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Everyone, the other day, somebody posted on a cliff about hilltop, adds I’d heard of the hilltop, but I hadn’t actually like set up a campaign. I just like checked out the website and kind of looked around to see what kind of traffic they had, but this thread was started in the forum and it kind of convinced me to go ahead and give him a try.

So I did that I signed up yesterday, create an account and did my first deposit. Their minimum deposit is three hundred dollars, but when you do the three hundred dollar minimum deposit, you can also use this promo code and it gives you a fifty dollar bonus so that’s, pretty cool.

My account manager at Hilltop ads actually gave me this code, so you were you’re assigned an Account Manager. I think. As soon as you sign up, I mean I I signed up and I had one right away once I’d, like confirmed my email and everything, her contact info was added to my account.

She’s right here, so I reached out to her. I editor on skype and was talking to her and she gave me the promo code. So I got the three hundred fifty dollars on my first deposit, which is good because that extra fifty dollars can go along way in testing, which I’ll, go over and show you in a minute.

So my first impression of hilltop is they have great great website, great graphics, the emails that they send are all pretty cool. They have like different graphics and stuff. That kind of make them stand out.

The UI is pretty nice, like the platform for managing your campaign. Is is nice too no complaints there you can see here I did the three hundred dollar deposit and then I got the fifty dollar bonus for the promo code.

They have quite a few different ways that you can do your deposit, which is nice, a few different payment methods, which I think will help a lot of people who don ‘ T have PayPal – or you know, have some restrictions on what type of payments they can make.

I’m using volume to track my hilltop campaign and they do not have hilltop ads built-in as a template. So I had to create this template myself. So I did a custom template and these are the tokens that you can pass into volume or whatever track.

Are you using to kind of optimize your campaigns with with custom data from hilltop ads? The most important one is zone ID like, so these are the individual websites or ad placements that they have in their network and that’s.

Gon na be the thing that you’re gonna want to probably optimize the most from. Besides the generic data, like the browser and things like that, so what I did is I set up a campaign test campaign to run a few offers that I’ve, already been testing with PPV traffic, and you can see.

I did an even split test: all US traffic with they’re, both direct and non direct pop-unders, and I got a few commute conversions on one of my offers. You can say, like I’m, not even close to ROI positive, but this is.

This is definitely encouraging. The fact that one of the offers was converting. It shows that you know this. This traffic isn’t complete garbage, which is kind of what I expected, based on the conversations in the and thread that you know it would be a decent traffic source.

So these initial results are cool. I mean I lost a little bit money, but I also got that fifty dollar bonus, so I’m still up. I’m, not even into my into using my balance. Yet what I really thought was good is.

I actually saw some of those own IDs, so they do give you the ability to blacklist zone IDs that you don’t want to continue to buy traffic from if it’s, not converting. So I’ve already blacklisted. Some of these, but the good thing is, I already have a zone that is proving to be pretty pretty great like this is this is nice? I apologize if you can hear my dog moving around on the background, but yeah this is so.

This is good like, hopefully, I’ll, be able to buy more traffic from this zone. Unfortunately, hilltop does not give you the ability to set up a campaign just targeting specific zone IDs so like on zero Park and tonic.

You can set up campaigns targeting specific sources or zones. You can’t do that with hilltops, so it’s. Just gonna be a matter of blacklisting the bad ones and hoping the the good ones outperform the bad ones so yeah.

I mean that that’s, pretty much it for now it’s still really early in this testing and stuff, but pleased with the initial results I’ll. Give you the link to sign up for hilltop. If you’re interested in running their traffic, they have banner traffic as well.


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