together. So you would create a collection, for instance, shop, my Instagram, and then you would create a look and put that look into that collection.

Again, more detail coming on that later, in this blog post lists are the best way. If you ask me to keep your products organized, so I recommend having lists of different real tip retailers and things you like from things you like friend, that retailer this is where I really use SHOP style to organize my products, so it makes it much easier to Find things we’ll need to go back later and find a link for something, and we will show you how to add something to a list here shortly and then there’s.

Other ways to add things to a list to which we’ll, go into more detail on later analytics is where you’re, going to go to see what your conversion rates are, how much money that you’re earning? How many clicks you’re? Getting how many orders you’re? Getting it’s, going to show you and it ‘

Ll. Give you some trended data here. You’ll have a little graph! That comes up once you start selling things and then down here it will tell you that you’ll, get reports on the tools that are working best for you.

So if you’re selling a lot through widgets and you can see that you’re selling through widgets. Creating more widgets would be good for you. If you’re selling a lot through your shop style shop, which we’ll talk about later through collections, that sort of thing text links.

These would be like what you share on swipe up or what you share on Instagram stories. Our Facebook and then it’s, going to give you some traffic sources also, and it will also give you some merchandising insight.

So the brands that sell best the retailers, the products and the categories that are selling best through your links so that it can help you see what your community and your readers are looking for. This is the linkit tool, and so what this is it’s, a bookmarklet that you can drag up to your browser’s toolbar and you can drop it in the toolbar and it allows you to from the product page itself create A affiliate short link that you can share on Facebook, Instagram and a blog post, etc.

I’ll. Show you how that works in just a second and then down here when you click on current balance. This is where it will tell you what your payout is going to be, what your, if you have any returns or refunds that have been made.

It will give you all of that information here, and it also gives you the instructions on how to receive your first payment when it’s time for that to go out. So I want to go back to the linkit tool really quickly, because this is super easy and it’s.

A really great way for you to start sharing affiliate links today without knowing anything else about SHOP style. So once you have your account and you have direct you – just click on this blue button and hold it down and you can drag it up into your toolbar, so it ‘

Ll put it up in there again, I don’t need it. So I’m just going to delete it real quick. So I have it right here you can see. So what you can do is, while you’re shopping, say you’re shopping and you come across a pair of really cool booties that you really like, and you think I need to share this with my facebook followers with my Instagram People right now, I want to share the link with them right now.

All you have to do is go up here and click on this little bookmark in your browser and it’s, going to give you the link to this particular pair of boots. So you can click on copy link, and all you have to do is come over here and click say you’re in Facebook.

You just paste it. So, as you can see, it gives me a short link. This link is what contains the tracking information in it that SHOP style uses to pay your commission based on whether or not people purchase this item.

The other thing you can do from this screen that drops down is you can add it to your favorite. So say you’re shopping for you’re. Looking for these boots, to add to a look, you can add this to a list that you have created and then to create a new list.

You can just type in booties here and type that in and you’ve added it to the things I like list, everything you click the heart on will automatically go into things I like, and then you can type in and this you can have As many lists as you want so and then I typed this in so now it’s on things I like and booties.

You can also click on these links and it will connect to your accounts and it will share the help. You show the link that way as well and then you can pin them and it will pin this to your Pinterest board that you choose and it will have when you click on it.

It will have your affiliate link that gets clicked on rather than just a direct link to the product. When you’re done, you can just click X and go back to the product page so back to SHOP style going to lists.

Let me refresh this as you can see now there is a thing I like lists and a booties list. So when you click on this list and you click on the product details again, you can copy the link here. You can click to.

You can add it to more lists again. If you want to create other lists, you can add it share it on Facebook and Twitter, you can email, it pin it, and then it will also give you the colors. It’s available in and all of the sizes that it’s available in which is really helpful.

When you’re trying to see if something is in stock or not so that is today’s. Very quick, very broad overview of shop style and tomorrow or not tomorrow, but later on today, down in the blog post, you will get to see more tutorials on how to use each of these tools in detail, and I’ll show you how to Do them how to set them up how to share them on your blog or show them on your Facebook page how to share them through Instagram? And we will get all of that done so that you can set up your own shop style and get running with it and start sharing affiliate links.

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