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how can you make $ 100 or more every single day by freelancing online? You know what’s going on everyone here, coming back at you with a brand new video and before we get into this drop a like down below.

For my freshly busted ankle, which I did today and had to go to the hospital for and also drop a comment down below, because that now means I’m gonna have nothing but time to really focus in on some YouTube videos so drop Down below any specific requests that you might have topics you want to see talked about questions situations problems you’re running into.

I would be more than happy to check that out and potentially make a video on it. I’m gonna go through and read and respond to every single comment. So with that being said in this video, I’m, actually gonna dive inside of my computer here in a second and show you two different platforms and actually go through multiple listings on them and show you how to use them, because this is Something I did for about a four month period.

I was making about one hundred and twenty dollars a day and I could have made way more. It’s, just a matter of how much time you want to put in, as well as the specific skill you’re gonna sell. So the first thing I want to explain before this is that, if you don’t know what your skill is, which I’m, trying to be as practical as possible in here.

If you don’t know what you want to do. If you don’t know what you’re good at you just know. You want to make money that’s totally fine. Your passion is now linked. Financially, which is totally fine in the beginning, contrary to what your mom or teachers might tell you, so I’m going to show you a one specific thing.

Actually, you can do just to start selling some entry-level stuff. You do want to take into account on these different sites. There’s, a lot more than just to freelancing sites. You do want to take into consideration the competition, so the skill I’m, going to show you how to do which you can just kind of build a skill and be decent at.

It is building a logo which is great there’s, people who do it all the time five bucks, ten bucks it takes you 20 minutes to make a logo tops. I could probably do it in five minutes. So there’s. A lot of competition, though a lot of people are doing that that’s, not what’s called a high level skill.

It’s, not a high income skill, so you can’t charge a lot for it unless you structure yourself on this website, a certain way which I’m, going to show you. So if you guys have any more questions about this topic, specifically, please hold your comments on it until the end of the video and with that be said, it let’s.

Jump inside of my computer, alright. So inside of here, I logged into my very old account on up work, which seems to be having some issues and then there’s. Another website a secondary one. These are the primary two that are out there and commonly known.

So that also means people like. Oh, this is just the typical sites. If something’s well-known, that means more people are on it, so think about that. It’s kind of like doing uber versus Buda boo and you’re asking what’s? Buda boon.

Nobody knows so nobody uses it. You know so something like fiber as well. As you can see here. I just typed in logo to give you guys an example: there’s, people doing it for $ 10 $ 30 $ 100. What’s? The difference you know so what I’m going to talk about inside of here is positioning of your offer.

So for something like this, you can go through and look. The biggest thing is gonna, be his reviews. Okay, what is their track record? Their history, if you’re fresh and starting out, you’re, probably not gonna be able to charge a couple hundred dollars for more simple service.

Now this guy right here is 31 reviews. 4.8 star is very high. A lot of this stuff does come down to like okay, the client experience the customer experience, so he responds very quickly, and this goes through and show you know, since how long he’s been selling for and he’s.

Also gonna give you examples of work, so you can go through. Definitely ask him for that as well. You know logo. They have different questions. All of this. His is what’s called a very built profile. So when someone lands on this, it answers all their questions, so they don’t have to like message you and the things with platforms like these and just income streams like these is that if I’m looking through for a logo And someone has a blank profile with no profile picture like I can’t, put a name to a face and see his history of how well he’s done I’m, not even gonna bother messaging them to See what they’ve done it’s a lot of time.

What I’m gonna do is go hit the back arrow and go back to the next person and see what they can do for me. So it’s, just kind of moving down that list. So you want to make sure you have that structure.

It’s very similar to building like an Instagram influencer page. You can’t just you know, post once and then try and get a shout-out. You have no followers. You have no profile picture, no bio, like only the one crappy post.

You need to actually be a built profile, so that’s. Something you have to think about now. Someone like this as well again, name to a face the average response time. All this there’s, multiple different price point options.

You can go ahead and I believe the limit is three. As far as I can recall, haven’t done this in a few years, but you can set multiple different price point packages, which is very important. If you guys have read the book.

The paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz, I believe, a very good book talking about people’s perception on that there’s. Also one marketer who talked about that. Having three price points is the best, because people are gonna tend to take the middle one.

You make that position as the best offer, so it gives them an option, but not like thirteen different options where they can’t choose again. Then they’ll just go to the next person because it’s too confusing and too time-consuming.

So something like that kind of positioning yourself and making sure that, because this is marketing it’s like selling a product on Amazon, you know they do it. It’s still inside of the platform, so you’re, not really running too many or if any exterior ads.

But there’s. A lot of people coming here, organic traffic. So when it comes to a website like this or even on up work, up works, usually known as a little bit more higher-end higher ticket and we’ll, get to that in a second.

It’s really about your profile in the history you have on there. So you want to make sure you’re in a good standing as you continuously do it make sure you’re, very kind of all the clients. The people you talk to, I’ve personally done this, and so I know how stupid some people can be, how annoying they can be, and they leave negative reviews.

Just always be positive. Show love on these platforms. It’s, always gonna help. You out build up a really good profile over time. You’re gonna not only get more gigs, but then you can charge more and not have your conversion rate really go down, so it’s kind of like a Shopify store in that regard, but other than that we can go Back – and these are platforms where there’s, a ton of different skills.

Look at this just under graphic and design there’s like 20 different ones. Digital Marketing Watch look ecommerce marketing, I’m sure they have stuff for Shopify under here 850,000 SEO backlinks for five bucks.

I’m sure he has an automation software for that 15 Shopify marketing e-commerce. In my opinion, if any of these are actually good, they just be doing it themselves. But who knows so? Let’s, see Neil Patel.

I would drive real and active traffic yeah, so he’s just buying. Probably what do you call? It I don’t, remember what you call it where you buy like 50,000, just visits to any website what is it called a hot traffic there’s, some sort of thing there’s big a few years ago, just Like [ __, ] traffic, I don’t really know, but all this different stuff, maybe a store you can just type in Shopify.

I’m sure stuff comes up. People build your website. Yeah. Look at that 150 bucks. There’s all these different skills. So if you guys, who were trying to get into e-commerce, which is what this channel is primarily based around – and you need a way to fund that, how about you not only build a skill that will help you but also make money.

So I don ‘ T know why this person is using. This is the homepage photo because this looks like trash, but you know you can literally get paid to now. Learn a skill and you’re building stories. You’re.

Getting money to help them build your store and do the marketing later it’s, just a win win, win, win, win situation every way you slice it! So something like this 500 bucks again going through and showcasing what you’ve done run up to 300 products.

It goes through. Does they write descriptions? Let’s, see you go up there and ask them. Okay, all this different stuff – and I’m sure some of these people are great at what they do. It’s higher ticket, so making sure that everything is set up correctly.

I think this is probably good resource that some of you guys are actually gonna use to then go purchase different services. I get logos on here, you know now. I have people that do that. For me, who are VA s, but you know this is still a great place to get anything done, that you need to get done now.

On the flip side, you have a website like upwork. This is a little bit different. This is actually the one part I was outsourcing my online school work, to say the least yeah we can let’s. Let’s, see if we can actually see anything inside there.

I don’t want to show too much so I’m. Have to cut this out. Let’s, see yeah, so this is a little example. This is one right here, 310 bucks. I ended up paying this specific person. Almost two grand you know it was like 90 bucks a week or whatever yeah look at this, this one right here, 1700, Oh classic, out, outsourced online school, but uh you know sites like this.

These are just great to literally get anything done that you want to do something like this business management. Let’s literally just type in anything. I don’t know something that sounds a higher ticket.

Okay, you can actually, you can get legal tax advice on you. Look it’s 95 an hour. Those are legitimate people that dudes old. He probably knows what he’s doing. You can look again very similarly to the rating system on there in response time.

Success rate is massive when it comes to the job 100 %. You get a badge with that. Okay, that means they’re consistent and the people that they’re doing stuff for are extremely satisfied, so that’s huge and look at this.

These people are charging 42 bucks an hour 95 bucks. Now that’s, good money for them. So if you sell-on here and make money, you definitely can, especially once you build up your profile, and if you have a little bit of a higher income skill, then you can definitely get paid more.

You can be making $ 500 a day. It really depends like CPAs legitimate, certified CPAs, who’ve earned over 10 grand live in New York. You know this is probably their little side hustle aside from their real job as a CPA or whatever 55 bucks an hour.

It’s, just more money. 75. You know all this different stuff obviously go through and look at their previous history. So you get a big, you know good description on everything they they do. They understand their amount of hours.

Work going through. You can see their history, you can talk to them about it. Ask them questions, ask for referral sources. Anything where you get a references. Talk to people whatever just see what they do so websites like these are very great.

You can go ahead and actually post a job on there all job postings and if you want to actually become a friend, oh, my goodness help with school or guy. We’re gonna jump out of there. I post that a lot they don’t like it when you post that, so this is actually more of a buyers oriented account.

You can set up one where you can actually sell on there very simple free to do easy. They take a little cut out of everything, obviously their transaction fee. Then on Fiverr you can go ahead and post a job as well hit become a seller and bing-bang-boom.

You can get started on that, so all of this Aggies bought, I don’t, know 25 million projects completed Wow, so you can go ahead. Pick your skill kind of figure out a couple different things you can do now for those of you it because I know I mentioned I’ll talk about it, real quick who don’t exactly have a skill literally just start doing Anything see what you’re good at go through see what some of the best selling gigs are, but use a website called canva to go ahead and make logos.

So something like this, you guys are probably familiar with it. We talked about it. I still make a lot of my ecommerce ads inside of here very wide variety of what you can do. You can let it do anything you can make a marketing proposal plan on here and I’m sure they have templates and layouts.

For that. Actually, I know they do so you can probably type and mark me maybe something will come up with that, but yeah I don’t even know. You know all this different stuff you can do. This is just on an Instagram, or this is a YouTube thumbnail design size.

So I can’t show you guys the home page with all my e-commerce stuff, but using stuff like this go post your listing on there for a hundred different tasks. Just see what people are biting on build up your profile, build up your credibility.

It’s just another way. Out of many to start making money online, I’ve done it. I’ve done it successfully. If that helped, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I know it’s a little bit of a different style, but people seem to enjoy having options again.

The paradox of choice by Barry Schwartz options on how to do things, how to make money? What you want to pay here’s, another option on a way to make money specifically online, and this can help so much building a skill.

You know like building a Shopify store like I said that’s, such a good thing. You literally get paid to do this, so it really is an amazing site, amazing business model – I I know for a fact, Fiverr and up worker massive brands, massive companies that make a lot of money.

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