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I’m, going to show you how to add in your Google Analytics tracking to your WordPress site without any coding involved when you first create your property in order to get your tracking codes here it is, it looks Pretty intimidating all these scripts and need to add it to your head tag, it could be a little bit complicated and thankfully, if you’re using WordPress, you don’t need to mess around with this code at all, and let me Show you how that works, login to your WP admin dashboard and we’re, going to install a plugin to handle the tracking for us and connecting to Google Analytics so plugins click on add new.

You will arrive at this page here now. Do a search for Monster! You will see this plug-in here called the Google Analytics dashboard plugin for WordPress by monster insights, and it is a free plugin. All you have to do is click install now.

It may take a few seconds to install and now click activate upon activation. You will be redirected to this page here, welcome to monster insights and let’s. Click on launch the wizard right here. With this first step, you can select whether your WordPress site is a business site or publisher blog.

It doesn’t really matter too much. So I’ll, leave it as a business website and on the next step it will tell you that no license is needed and then connect monster. Insights right here, you will be redirected to connect your Google Analytics account so go ahead and select your challenge.

Now it’ll. Ask for permissions to grant monster insights, go ahead and allow everything, and in this step you will confirm that you will allow monster insights to access all your Google Analytics features.

I’ve seen here and the reason why you’re, allowing wants the insights to access these features is that it will show your stats directly into your WP admin dashboard, and this makes it convenient to view your stats in this step.

You now pick your website profile, so simply click on this drop-down right here and then find your website, and it will show up right here. So my website is demo at our demo dot how to webmaster comm and once you select that your website click complete connection.

Ok, after successfully authorizing the connection with monster insights, in this step, it will show you some recommended settings and most likely you can just leave it as default as I am doing now, but the only thing I would recommend is to install updates automatically.

That way you don’t have to manually update it yourself, this plug-in. So now click Save and continue, and it will recommend you some add-ons which it’s, not necessary, so click on safe and continue and it will recommend another one.

Let’s, skip this step and now it is checked in the website and finish finish and exit. Ok, now you see the screen here. It says. Congratulations and like I’ve mentioned earlier. You can view your reports directly inside of your WordPress dashboard, and what I like about the monster insights plugin, is that if you change your WordPress themes or templates, it won’t affect the tracking.



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