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How to create automated emails within a web? Ah hi guys it’s Sam day, hear from databse comm helping serious entrepreneurs like you to boost sales to your products and services online using simple, but super effective online marketing tips and tricks.

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So in this video we’re speaking all about email marketing and in particular I’m, going to be showing you how to set up an automated email sequence within a web bar now. Aweber is a software that I personally use for.

My email marketing needs and it’s, a software that I highly recommend that you use as well. It’s, super easy and intuitive to use, and if you are selling a product or offering a service or in any type of business – and you want to generate leads or sales online, then you absolutely must be using some sort of email, marketing, software And Aweber is extremely affordable and really robust as well.

I’ve got a full Aweber tutorial and I ‘ Ll leave a link to that in the description down below, but in this video I want to show you how to get those automated emails. So when someone pops into one of your opt-in pages or if someone actually purchases a product from you, you can actually set them, put them on a list and you can schedule them to receive emails.

And I’m, going to show you how to do that. So, as you can see, I’m actually on a weber at the moment, and the very first thing you want to do is make sure you’re in the right list, so my current list is weight.

Loss tips list, so you want to make sure you’re. Actually you actually select the list that you want to create the follow-up series for that super important, make sure you’re, not creating a follow-up series for the wrong email list.

Now I’m gonna be doing future videos on how to create lists and how to upload emails to Aweber and so on and so forth. So those videos will come soon, but you want to make sure that you’re in the messages tab and then go down to follow-up series.

So this is how you create automated follow-up. Syriza’s within a web bar. So when someone opts in or when someone makes a purchase, they receive these emails automatically. So we’re going to set that up now.

If you to create message the drop-down menu, you can actually create an email message with the drag-and-drop email builder. You can create a plain text message or you can use the HTML editor. Now I have a video on how to use the HTML editor and I’ll.

Leave that video in the description down below just in case you want more designs, then Aweber actually has available for you. But I’m gonna use the drag-and-drop email template for the purposes of this video, and it will take you to here where you can actually start creating your email.

So I’m gonna put in here test email, and you can see the prefix here as well. This is automatically here for you and it means that when you actually send this out to your email list, it will say hi first name.

So if they’ve, given you a first name, then you can actually introduce yourself to your list subscribers by their name, and I always do this. I think it’s, a great addition to your email marketing and you can just put something like welcome, because this will be the first email they receive to our newsletter.

Please see attached gift, as promised. So one thing that’s important to remember is if this is an opt-in page that you’re, creating the follow-up series for you may have promised something. So I speak a lot about lead generation and giving something of value for free.

In return for a name and an email address, and it’s very good to do that in the very first email that they receive. So if some, if you, if you’re, offering a free ebook or a free, video or whatnot, you’re going to want to make sure that they automatically received that on the first email and as you can see down here, you Can add an attachment, so when you click on that button, I mean it takes you to your desktop, where you can actually find whatever it is that you want to attach and make sure it’s included within your first automated email that someone gets So when you’ve finished with creating your email, you want to click, save and exit, and it will automatically be in your drafts.

So you want to click on, send options and add to follow-up series, and when you do that it will give you a message saying follow up the number. One is the welcome message your subscribers will get immediately after signing up.

So you want to add this to your follow-up series and, as you can see just as it mentioned, this will be your email number one. Now I’m, going to be showing you how you can kind of change this. If you didn’t want it to be your email number one, but let’s, go ahead and create another email.

So let’s say we wanted free emails. I’m gonna go ahead and do the same thing and create three different emails and add them to my follow-up series. So I’m gonna name this one email too, and I’m gonna save an exit, and I’m gonna add this to the follow-up series and, as you can see, I can actually create an interval.

So at the moment my email one will be sent immediately as soon as someone opts in and this one will be sent one day after the previous email. But if I want it, if I want my subscribers to receive this email automatically, let’s say a week after they receive the first email.

Then all I have to do is change this to seven and they will receive this a week later. I can also edit the send window as well, so if I want them to receive this on a specific day at a specific time, then I can kind of change that as well.

Now I normally just leave it as this, because what this will do is it will send it to them at the exact same time that they opted in. So let’s, say for example, I come across your website and I opt in at 7 p.

m. on a Monday and the second email is 7 days later. Then I will receive that email, the second email on a Monday at 7 p.m. as well. I tend to leave it like that, because normally, if someone’s, opting in at that time, it’s, probably because that’s the time they’re available and they’re, probably more likely To actually open your emails at that time as well, so there are something to keep in mind.

You can also track clicks on website links in messages. I highly recommend that you keep that on, because that’s, really important data that you’re, going to be able to track. Who is actually opening your emails? How many? What percentage of people are opening your emails? And you can really use this to a what emails are performing better than others and maybe tweaking the ones that are not getting as many clicks or as many opens so on and so forth.

You can also select send messages based on each subscribers local time, so that kind of a soft explanatory. If you wanted to send it based on their local time, then you can. You can also apply these these days and times to all messages in this list.

If you wanted to and then when you finished with all of those settings literally just click Add to follow-up, and it will add it to your follow-up series. Now I’m, going to add one more email to this series, so I’ve named this email free, but another thing that I wanted to point out is the fact that you can actually preview and test.

This is something that I highly recommend that you do when you’re. Creating your emails is click the preview and test button, and this allows you to send a test email to your own email account. So you can choose what email account you actually want to send that test to.

So you can proofread your email and see how it actually looks in email format. Before you add it to your follow-up series or before you send that particular email to your list, but essentially I’m. Adding my email free and I’m gonna.

Add that to my follow-up series – and maybe I want this to be sent again seven days after they received they lost email. So my the people who come onto this list will receive one email a week or one automated email a week and, as you can see, I ‘

Ve got my free emails here. These emails will automatically send to my subscribers in Aweber and if I change my mind – and I want email free to be second, all I have to do is click on this little toggle button and drag it on top of it and, as you can see now, I’m off email.

Free is now number two anymore. Two is now number three at any time as well. I can send a test email. I can delete this email. I can copy this to my drafts and that might be something important to do as well.

Maybe you want to change your entire email follow-up series, but you don’t want to delete it. You can copy it to your drafts, so you have a copy on your drafts and then you can kind of leave from your follow-up series.

You can also change your settings as well. If you go into settings – and you can edit your settings here so your window in terms of how many days after this, the person will receive this particular email, and you can also check your spam score as well to see how many of your emails are ended.

Up in spam and how many I ended up in inbox is obviously you want to end up in inboxes, not in spam. Now I will leave a link to a web, but in the description down below make sure you go and click that link.

That should give you a free trial of Aweber. If you’re, not using it already, I highly recommend to go in and test an Aweber out. It’s, an amazing tool. I personally use it and highly recommend it now that will be my affiliate link as well, and that just helps support the channel out it doesn’t cost you any more.

So I really appreciate it when you do use my affiliate links and I do have more videos on a web or an email marketing, and I’ll leave links to those videos in a description down below so make sure you do go and check Those out, if you’re, really trying to boost sales online via email marketing, but I do hope that this video helps you out.


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