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Calm down, I’ll, listen to some music there’s, my favorite song. Let me show you it’s, my favorite song of all time it’s. It’s, a very short song, but it’s, the best song ready. Here we go. Let’s all enjoy this moment together we get together as a species and just bum this to the max.

So let me raise the volume watch, this whoa, hey what’s going on? Did you hear that Dolan bright thanks? So much for the donation appreciate it? We should make a loop of this yeah spicy, okay.

So what we’re gonna do today is I’m gonna review all of your beautiful websites. So if you have a website, if you have a design, if you have anything, you want to share with the streams today, then this is how we are gonna proceed.

I get an added on here. What’s? This error, okay, warning: my stream is not good screw. You YouTube! I don ‘ T trust you, okay, so here’s, how we’re gonna proceed, since I assume that you cannot leave links in the description right in the chat.

You cannot do that because it’s. Gon na be detected as spam or something so. We cannot be like big okay, that’s, not gonna work. It’s. Gon na I’m, not gonna see it. Unfortunately, I might want to see it, but I’m, not gonna see it, so we can either do two things.

Sound is not synchronized is it. We can do two things, I think in words. If we just write, if you just write your website without the dot-com or you can write it like dot-com like this or something right after with space, so try to leave your website like that now and we’re gonna see.

If that works. Let’s, see if it gets detected this Pam or not or optionally. You can leave it on your channel and then I’m gonna click on your channel and that’s. Gon na be super super easy. Okay, so let’s, give it a shot, write that down now.

Do it okay, roblox suck, see? Ok, it works okay, so either dad write it like that or again put it on your channel and just say because you can put it put it on your YouTube channel and you can say hey check it out.

On my thing: hey, I’d. Love you from India love. You too! Thank you so much for the donation. Okay, so I think it gets detected as a spam. Robo’s. Martin yeah, it kind of works yeah. I can see it that’s.

Fine! Okay! Let’s start looking at stuff. Shall we are you ready? Oh you ready to be judged. Okay, let’s, see let’s. See here, which one are we gonna go for? First, let’s. Try whoo so many I might, I might do slow mode here um.

So I’m gonna copy this one. Let’s paste! It here delete this. While you do this and hit enter, let’s. See. Does this work it’s, giving me an error: Hey, okay! Let’s, try another one! If now again, we’re gonna just do this chord or something worst-case scenario: let’s! Try this one bit dot Lee yeah that works.

You can do the bit leading and generate it yeah everybody who wants to generate a bit Lee like this. Let me show you how this guy made it just so you can see like this. Just do this. Do the bit leading bit Dudley and then you can add your thing right: you can go to bitly or whatever here shorten your URL and then just write it like this bet, dot B, literally all right.

Just do it like that, and then we good okay. Okay, very good, so the first one didn’t, see who sent it. But I got you here is our usual Singh. He’s, a creator. He’s, a magician okay. He’s, not a magician, but he is a developer.

Okay, okay. He has a lot of stuff going on. So let’s see. Let me just make sure everything is all good here. Okay, so initially doesn’t. Look bad but the thing I would change. First of all, this may be speed this up a bit just have it go like through droop and then just go fast to the next one.

You know then just go slowly and let me scroll up here, epic cache. Thank you so much for donations yeah! I’m gonna try to get the donation first and then I’ll. Do everybody else for kind of split it up? Have donations have everybody else so again, I would speed up this animation.

First of all, I like that she added this black bar here, as contrast, so that’s, fine, what kind of looks a bit weird just because you have the strip going on here, so I just put this over the whole tank.

Just drop it to the whole thing and just cover this whole section up. If you want other than that, this looks all fine. This looks fine here. Maybe leave some white space. You don’t, have any white space here on, so I would drop this kind of in line with every everything else so have it in line here with the logo.

Alright, have it in line here and other than that. This looks. Fine thanks for review is fine, maybe get if you can maybe get another one. That’s. I hate saying this: I don’t want to say I get the motor professional picture because it this is fine.

I’m just being picky okay, but align this thing here in the middle okay. You have the skills here again. If you want a bit more harmony, I would just align everything to the left, so have all of these just line up in one single space.

Okay, so don’t do text align Center. It just so line everything to the left here as well. You have some projects going on, which is nice here. I guess I would add a bit more white space and down here at the footer to everything is a bit too jumbled up here together, just paste this whole section out and the other than that it’s, pretty good, pretty simple another issue, as You can see here is when we scroll down to the top navbar.

As you can see, it covers up the text, so maybe have something like when you scroll down a bit. It appears the black text appears on here, but other than that should be fine. Okay, so I hope that makes sense delay between sound hmm.

I think it’s because of the bitrate, so the stream says current betrayed. This 2800 is lower than the recommended bitrate. We recommend that you use a 2000 okay, let’s. Let’s up the bitrate, because YouTube is complaining to me stream.

Oh of course you cannot change the settings. Of course you cannot change the bitrate until you turn the stream off, so let me turn it to off and turn the back on, and hopefully it’s. Gon na fix all the problems.

Let’s, see okay, let’s, see if this is gonna work. So let me know, let me know, let me know what the sound is fixed. It should be fine, and I should make myself smaller, because I’m covering up the whole screen wow.

I’m, so blown out here. Okay, I should be this small good, very good, hello. Okay! Is it good? It’s, good, very good, okay, nice, okay, so pretty good, let’s also check out a quick project. Here, let’s.

Do let’s? Do one of these? Does it work? Does it work like a Rooney Blagh Blagh it’s, not loading. We’re gonna move on to the next one. Okay, so let’s. Take a look on. I got a few donations. I’m gonna go through these very quickly because a lot of people said something here.

So let’s. Look at bogdan donated! Please please make sure that you used a bitly thing just because it’s very easy for me to just copy paste it in here and check it out. So let’s, see okay, so there we go.

We have a Hungarian boy. Let me let me avoid, and I’m, a leguminous Kia big mean then yeah looks pretty pretty interesting. Let me close this up. The snap bar looks a bit interesting. I’m, not sure if I’ll enjoy.

I like this, or do I not that’s, the question yeah that’s; fine yeah! That’s, that’s; okay, it’s simple! I like it, and what I would do here is maybe Center these here, so it’s kind of centered to the image and it’s kind of weird all up in here.

So I would bring it here and if you don’t really want to center it. You can bring it here in a way or something like that or maybe Center this more here and then bring this kind of anywhere. You want yeah, but I like this style and I like the colors that’s going on here.

Okay, we have pictures that get colored when we hover over so that’s, interesting that’s, good! Let’s, see if it’s responsive really quickly, oof, ah yeah, that’s; fine yeah! That’s. Alright, that’s good.

I’m, still, not sure. If I like this navbar, though okay, let’s, keep going. We have the bubbles here. I like the bubbles, it’s, fine, but it’s pretty much empty here. So it kind of defeats the whole purpose of this section, and I know what you mean here is like let’s, get in contact with each other, but it’s.

Just nothing here. So maybe a picture anything add something by the way everybody who’s new here, make sure that you use a bitly link shortener to send the thing. Just look at everybody that’s sending and you can figure it out.

Okay, so kind of empty and the circle down here has issues it’s a bit stupid, so bring it out a little bit, because I know what you did here. I know what you did. You have a big margin here or something going on.

Huh, I got you, I got you so it’s, cutting off the bubble. It looks weird okay other than that, not bad. Pretty good! That’s, a big picture of you, you’re gorgeous. You got style, you know it’s, fine, it’s.

It’s. Fine! This! I would simplify this again. I would just have a simple contact. Don’t. Do this weird, it kind of looks like Microsoft and the 90s, so I would just simplify this. Just have a pure like white text here I should open up figma or something if you want to have something like this and now look like it’s from 2001.

What you can do just have something like this. You can do this trick. Let me create the frame here like that, so this is what you can do you. You can have just something white here like that. I’m gonna round the corners cuz.

I’m a princess 20 and I’m gonna add you can add two box shadows. So what you can do is add one box shadow and you can add zero to the X and you can bring the blur to something. Like ten and the Y to something like ten okay, so you have a very sharp one here.

Alright, that’s, one box shadow. We can add two to make this look good. So what I’m gonna do is actually lower. The opacity of this like 15, something like that, okay and then what you can do is add another drop shadow, and you can do this in CSS.

Let me see, and on this one, what you can do is add a bigger blur like 30 and then on the Y. You can add like 30 again so something like that and that’s. Gon na give you kind of a a nicer card right because you have two shadows, so this is what the big one and the small one just kind of pushes it out even more okay.

So then, here you can kind of have your contact. If you want to make it super simple, unlike I mean, if you want to go for, like a Microsoft, edge style, edge, Microsoft, XP style sure, but let’s, get keep keep working.

I’m sure you can. You can get more. Okay, next, so we got that one covered. Let’s. Do you let’s. Do ticka ticka quick! I’ll. Take a quick hole. Let’s, see what yeah I’m gonna open. It up in this other window, just in case it’s; um it’s.

Some weird thing: it can be anything okay, that’s, open it’s; loading; okay, it’s, not sexual content. Okay, good, let’s, see if the video is not synced for you, it might be a good idea to lower the quality.

Maybe a bit. Maybe the Internet ‘ S is not catching up or something. Okay, let’s, see gorg in Gorica tech. Let’s, see what we got so very simple, very simple navbar. Here we have the drop shadow, which is good.

Maybe you can do something to separate this more a little bit. The biggest problem with this one I see is that in the first page here we have nothing right so usually use the first page. You try to kind of get people to know what this is about so right now I don’t know what this is about.

All I know is that I’m gonna be satisfied, so I’m, not sure what’s going on here, so that’s. The problem. Okay, try to get the big message of your website on the first page. If you have a product, this is where it goes.

If you do only fans, this is where it goes right, just kind of cook people in right. Now I’m. Just being satisfied – and I’m – not sure if I like that, okay, so then we go down here, we have why choose us? What am i choosing you for those it’s, two questions? Okay, so here we actually get some introduction.

Gorka Tech always puts your needs first, many system, okay, so this is about okay, it’s kind of like a general tank of building websites, building apps building. They build everything. Okay, so maybe put that up here that you’re building.

Everything yeah like design wise and how you styled everything it looks fine, so that’s, good yeah, that’s kind of the only thing I would say about this, one yeah that’s. Fine here! Maybe if you have the testimony’s, you can we can include a picture or something just a little circle with the boys and yeah other than that it looks fine.

Just just this confer hit notice. I, like the little dots here at the end, that’s, cool it’s. Interesting it’s, not loading. For some time there we go Wow, animation, yeah looks fine, it’s. Fine here I would kind of squish this even more together, because this is so long – and this is so short – and I have to go like this with my head z, with my head.

Why did I say head Z Harvey? So if I start reading from T until I get to business, I have to do this. [ Music, ], [, Music ]. So it’s kind of long and we don’t want that utter denied good job, good job.

Okay, let’s. Go next. There’s, water on the ground; okay! Next up next up, we have hey it’s. Nick from Nick’s, tech corporation, let’s, see if I can find something on your channel, because you did not leave any link.

So let’s. Take a look Nick from tech corporation. I assumed this is your website. This is your YouTube channel. Oh here is your website. Okay! So let’s. Get on this one. Okay, okay, clean good, wait! You are young as hell.

What let’s watch his video get ready Nick from Tech Corp. He’s 10, but he has a corporation. What were you doing when you were 10? You were playing with pickles and don’t lie to me because I’m. Ah, no copyright.

Let’s, calm down! Okay, Nick Nick is talking about the impact of kovat. Do you have copyrighted music? Okay, Nick, let’s, see what you got it’s, your volume here, okay, okay, next deck home about clean! I, like it see if you can pull it off, you can pull it off.

You don’t even need the drop shadow here it looks nice super clean. I mean. I know the style is getting boring a bit of just having text here on the left, and then you have your Unruh hunt right, but I don’t know like if you, if you don’t know what to do like this.

Always works. This always looks good. So do this just do this. If you have no good idea of how to create a website copy Nick Nick, does it good, okay, clean? I like it very nice? Oh, you have Wow Nick you’re, smart, very smart, very clean design.

This one is my favorite. So far, yeah it just looks nice all around. You have your blue that keeps going zero, zero complaints with this one. It is it’s, nice I mean yeah yeah, I’m, not gonna, say anything.

Bad good job keep doing, keep doing this very good. Okay. Next up we have who’s. Next. Are you next, because there’s, a lot of you writing here and it’s hard to keep up, but I’m gonna try who okay, let’s.

Do this one! I’m gonna attempt. I’m. Trying to do donations have donations, have people from chat, so everybody’s happy, but you know how it is. With this thing, nobody’s ever gonna be happy because everybody wants your website reviews and I’m just one man here, so this is very difficult.

So if I don’t get to your website, I will fine. I’ll cook you dinner, okay, so somebody sent me a ChatterBait link right now, so that’s cool I mean you can send it to me. But after the stream wait who sent me the ChatterBait link, I’m gonna ban you.

Why you do this see it’s, a very good thing that you’re, opening up things on the second screen and not on the main screen. Are we allowed to use templates from the website to create way? Are we allowed to use templates from the web to create a website on your own yeah? Why not go ahead? Have fun greetings from Bulgaria, jacob flora? Okay, let’s, see here Federico.

We have Federico Rico with a link. Let’s. Delete this open it up on the second screen to make sure everything is good. There we go, we are up and running okay, so I holla mean hombre Federico. This is the one I’m clicking on there.

We go okay, interesting here, a quick way to make this look better, just to just add a white square over this thing. Okay, because right now it looks like the programming languages and the technologies are just floating around, so just drop this in the box for some kind of container and it’s.

Gon na make it look a bit nicer. Okay, here there’s, just too much white space. I will get rid of this, make it shorter a bit mmm, because there is nothing here for me, so I’m, just kinda scrolling without any anything happening.

Okay, we have some cards here there’s, nothing on it’s, super simple, but it’s. Okay, I like this front page. It looks good mmm design-wise, you’re, doing a pretty good job. I would just do that and Maeby’s, have actual projects here and then you’re.

Fine. Let me go here to this okay, so this is kind of a scroll thing. Okay, yeah just have just work on projects and then get back to me again: okay, who’s next? Who’s? Next? Okay, let’s, see the diet review this one.

When we can’t be pasted here, open; okay, we have the black web, everybody, the big black web, artificial intelligence for your business Wow world’s; first, AI engine for websites. Okay, I think I’m trippin.

Is this centered or no, that’s, that’s? The I don’t think this is centered. Right, looks a bit off-center! Hmm! Let’s, see well now, look centered! Uh-Huh! I got you yeah align the center and then this is fine.

You can leave this actually. I would put this because the kind of looks weird here I would put it at the other end. So on this side, so this one let’s, see if I can change this really quickly. Hopefully text-align center now center start like that good and then add this to the start, so the button.

What am i changing here here? Let’s. Do text align start. I can. I’m, see I’m, not sure which one this, which one is this anyway, just put everything here. I think it’s. Gon na make it look. Nicer start yeah like this and then just move the button here as well, because it kind of looks weird here just because of this text: kind of going and starting on different lines, at least with the button and the the paragraph here.

Everything kind of starts in one line, so you have a bit bit a bit more symmetry. Is that what people call it yeah it’s. Fine here is fine. Maybe just paste these out a bit more top bottom and left. You write a bit.

This looks a bit weird too again. You can Center this here and again, just a bit more space. Maybe and there’s a bit of a contrast problem just because you you did I, I know you can allured the opacity here, but you still have a bit of white beneath it and you have white on top, so you can do a contrast.

Check on this to make sure it’s very visible, but yeah just Center this, and that’s good. Actually, you know what you can, how you did the parallax yeah, that’s cool, but maybe you can’t even get away just by having this completely black here this whole background.

So something like this, so let me grab this text. Align just Center this pad this patting to ram okay and then grab this and that’s. Sure if I’m grabbing the right Tang background black yeah, that’s, not the one.

Oh no! Let’s, see what’s going on here anyway, just get rid of that and it’s good and okay yeah that’s. Fine, I like it. The I would make these a bit smaller or just have some kind of, because these are icons and not really custom illustrations.

I guess if you can just search on the internet and add those again it’s. Gon na look nice er. If you have something from Andhra or just any illustration sites, rather than just logos, a icons here, this is gonna make it look nicer.

Okay about us, yeah, let’s, find just a few modifications all aiming things and it’s. Gon na make everything but nice okay, who’s? Next, let’s, get someone from chat to to jitter to deter, as you know, it’s.

You again, I’m gonna open it in the other window and paste okay, let’s, see mr. Andrew, I’m gonna get to the donations as well. Don’t worry slowly, but surely okay, okay, looks cool. I’m, not sure. Okay and the the background image is a bit unrelated because I’m.

Assuming you’re gonna do web development or anything right yeah, so it’s kind of weird to have a big factory behind you like. We’re work on the mild steel and we’re gonna we’re gonna package iPhones. So again, maybe something with your personality.

Here your face, your body, your butt, your sexy chest, just anything that’s, part of you, oh and never mind. Let’s! Move on here I wouldn’t use two colors for this. You can just have this darker and just have it white inside, because it looks a bit weird having two colors.

So here people are saying: do I have a discord? Yes, I do. I will leave it in chat in just a bit. Okay, calm down, so here yeah. I would just do something like this white and then this background, maybe a bit darker, but even that it’s just a bit better.

Can I change it? Chrome there we go so something like that: okay, compared to to this yeah, okay other than that looks good again, you can, if you don ‘ T have anything here like I’m, not saying do the left/right image thing that everybody does, which again I don’t even mind that I don’t care.

It looks nice, but if you only have the text here at least put it kind of in the middle or make it even bigger or do something about it, you know, but in this case like it, could also work to have an image here down here.

If you really want to just add more things up, just a bit more things in here, okay – and this is even this thing here – you could Center it down in the middle and that’s, it okay portfolio. Okay, let’s, check out one game demo, there is no demo.

How are you trying to trick me? Did you make this in paint? Hmm, we can view the code. At least we can view the code. Let’s, see exposed right now. I’m, not gonna bother answer. Okay finished things, maybe have a working demo and it’s.

Gon na be good good job. Next, who’s? Next? Okay, let’s, get. Let me open up the discord, so I can give the link to everybody that wants to join tonight. So here’s to the scores for the peoples. I’m gonna make one right now.

So, where is it discord create an invite? Yes, yes, click. Click. Clackety click invite people okay copy. Here we go. Hopefully it’s not detected as spam. There you go, you can join if you want. You can send me your your tins, but I’m gonna get them from YouTube and just YouTube for now, just because it’s easy for me to kind of go through them, and if people donate it’s.

Also very easy for me to find them. Okay, so Christian, let’s, see if I can find him. He sent me one um. I’m gonna get to yours in a bit just because I I don’t know how to find you right now. Oh you send me the thing.

Okay, so let’s find him. Where is you? Where is you okay? I’m gonna get to yours in a bit okay, so what I did is I fell on the ground and there’s, water all over the ground. Right now you don’t. Believe you don’t.

Believe me, don’t you tight there. We go move this cross very good. Okay, let’s, see who’s next? Who’s? Next? Okay, let’s! Get this guy Josh Friedman, let’s, see what you got mr. Josh. Also. We should kind of just put some relaxing music in the background.

So let’s, search for some relaxing music. Okay, how about this song? I cannot hear anything. Okay, no music, let’s, go to the website. Okay! Here we go whoa. What is this? It’s, a cubicle interesting.

What are you craving? What are you creating look at this? My webcam is full screen. Oh yeah, I forgot. Okay, calm down, I know it’s. Full screen. Look at this think about your developer career and look at this think about it.

Think about everything you did so far in your life and now tell me tell me if you can make this be honest with yourself write it in the comments right now I want to. I want to know, can you make this? You cannot, then it’s over man.

It’s over time to find a new passion. Okay, so let’s, see I don’t know what to say about this. It’s, interesting it’s original. We can all say it’s original, like like there’s, complicated physics happening here.

You don’t even know about right, because the image kinda skews over and goes with the thing it’s. Probably it’s, probably three J’s yeah, but still like looking back and you even tell that’s, a human that’s, a alien for sure that’s that looks weird hold on.

Let me see there we go and then we do a print screen. Let’s. Do a print screen there we go. Let’s open up paint; okay, okay, let’s. Crop him out crop! Okay! Let’s, see what we got here. I’m. Sorry. This is the face of the enemy.

Let’s crop this out. There we go. Okay, use this later, save damnit pictures same okay, very cool. The problem is, I gonna read the text there I mean I can read it, but I’m being a picky picky [ __ ].

If you can add like a white bar across that black text, that’s, perfect okay, we have skills yeah that’s cool. I like it. You know what I like it like, even though there’s like no text on here and anything it’s interesting! Oh whoa! What did I press Pam? Hey? What happens? Can I stretch his face again? Know that we kill so there’s, your phone number, let’s, get out; okay, good job, good job.

I like it, proud of you very nice. What’s? Fun? Okay, let’s. Give the next one. I’m. Sorry, I’m just messing around, but you did a good job again. Most people cannot make that cube. So I’m, proud of you.

Next up, we have Mohit on juanny, okay, hello movies. Let’s, see what you got well. Where did you go? Damn look at that. Let me watch that again so that’s Mohit and he thinks he’s Mario and then he’s going to his death job right now in the canals whoa, okay cool, let’s, see what she Used if you use the only CSS I’m impressed.

Oh you cannot tell it. Doesn’t seem too much script, CSS, fonts yeah. This might be only CSS or some J s trickery going on here, Oh yep, we have just. Oh. I think you have the app and Adam J S or something anyway, cool nice animation, that’s, a good thing to get people hooked and you have show projects yeah like I, don’t even mind in these cases.

If you have things that are, I mean I do mind like have a bit more padding here, but hey it’s kind of original, so you kind of get distracted by not finding mistakes right. So if you have something like this, like the whole website, doesn’t even need to be perfect, because people are are just watching the visuals or watching whatever creative things that you did here so good job again, I would not write proud, would probably Not do this style, but again it’s.

Still impressive! Okay, can you please review my Android app? I would but there’s no way for me to show it on the screen right now. Unfortunately, so yeah, okay, let’s, do a few more! I’ll, do like five or six more and then, and then we’ll have a little bit of chat, okay or maybe even more.

Okay. Let me scroll, let’s, see let’s. Do turf Patel copy-paste that guys in high school give him a break? Oh, I’m. Just messing around I’m, not really when I was his age. I was just playing in the dirt.

Okay props! If I’m, making fun of something it’s in it’s in love, alright, that’s, that’s. How I behave don’t don’t. Don’t be offended because I’m, not trying to be mean: okay, pretty cool. I, like it just kind of I don’t know for some reason.

This reminds me of a little bit of Tesla. Is it the font? Is the font look like Tesla yeah, not really, but I like the font, good font yeah. I like it. You have this little animation going that looks good yeah, pretty pretty nice.

You have the little parallax effect here since you already done this with the parallax nevermind that’s, pretty cool. Maybe what you can do here is when you scroll some of these images, look a bit. How should I say they resemble too much like now that I look at this.

I can tell that this is a new image, but it’s kind of hard to tell just because the colors are kind of the same. So this is just in case. You have more images laying around if you can find something that’s way different than this in terms of like color and how it looks.

So when you scroll down you get that nice, oh wow, there’s. Actually, a transition going on there have the images, because if I go like this, it’s a bit hard to tell – or maybe I just cannot see well one of the two but other than that looks nice.

I, like it very cool personal preference for me, but if you want you can squish this a bit more together, so maybe have kind of this amount of space. I’m, not sure how it’s. Gon na look yeah something like that right, so squish it down war.

Cuz stretched here like that. That looks a bit too stretched like this, something like that kind of, like almost a square shape. I think looks fine and just paste this out a bit and yeah looks good. I, like it very, very nice.

I’m, not sure what I clicked on, but it’s. Okay, cool, very cool, good job see I can be positive. I am positive, huh SpaceX yeah. I think that was the font I was trying. I was talking about okay, yeah Asura didn’t.

Yes, I’ll check out your website right now. I know you send it yeah. I there’s, no way of me to show this off, unfortunately, to see on the phone. So I’m. Sorry, okay, let’s, see udemy courses. What okay, I’ll, wait a bit for other things to come in.

Let me change this okay, so can I want to let you know what’s happening with me? I am tomorrow. I’m, going on a little bit of a break and we make this full screen, so you can see my faith and then we will get to a few more okay.

So tomorrow I’m, going on a little break till next week. I have one video scheduled already, so it’s. Like I’m, not even gone. You’re, not even gonna know, so it’s. Gon na be fun. I’m gonna go travel a bit go around in my country visit a lot of things because I haven’t been out of the house since, like six six months so times are tough and I need a little bit of Break to kind of clear my mind and what I’m, also planning to do.

I’m, not kind of fully chilling, because I do want to film and I do want to take some photography and some other things that is gonna, be posted on the new channel. So if you have not subscribed to the new channel, do it it’s called produced by Edie? Okay, you can find it on my channel and I’m.

Writing the new videos I posted. You can find a link there. Okay, so I’m excited about my break. Okay, let’s, see who was this water bottle brah blocking the view I am from Romania, sound increase, the sound seems to be fine and stream lapse, maybe a little bit louder, but it’s.

Fine, please make a react project yeah. I’m, not sure I’m kind of I’m kind of planning to either. Let me know what you guys like. I am planning on either releasing a few more videos kind of web development related like react and then jump into game development, or just let just jumping straight into game development.

One of the two I’m, not sure what happened with my neck. Basically, I’m, not sure what happened with my neck, but my c1. Basically, the upper the most upper bone, spinal spinal thing. This hurts so badly and it’s been like three weeks and it’s, not passing.

So I got some massages, but it still cannot met and I feel like when I’m sitting in the chair a lot it it’s pretty bad. Oh, we need to make a pole, though, should we do react or view that’s? The main question: when are you planning to go to Canada? I’m planning, hopefully, after the whole, craziness is done with the virus.

Maybe I don’t know. I will go this summer, but apparently it’s not happening for God. My previous super chat Christian 86. Okay, I’ll check. I’ll check it out. Now. If you send me a request, I’ll. Try to find you and add you: how does through so many it’s a mess, let’s, see where you wrote it, though, because now everybody spamming everything.

Let me do a search. I’m gonna I’m gonna find you Christian in just a bit. Okay, so everybody wants react. React react. We’re still up for review. Okay, if you wan na react. So I ‘ Ll do react. Should we make a poll you guys want to pull okay, let’s.

Do a poll, tiny pool and you guys get to decide if we do react or view or whatever there’s. That poll, how is it a straw poll okay, never mind? I found it okay, so let’s figure this out together, because we do whatever you want to do so.

Let’s. Do we’re gonna? Do two polls, one is gonna be with JavaScript framework. I’m only gonna do one framework cuz. You know why I’m. Not gonna do more frameworks. Cuz you’re, all useless. One is enough.

You don’t need ten. So if we’re gonna do one we’re gonna do one. So I’m, putting a lot of pressure on you right now to decide which one you want to learn. Okay, so react view or end joke’s on you. I’m, not putting angular in here.

What are you? Are you crazy react view? What else is down what what else is popular [, Music ]? It’s veldt, my guess is veld still a thing. Okay, let me know, improves pamper tip. Okay, create title is a required.

Why you do this? Okay, okay, here it is, can you see it, can you see it there, you go, let’s, see who’s, the winner Gadsby yeah? Well, that’s kind of react, stuff right! Oh, my goodness rip riperino, [, Music, ] Rep view you beloved ones, but now you are gone yeah.

Are you having trouble going to the bathroom? Well, we have the perfect solution for you, choker bells chocolate that you stick up your butt, the your butt yeah. Why is this music like a warm weird commercial, where people just sit around the fire? Okay, so I think it has been decided.

We are gonna. Do a few react tutorials coming up next, so how about that [, Music ]? It has been decided: [, Music, ], okay after we finish the react series. What are we going? What are we gonna do? Okay, so the view is clearly not gonna catch up here, clearly, not gonna catch up.

So after we finish our react series, we’re gonna, do something completely different after react series, so this is kind of what I have in mind. I’m, fill free. We’re gonna do more design stuff, like figma bligg m & # 39; a illustrations, prototype ui/ux stuff right, so that’s one or we can do blender for 3d models for games for websites, maybe some animations and 3d.

Okay. Oh no wait: ahaha, [, Music, ], UI, UX design, prototype websites, illustrations, ok, stuff, like that here we have blender, 3d stuff games, animations, etc, and then we’re gonna have just full-on game development, learn unity, c-sharp programming, language, yeah, so kind of These are the things that I have in mind or I’ll, learn more about something like photo manipulation, but this, I am.

I’m kind of doing this on the other channel anyway, so this is kind of what I have in mind. Ok, so again, this is after the react series go, let’s, see and the game development is fighting really strong with the design.

One Enola Frank, no love for blender rip, oh by the way. Yes, here, game development can mean either c-sharp unity, Godot other types of things as well, maybe C++ with unreal. Ok. So we can do that as well.

If you guys want you that’s, fine, it’s, not exclusively unity. So keep that in mind: how do you manage to do everything that they tell you to do any frame working at the end? Much more, you spend all the time at home just doing stuff.

This is really close. I’m gonna leave. This open for for just a bit we’re gonna. Do a website to review brought to you by Pepsi. I’m joking. It’s. Not it’s not brought by Pepsi Pepsi. Please sponsor me: let’s change the music before we could fall asleep, okay, music, hip-hop! There we go.

Can you hear that yeah? Is this too strong? Why do I feel like this is too loud? Is it too loud? Where am I am, I too loud? Is this too loud pass the mic before you check it like gore-tex buss, lacrosse X, represents not replicate it’s, a review websites time, not wrapping time wrapping tutorial coming soon.

Okay, let’s. Go that’s to you who’s next, who’s? Next, please check my super chat. Love! You ad! You are my guru and inspiration. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Mmm spike assaults. Okay, I’m gonna do.

Do you spike assaults? Let’s pace there’s. I have like over a hundred links, so I cannot get to everybody. I’m. Sorry! Okay! Here we go until everybody still votes. If you haven’t voted vote there, you go make sure you vote okay.

So, first of all, I would just maybe make this a bit smaller the little logo here. Okay. So if we take a look at another website, take a look how small the logo is. I’m, not saying it should be this small, but it’s kind of big okay.

We just say it’s, a little bit big, a good way, just kind of take a look at different websites, especially popular websites. You can see how big their logo is and then go from there. This is fine. It looks good.

I, like I, like the style and everything how this looks yeah, what’s clean for some reason? Can it be? This color reminds me of B hands so that’s, cool! Let’s, see whoa again. You really like this big logo.

Yeah, let’s. Make this smaller a little bit. Add a bit more spacing here. Here we go relaxing music, that’s. What people want yeah just make this a bit smaller [, Music, ] yeah. That’s, good! Let’s. Take a look at some of the other tabs, [ Music ], now bad, pretty! Okay! Oh this kind of looks weird so here I would have these the same size.

Even if this one is like you have more text on this, one just add more white space. Just have them stretched at the same height and this kind of blue shadow. It looks a bit strange, but I feel like you could make this work somehow, but I have no idea how right now, but it looks a bit strange, I think I saw this work better on black screen.

So if you have a black background and then you have a color, I might be completely wrong, but let’s, try it out with the funds. So what I mean, let me get chat open here. Let’s. Try to duplicate this! So here you have something like this right.

I’m just gonna keep one. If you like, you could make this look better this. So let’s. Try I’m gonna. Do you 20 blur 20 just to make this a bit larger, so something like that and then opacity to 35, okay, so a bit more visible? Okay, now let’s.

Add a color to this. So do you bright something right if you have like a bright blue okay, so let’s. Take a look: [, Music, ], okay, so kinda! This is how you have it right now. I think how you can make this work is using blend modes.

I don’t think I can do it right now here and figma. I don’t, think blend modes work, but maybe or maybe just fair on darker color, let’s, see I’m really curious to see here. Maybe if you have like [ Music ] like that and I would use oh man, I wish the blending mode would work, but I cannot add a blending mode to this.

To make this pop out more wait. A minute I can. I can make the at least I can make the opacity bigger capacity 100 and then spread this mother mother lover out so just blur. It yeah just me just mega blur this thing out like that, I guess is it to colored 75.

I don’t know I that is. This is a hard situation that’s your end here and it’s hard to make it look nice I’ll, try to figure it out. Maybe I can do a tutorial on it, okay, other than that pretty okay, I like it.

We have the box here again cool and I get this. This looks good. I like this style, very good. Okay, Viktor share. Okay, let’s. See do you have your thing on your YouTube channel? Okay, we’re gonna fall asleep with this music.

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