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Okay, so today i’m gonna be doing a new post uh. If you’re just here to check the cpm, you could fast forward, we’re gonna put it be putting a new revenue hits now. We’re, going to be putting a pop under today to see how much that earns us and how much what the cpm is.

So we’re, going to call it pop under test. I’ll. Leave a link in the description to revenue hits if you would like to check them out a hybrid tag. Sure let’s just do that. There’s, not much here to do save and get code.

We’ll copy that code to clipboard anyways we don’t need to do that. Yet so, first things. First, let me come back here. Let me drag that over okay pop under so this is revenue, hits pop under cpm and add to blogger yeah.

I think i could add this to blogger. That means i’m gonna have to open blogger, no problem. I just messed up there. We go let’s. Just do that. Now we’re, going to give a description. I will add. You hits pop under add to my blogger and wordpress.

I guess works too website. I will figure out the cpm all right. That should be enough, so this looks good in your post. This is just yoast guys. If you want to get yoast it’s. Free just helps you uh. I guess it helps you do seo on your website search analysis, or so here i want to put a revenue.

It’s image just to make it look decent or half decent. I’m gonna go into canvas elementor just so. I could get a blank page because i already got my stuff done there and i think we are done here publish and then we use our elementor.

I use elementor. If you guys want you could use elementor as well, but you could really use whatever you want. If you know html, you could even just do it yourself anyways. Now we’re gonna open this, and for now i’m, just gonna put a code.

Actually let me just open my first template. You could save your templates too. I’m going to insert and no i’m, not going to copy the template. So here you got a cpm. Is this what i wanted? I wanted to run it yeah.

This is the one. So the pop under i’m gonna put, i guess, a new html here. I guess i got to do this on blogger 2.. Either way i’m going to copy the code. I’m, going to put the code here that’s a long code.

I’m, going to update it that’s, a long code. Well, it’s, one of the biggest pop-under codes. I’ve. Seen now let’s, go check it out. Gon na view, the page wonder how the pop-up’s gonna work, it’s on click i just clicked, and there’s.

Your pop-up now it’s, blogger time, so let’s. Go to. If you’re on your blogger, you’re, going to go to theme. Sorry, not theme! You’re, going to layout, not theme and let’s just i got to delete these just so.

There’s, no confusion and there’s a post here. I know this post is let’s, just delete it. You don’t need to do this. I’m just cleaning this out, so there’s, no cross column. We’re, going to add a gadget here.

We’re, going to add html javascript call it uh. This is revenue hits pop under and we’re, going to paste all that long stuff here as well. We’re gonna save it. Now let’s, see if it’s gonna work there’s, our beautiful blog click and we got a error, but it seems like it’s working guys there.

It is it’s. Working like a champ, so it works on both blogger and and wordpress, and i am your proof anyways guys so for the cpm okay guys, so it’s. Now a new day. I had to wait 24 hours for this uh for this to populate.

I guess so for uh pop under as you could see, i’m on reports. We go down here. You can see my pop under test. I got five impressions, they’re. All me. If you go down here, you could see canada, canada and then uh click-through rate.

I got five clicks. That was good. My revenue was zero, but my ecpm was uh eight cents. So i i guess i’d. Hope they’d pay higher than that eight cents, let’s, say eight cents to 15 cents, eight cents to 15 cents.

Revenue hits uh pop under the pop unders, depending on where your viewers are coming from guys. Remember this isn’t an accurate number. It’s just my number. Actually they’re all being compared by me. So there’s, no funny business that i know of anyways um you’re.

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