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Information about the WooCommerce add-on for WP courseware, and you’re. Not going to want to miss that I’m Ben and I am the co-founder of fly plugins and on this YouTube channel we share tutorials tips and strategies for creating and selling courses online.

You may already know this, but back in 2015, woo commerce was acquired by automatic the company behind, not to be confused with The reason for this multi-million dollar acquisition was likely, because this free plugin gives opportunity to sell premium add-ons that’s likely more than you wanted to know.

But there are some benefits to this. That said, it’s quite evident that WooCommerce is going to be supported for the long haul. Another benefit is that there are tons and tons of plugins that integrate and support WooCommerce, and you can download those at wordpress.

org. Another benefit is that there are thousands of themes that integrate and work hand-in-hand with WooCommerce there’s, an online WooCommerce community that can answer just about any question that you have about Luke commerce, all that to say WooCommerce is a safe bet.

Okay, now that I’ve assured you that you ‘ Ve made a good choice with WooCommerce. Let’s, get to the tutorial. Before I jump into the tutorial. I want to make sure that we have a few of the prerequisites covered for this tutorial.

It’s assumed that the following steps have been completed. Okay, so number one: it’s assumed that WooCommerce has been installed and activated number two. It’s, assumed that double peak horseware has been installed and activated number three: it’s, assumed that the WooCommerce add-on for WP courseware has been installed and activated by the way the WooCommerce add-on can be downloaded from wordpress.

org number four. It’s, assumed that WooCommerce has been set up and the payment gateway is configured. If you haven’t completed the prerequisite list. You can still go through this tutorial, but you will need to complete the prerequisite list in order to begin selling courses.

Also, I’m, going to put a link to all of the plugins. I mentioned in the description below one more thing before we get to the tutorial. I want to show you just briefly the workflow for students for purchasing a course.

So, basically, a student will come to your website and they will purchase a product that is associated with a course or multiple courses. Next, the student immediately gets enrolled into the course or courses, and then the student can immediately log in and view the course on.

The my account page, this workflow is super easy so that you can begin selling courses superfast. Ok, let’s, dive right in ok, so the first thing we want to do is we want to navigate over to WooCommerce settings, because I want to show you a very important setting that’s required and if we click on the Accounts and privacy tab.

You’ll notice that the first option here guests checkout, is deselected. The reason guest checkout is disabled is because WP courseware requires an account. The reason there needs to be an account is because students have to be tracked as far as progress is concerned.

As far as quiz grades are concerned, so we want to make sure that this option is disabled. The other thing I want to show you here quickly is on the Advanced tab down towards the bottom. We have the account endpoints.

These are all the various tabs that you’ll, find on the WooCommerce, my account page on the front-end, and you’ll notice that there is actually a courses endpoint which is new, and this is now included in the WooCommerce add-on for Dileep ecourseware, so this adds courses tab so that your student can see an outline for every course that they are enrolled into ok.

So now on to the three steps to integrate: WP courseware with WooCommerce and the first step is to create a product. So we’re gonna click, products and add new, and I’m gonna come in here and give this a name and for purposes of this demo.

I’m, not going to add a description down here. We’re just going to select a simple product and I’m, also going to select virtual now. Why would I select virtual if you’ll notice when I hit virtual? The shipping tab goes away since we are selling a course and not a tangible product.

There’s, no need for shipping options, so we’re gonna go ahead and select virtual. Now we’re gonna go ahead and give our product a price, and I’m gonna set a product image here and we’ll, go ahead and categorize it as well, and I’m gon Na go ahead and publish, and so now step one is complete step two is to actually create a course.

So we’re gonna go down to WP courseware and click courses, and then we’re going to click, add new okay. I’m, going to give this the same name and I’m, going to add a module and we’ll, give it a unit okay.

So now we ‘ Ve got a basic course setup here, and one thing I want to point out quickly is that we have an option here, for course, access – and I get this question quite often. How does this work with the integration and the simple answer to that? Is these options here are completely ignored when you have an integration add-on installed and activated, so you don’t have to worry about these ok.

So now let’s, go ahead and click publish all right step. Two is completed now now. What we need to do is we need to associate the course with the product so step number three: we’re gonna go ahead and click on what commerce, which is an option under the WP courseware menu here, and here you’Ll notice, all the products listed here on the left-hand column and you’ll, have the courses that they are associated with listed here in each row now to actually associate the course with a product.

What we need to do is click the button. So I’m, going to go ahead and assign courses to the how to train dogs 101 product. Ok, so once we are in the configuration screen, you can select a course and for this demo I’m, actually going to select two courses, so we are going to assign two courses to the how to train dogs 101 product.

Ok now we can just simply click Save Changes. Ok, ok, we have completed the three steps that integrates: will commerce with WP courseware and voila, that’s? It now let’s. Take this for a test run. Ok! So let’s, do a test transaction here and let’s purchase a product.

So if you notice, we have our. How to train dogs 101 course here and I’m gonna go ahead and click Add to Cart and we’re gonna go ahead and view cart and the cart looks good. So we’ll, go ahead and proceed to checkout and you’ll notice.

Here at the top, you have an option to login in case you do already have an account. If not, we will create one. You also have an option for a coupon code to get a discount and we can go ahead by filling in our name.

Ok. So now I’m, going to go ahead and fill in credit card information here and I do have the stripe test mode enabled right now. So this will just be a test transaction go ahead and click place, order, [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], okay, looks like our order has been placed now if we go ahead and click over to our my account Page you’ll notice.

We’ve got some nice nifty little tabs over here. On the left hand, side, one of them is courses. So if you remember, we actually saw that we had a courses endpoint when we were looking at the accounts endpoints on the WooCommerce settings page.

So if we click courses, you’ll notice. We have two courses, so we ‘ Ve got how to train dogs 101 and how to train dogs yearly certificate, so we were enrolled into two courses by purchasing the one product.

Okay, that was pretty painless right now. I did promise you some bonus information. So if you’ve stuck around till now Congrats, because you get to hear the bonus information about the WooCommerce add-on or WP courseware first, the WooCommerce add-on for WP courseware is also compatible and integrated with WooCommerce subscriptions here’s, how it Works if your student purchases, a product that has a subscription and the subscription goes into one of the following statuses, on hold, expired or cancelled, the student automatically gets Dee enrolled.

You don’t even have to configure anything for this to work. It works right out of the box. Another cool thing about the WooCommerce add-on for WP courseware is that it’s already integrated with WooCommerce memberships.

Here’s, how that works. If your student purchases a product that is tied to a membership, and if that membership goes into one of the following statuses, paused expired or canceled, the student will automatically get Dee enrolled and again there’s.

Nothing to configure with this. It works right out of the box. Basically, you can set it and forget it. Don’t. You love automation. I do if you are excited about selling courses online with WooCommerce.

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