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Article by John V

Making money blogging has been overlooked in the past. But not many people realize that it is a very good source to use for extra income if you do it properly.

Alot of bloggers are ignorant don’t know you can make money blogging. There is a big difference between professional and amateur bloggers. The easiest way that professionals do this is from their own website or a blog directory attached to their website. i.e.

Another option is to operate their blog from a Google host such as blogger blog, or use WordPress from The steps to set this up is to simply register for an account and then make some posts. The only thing that is seen as big negative in the blogging communities is the lack of individuality and the way the blog can be formatted, however you can hire a programmer to change the look and the format if you are not happy with it.

From a technical point of view the internet is used for many things, however, alot of people use it as a source of fun and entertainment, as opposed to business, This is why some people it is impossible to make money blogging. In this day and age there are so many different topics online and people are willing to pay for almost anything if the info is good. So there is really a sure way to make money blogging. Before blogs were specialized applications, they were used for just sharing information. But as the internet has transformed now, you can actually see that the high traffic blogs bring in thousands of dollars each and every month. So it is not impossible to make money blogging.

However, you can’t just be slap happy, and put ads up infront of viewers. They want a reason to come to your blog, and return at a later time. To do this you have to make your information high quality and fun. Give the user the highest amount info and make their experience fun to entice them back repeatedly.

The most common way to make money blogging is from from the Blogspot site or WordPress from, but a blog on your own website is the way to go as well.

You can also use blogging software to make your blog post smoother and more flexible in the way your post your blogs and format them. Especially if you are adding, sound, pictures. You have a lot more flexibility in how you want to format your blog, and in the features contained within it.

The most common way to make money blogging is by placing ads in strategic positions in and around your blog. Sidebars, headers and footers are always utilized, and depending on your amount of visitors.

Another effective way to make money is the use of adding a link to affiliate products that are popular and convert well. You could plug other blogs, or niche products that convert well and have a good percentage profit. Adsense blocks in headers and footers are a good way to earn extra revenue also.

With widgets you can add hundreds of these to help make money blogging with SEO, thru auto XML set up to help when you blog ping. It is ideal to advertise your product or service in the end of your posts. That way if people like your info and want more they can click your link. Alot of people become buyers that way.

As you can see it is not that hard to make money blogging or from your blogs. You can see that it really doesn’t take much work to turn amateur blogs into professional one. You really can make money 24/7 while you sleep, and if you give people great content, and keep them interested then. Keep in touch with them while you sell to others.

That is one great benefit of blogging.

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