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How to make money online, how to make money from home, and they do a lot of product reviews on this channel as well, just to let you make an informed buying decision. If those are topics that you want to learn more about make sure you click the subscribe button and the bell icon that way, communauté, if I’d, want to upload new videos each and every day this is a little bit different than most products.

That I review or affiliate programs, this one is in the fitness and health niche and I think it’s. The best affiliate program that I’ve, seen I’ve, been a physical therapist for 29 years, and so I know a lot about fitness and nutrition, and I will say this is a really good program to promote it.

‘s called the Lions Pack and again it just came out. They were testing it for a year before they allowed affiliates to promote it because they wanted to make sure it converted it. So it does convert the current creators are Jonathan and Alicia Montoya.

They just had a baby congratulations. She is so cute. A little bit about them. Jonathan has been, has had ten years experience in the health and fitness industry, so he really knows what he’s. Talking about alicia has her BS in nutrition and dietetics.

So she really knows what she’s talking about as well. Let’s, talk about the product and how much you’re, going to get paid. So there’s. Three different funnels. We’ll. Talk about here in just a second and how much you’re, going to get paid, but let’s.

Take a look at the membership area. This is what you’re, going to be promoting. So they have this 7-day challenge that’s. Gon na be the the front end offer, and they said that when they were testing this out, the only people that didn’t keep their monthly membership was because they didn ‘

T really understand what to do so now they have this 7 day, fitness challenge checklist and when they get in there, it tells them exactly what to do. Okay, setting goals, and so that’s really good, so they know the direction they’re supposed to take in here.

So they have the welcome they’re gonna have their weekly meal plan two different kinds. If they want to loose fat or build muscle, so they ‘ Ve got the weekly meal plan and then they ‘ Ve got the workout for either building muscle or losing fat three-day with weekly workout, and then they have where you can get ideas of how you would order at a restaurant and still eat.

Well, they have the cookbook, which is really good for all different kinds. I mean breakfast lunch snacks dinner desserts. Then they have the lion’s den workout home workouts, the ebook, how to lose weight in 7, easy steps and the truth about intermittent fasting and keto.

So this is a membership site and then there they have a Facebook group which is for accountability and that’s really good, because I think a lot of times. People need to have motivation and accountability to keep on track.

So that’s, what the membership looks like it’s, really good. Ok, let’s. Talk about how much money you can make to promote this membership site, so they have three different funnels. The first one is a seven day challenge funnel and that’s.

The main product that you can promote and with this funnel people will be going through the seven day trial of the online fitness and coaching program, and so then, once they go through the trial, they’re, going to get billed monthly.

So you’re, going to earn recurring commissions on the membership product if either 27 or the 47 a month, and then they do have an upsell for 197, that’s. The lifetime membership. So you’re, going to earn 50 % on that, and then they ‘

Ve got 30 % on the one-time, upsell restaurant guide for 27, so they have a really good funnel. Let me show you you, okay, this is what their funnel looks like for the the seven-day challenge funnel and it does convert really well, so you can see they.

They can tell exactly what they’re getting with this, and then they have some testimonials down here. So it’s. A really really good good funnel here. The second funnel that you can promote is the keto ebook funnel, and so they’re gonna have the e-book on the front end and in the back end, they’re selling the the membership side again, so you’Re going to get four twenty seven on the e-book and then the same thing on the back end for the recurring Commission on the membership product in the upsells and then the third funnel they have is the macro calculator funnel and that’s.

Going to be the front end and then again the back end is the same 27:47 one, ninety seven and twenty seven. Then they have some really great affiliate resources right here, let’s, see you can use these videos in your and your ads.

So they ‘ Ve got all kinds of videos here and then they ‘ Ve got the email swipes there’s, 14 email swipes that are really good. I read through these that convert really well so that’s, all part of your affiliate resources, and then they have videos on how to get free traffic from YouTube, how to get free traffic from vlogging, and then the solo ad traffic will be coming Soon – and they do have a Facebook group as well to help you with marketing this this business or this membership site, should I say so – I think it’s, a really good, recurring affiliate program because, like I said, a lot of people need to Lose weight or get in shape when most people you talk to you probably are not at their ideal weight or in the best shape that they want to be so it’s, something that can apply to pretty much everyone, and, I would say, YouTube Is a really great way to market this this product and again he does have training on that as well.

But I was going to say the more specific you get on a YouTube channel. So if you start a channel about health and fitness, that’s way too broad, you want to really find a very specific niche like intermittent fasting and keto diet, or something like that.

Just the more specific it is the better, but I was going to say a great way to find topics for your channel is to go to a website called answer. The public comm and I just typed in how to lose weight and what what this will come up with is what people are asking.

What kind of questions people ask around that particular topic? So if you come in here, you’ll, see what’s. What that doesn’t make sense how to lose weight at home, which exercise to lose weight fast, how to lose weight in a day how to lose weight overnight I mean there’s, all kinds of questions that people ask, and you Can create videos around all these questions that people are asking, so I just wanted to give you that as an idea of how you might market this affiliate product again, YouTube is grape and then Jonathan has some other ideas for you in the affiliate section there.

So that’s, just an idea for a recurring affiliate program, because if you can sell something to somebody and they’re, going to continue to use that membership every month, which I think they definitely would with this product, then you’re going to build up that recurring affiliate commissions that you want to do the work one time and continue to get paid over and over again.

So hope you guys found some value in this recurring affiliate program. If you did go ahead and give me a thumbs up, give me like, if any questions make sure you leave them in the comments below the video.

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