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If you want to know how to make landing pages that convert, I’m, going to show you how and we’re starting right now. If you want to transform your website into a customer or lead generation machine, I’ll, show you all my best tips, tactics and secrets to get there fast.

Let’s dive in hey. There welcome I’m West McDowell. Web strategist for the deep end, and if you’re, not subscribed to the channel, yet we do two new videos a week and just click the subscribe button and a little bell icon next to it.

So you never miss another video. You need to succeed online now. The right landing page strategy can be a huge difference maker in your business, because it can attract the right kinds of customers to the exact right offer for them.

For example, if you’re, a service business that offers different kinds of services like let’s, say you’re a contractor. You may offer bathroom remodels kitchen remodels, so in that case you don’t want all those people finding you just through your homepage.

What you’d rather have is people finding you through dedicated landing pages that closely aligned with what they’re. Looking for, I’m going to talk about landing pages. This can also refer to a dedicated page.

That’s, all about just getting an email, opt-in in exchange for a lead, magnet or if your business offers one kind of overarching product or service like if you’re a plumber or like a recent client in mind, a wedding band, Then you can absolutely apply this to your home page as well.

In any case, there are certain best practices that you should really adhere to. If you want to convert the most number of site visitors into paying customers, or at least to get them as warm leads. If your goal is an opt-in list, so first things first and that’s, keep it simple by using the rule of one in the rule of one.

You want to think about one message: one offer and one call-to-action per page: most businesses just say way too much on their websites, and your landing pages are definitely no place for that. It’s. Why we have a landing page strategy at all.

You know to compartmentalize all those different services or products or offerings into their own pages. So for each landing page you’re planning. You want to focus on one core offer, whether that’s, a service you provide or a product.

You sell or a lead, magnet and exchange for that email address or even just a special deal, and the message need to be talking all about that one offer not about the history of the company or about the charity work you do on the side.

Just that offer – and there needs to be one super clear, call-to-action button which provides a clear path of what they need to do next, alright. Next, I want to talk about the five-second rule and I’m, not talking about eating dirty food off of the floor here.

This has more to do with the fact that people have very limited attention spans because our brains are pretty much hardwired to really only pay attention to information that benefits us and that we don’t have to burn too much energy to comprehend.

So, for those reasons, your website needs to communicate really clearly the following three things in less than five seconds. First, it has to tell people what it is. You provide how that makes their lives better and then what do they need to do to get it? Not only does that have to happen in the first five seconds and also now step in at the very top of the page, without them scrolling down.

You know I’m sure you’ve heard the term above the fold that just refers to all the real estate. That’s above the point on the page where you have to scroll down, and there’s, a lot of debate on this. You know yet people are conditioned to the internet and websites and they know that there’s.

Information below the fold and they will scroll down, but only if those three questions are answered and in such a way that makes them want to know more okay, so the next element of a high converting landing page is conveying your three key benefits.

One of my favorite tricks – and I work on any web project – is to come up with those top three benefits, or you can think of them as perks that your customers get when they work with you and benefits.

Don’t mean features. One of my favorite examples of this is from Apple. You know everybody loves to use Apple as the example, but this is when the iPod first came out. You know they could have very easily went into all the tech specs of you know.

This thing has a gigabyte of of storage on it, but they knew that wouldn’t really mean much to the customer, so instead they framed it as a thousand songs in your pocket. You know the storage capacity is the feature, but the ability of the customer to walk around with a thousand songs in their pocket.

Now that’s a benefit that they care about and coming up with, these benefits is actually easier than you think. So. First of all, think of the features you provide, your customers that may be your competition, doesn’t, or maybe they do, but they aren’t talking about it.

So think of those features then ask yourself: what’s? The benefit that results from that feature you know, fill in the blank like this. We offer feature a so you can dot dot dot. For instance, if you were an installer of vinyl patios, you know the fact that they’re more durable than wood.

That’s, a feature, but the benefit is they’re maintenance-free and you never have to stain or paint them for the lifetime of the product. So come up with those three benefits. You know three is just kind of that magic number that looks good on a page and doesn’t, feel overwhelming name.

Each benefit with a headline give it a really short description like a sentence or less, and then you’re, going to want to use some kind of an icon or a photo to go along with it, to make it more visually.

Appealing and understandable. At a glance you know people do more skimming of websites than actually reading them, so the visual cues go a long way there. The next element of a really highly converting landing page that I highly recommend you try to do this year, is a really short video that clearly establishes the problem you solve how you solve it, how that helps your customers life for the better and what’s to be lost by your customer if they don’t go with your solution and they go with another solution or choose nothing at all.

It only needs to be around 60 seconds and it should tell that complete story from start to finish. Really emphasizing the transformation that occurs from before your customer found you to the happier after state and just go ahead and end the video with a really clear call to action, and it should be the same call to action that you use everywhere else.

On that page. All right number, five is social proof, so every good landing page needs either a testimonial or a case study featuring somebody who has already gone through that transformation that we just talked about.

Now. Videos tend to work best here. They just connect better than anything else. You can also use you know. Text-Based testimonials just be sure to include a real photo of the subject it shouldn’t, be too long, just a few sentences max, because again, people are skimming and not really reading, so, basically just making a few sentences long and it should still within Those few sentences tell that story of where they were before they found you finding you and then what their results look like after the fact, all right number six is a features list.

So I we talked a lot about. You know emphasizing benefits over features, which is all that everything we’ve talked about so far appeals much more to the emotional side. You know because if you know anything about marketing, most people make their buying decisions based purely on emotion.

But this is the section that lets them. Actually, you know justify that decision with a more logical point of view. So for this all, I really recommend is just a simple bullet list which talks about all the nuts and bolts things they get included.

With going with your service, you know things like a dedicated customer service, rep or pick-up and drop-off service. One little thing I like to do here that I think makes a difference psychologically is rather than using just circle bullets I like to use check marks.

You know in their mind, these are just things they can check off and it really emphasizes what they & #. 39 re getting from going with you versus just kind of a random list of features all right. So now I want to hear from you – and I want to know which of these are you currently using on your own landing pages or if you’re, not currently using any of these, which are you excited to put on your landing pages? In 2019, I want to know all about it, so leave that with any other comments or questions in the comment section below I’ll, read through everything and answer all the questions I can and if you’re not subscribed to channel.

Yet go ahead and click on the circle icon here to subscribe, and if you haven’t accessed my free mini-course, yet how to guarantee website ROI you’re, not gonna want to miss it. So just click right up here.

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