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It’s; a push traffic’s, so knowing the name he’ll talk at looking at the website itself. You might be thinking that this is from a country which is very, very cool, for example Poland and Iceland, and all these kind of countries, because it looks like it’s, a huge job and then like like the thing is like snowing and all This stuff, like no guys they are actually from England.

Yes, it is a UK company so before we go further on the hill top ads, taking a look at the hilltop ads website, taking a look at the hilltop arts desktop and everything let’s. Learn a little bit regarding the hilltop ads so Hill Tibet is an advertising network which allows publishing to monetize their traffic, mostly via under there’s, other methods that they can actually monitor as well, but usually it’s under 4 unders.

It’s like lip-syncing right, so they are. The next thing is, the platform is actually very welcoming. They won’t, come both large and also small publishers with a minimum of $ 50 turning on, and which means the minimum deposit would only be $ 50, that’s, why? I say that they actually broken both large, as well as small publishers as well, so the payout is actually available on weekly.

They actually added range of payment options, including PayPal, pioneer packs on red money, be payments, and the list goes on there’s. Even actually wired transferred and even bitcoins available, so usually the publishers will benefit like hundred percent still grips alongside of the referral program, the hijab ads actually provides, which actually gives them a 5 % Commission split of each new publishers.

Commission. So we are going to talk about the hero of X and everything, so that’s rough background regarding the hilltop axe. Personally, I don’t like using him top acts myself, because why? I’m going to talk to you later on in this video itself.

So let’s, go ahead and check on the heel toe ads. What type of website the hilltop axe is and how what they do? What do they offer? So the first thing is: make big money oops you can’t, do like this, so make big money from your website.

Monetize a website simply easy self-serving platform for advertisers. That’s all so the ad network features are CPM. Cpa / requires traffic from direct publisher and France, targeting no blocked impression.

Real-Time detail statistic: EP: CPM, real-time optimisation self service for advertisers, 24/7 qualified support. Customer solution for valued partners, own adverse search solution, ad network rotation for publishers, no financial theme.

So if you have a website, you can actually monetize your site. Monetize up to 30 % more effectively than before, get paid weekly buy a Bitcoin I payments, but money. What year we pay service and paksa monetize website, the mobile traffic old angels are welcome clean acts.

Only so, even though they say all niches are welcome, keep in mind that they also mentioned that clean ads only so there is actually a regulation for the ads. So if your brand, so you can actually advertise your brand high-quality, unique draft covering all Gio’s depo targeting than other networks, so own ad servers and are being solution.

All traffic asked and and verified suits. Mostly, we are talking about push traffic right now, so we are going to talk about advertising our brand. We are not going to talk about monetizing our site, so our ad units blah blah blah, so they do have ad formats.

So this is the ad format, so they have native video ads personalization top directly in this play banner. So these are the ad formats available in the hilltop act and this is actually their partner. Exo.

Exo click is something like share & amp Co and all these kind of every network sales. Why? It is that I never heard of this – the next ad ad similes, so that’s about it on their website. So their website is pretty straightforward and then also I wanted to show you which here yeah there’s.

Also a support here. You can actually email them. You can actually Skype them. So if you have a u.s. number or UK number, you can actually go ahead and call them directly, so their support is actually very good.

You can also send them a message from this site itself, so their support is actually very good. Thank you can see over here they actually located in England. Like I told you it’s, not Island, it’s, not Iceland or it’s, not a pollen country.

It’s actually from q-kidz. Let’s, go ahead and check out the dashboard of tu top. So let’s go in and login and once you have actually sign up and log in this is how the dashboard of the huge look like.

So it’s, actually a pretty old fashioned kind of dashboard right. I told you earlier in this video that I don’t like his defects, that much it’s because of their user interface when it comes to their dashboard.

But this is totally based on personal preference, so some people might like it. Some people might not like it, so I’m gonna show to you everything A to Z in the dashboard, so you make the conclusion whether you like it or not.

Personally, I don’t like top interface, not a peep at all, so here you can actually see the advertiser balance, so both advertisers and publishers are, in the same particular account it’s like different from, for example, propellant as they have A different account for advertisers different account for publishers when the heels of ads both are same over here, and we here you can actually contact your manager by a Skype you can longer and over here there is a live chat for us box, so these people actually Online, so they can actually help you with that.

So cancel this, and only here in the left hand side. This is where we want to take a look at, like I told you booth, the advertisers account as well as the publisher. Account is the same so they have four advertiser over here and they have for the publisher over here.

So it’s, actually very limited. If you actually see the features over there, if you compare to properly ads or mega push, for example, even for advertiser know, there will be like a lot of features and then for publisher load, more features, but this one can you see for every title is one Two three: four for publishers: that’s; one two, three three three for publisher and four privatize it, so your fleet manager is over here, so they call it.

Advertising manager for media buying companies, so the our advertising manager is Hellena, connects the contact via skype, via email and for publisher. It’s actually EK, so both of their contacts is a widget.

So let’s go ahead and before we check the advertiser, the publisher on, let’s check out over here. The my profile is actually the details about your profile, and this is where the payment information is here as well.

So you can actually go and choose how you are going to get paid and all this kind of stuff, so you can change your password account security here you can actually allow IP certain IP only can access this particular hint of ads.

You can do that. You can also enable two-factor authorization, so their security is actually quite nice, quite freak and quite stern. I feel like that. Lets the thing about the security, so they are additional points should definitely be a security system as well as their support systems.

So if you go to API, like I told you if you know how to configure with API if your developers, this is something which is very easy. Personally, I’m, not a damn. The press right don’t know to do anything with API.

Sorry, I usually leave this section alone and over here the next section would be the support section. So it’s. A FAQ most needs FAQ for advertisers, so terms and conditions. So there’s, no FAQ for publishers.

Yes, I cannot find any FAQ for publisher suicide, so terms and conditions over here so make sure you read the Terms of condition, because just now it’s, update old. They allow all type of mange, but only clean ads, so that’s, a catch over there.

This something should mean over there right all the type of needs is there, but only clean X. So adults cannot be there since it’s, not a clean add. So you should keep that in mind as well, and the last part is over.

Here is the referral program. So, like I told you, the referral percentage is 5 % for advertisers and 5 % for publishers. There is a 5 % preference scheme, so this is a referral link Wow. They even have banners to promote your referral program so, which is which is funny, which is something new, not something new.

There is something like it’s, not common. So before we go to advertisers which, where we are going to concentrate because we are a push Network, we are a media buyer, let’s, go to be publisher, let’s say that if we have a website, how does it work? So first thing is: you can actually go and see the statistic of your website, so you can you need to see you need to add what type of banners or what type of ad you want to do, and then you have to put your site name: the Zone over here and the advertiser would be hilltop dots at what country you want your audience from, and all these kind of stuff – and you need to get these statistics so over here is, I think, where you add, your website yeah a list of your website.

What is the percentage of your mobile traffic? What’s, your top traffic countries and all these kind of informations? Like a new summit, I think they will verify that and get back to you and over here is the payment history.

So if you get paid because you are actually using the hilltop ads banner to actually promote in your website, so if you get paid, everything would be here, your traffic and your effort program and all this kind of stuff.

So let’s, get to the power part right now to the part of the push traffic. So first thing is: you need to act fun into your account. So how do we do that? Let’s, go to the fun part, so over here you can actually see you can actually add the fun via these methods.

So it’s, wire transfer. So if wire transfer the minimum payment sum is 500 years d, the maximum is a hundred thousand. So we are not going to talk about the maximum, so 500 USD for wire transfer and the payment commission depends on your bank, so Taksim is $ 50.

Only payment combination $ 1 e pay service $ 50 depends on your bank. That money $ 50 depends on your bank. Bitcoin $ 50 depends on your bank visa $ 50 payment permission, 4 %. So I would highly suggest you if you can try to use Bitcoin or try to use pack some pack.

Some would be good or EPA service or web money, because the payment Commission is very less if you compare to visa, even though this is the one, it is very easy. The payment Commission is quite high and, as you can see, the minimum deposit for everything is $ 50, except for wire transfer, which is 500 rolls, which is still considered less compared to other networks, which actually has a wire transfer, minimum of thousand dollars or thousand euros For example, so that’s, how you can actually go ahead and fund your account and then in here is these statistics, so in the statistic is basically regarding me again.

I think this is like a tracking system where you can actually get this statistic. Get the data yeah see and see over here you can actually get the impression clicks, click-through rate, conversions and CPM, so it should be regarding your campaign, if you have a campaign, you can see no match for so.

If you already have a campaign, you can actually go ahead and hit your campaign over here. Did you add over here in your zone over here? Did you country over here, and you can actually gain these status things for all these particular acts? So basically, this is like their own internal tracking system.

This is basically to manage the temp anal. So this is where you make it, because it because you need to make your deposit before you add your campaign right, and this is very gonna – add your campaign.

Some will be coming to this at the last. The last one would be estimation to it. I think this is for the CPM or the CPC that’s just way to test that stop traffic, let’s, say: mainstream direct as teammate yeah, the cost.

You can actually see the minimum CPM and every CP have the maximum CPM. So it actually changed as well, so mainstream for adult it’s different and all this kind of stuff is here so things a little bit complicated right.

If you compare to other other act, buying services or other media buying companies, it’s, actually much more straightforward. If, for a traffic source, it will be pretty straightforward, but with the hilltop ads is may be complicated right and that’s.

Why I told you I don’t like to use hilltop ads, because previously I used it. I used it like six months back or something like that. If I’m, not sure how long back I used it, but there was a little bit of problem with the interface itself and I don’t think they changed much.

It’s still complicated. So let’s, go ahead and add a campaign. So basically, this is how you create a campaign. So when you add a campaign make a deposit, I’m, not going to make it impossible yet so Omega is the campaign media.

So before you can actually name the campaign, let’s just make the complete test, for example, so traffic channel depends on your ad from it, so we are going to go and do so. This regular Panem of a banner from under so many change.

This a lot of things actually differs over here. You can actually see so let’s. Go ahead to our push notification, Bob, our so the type of can be CPM or CPC, so the traffic channels would be mainstream.

The campaign is test, so there’s. A frequency capping as well seem like a propeller ads and I don’t. Think mega. Pushes frequency capping but propeller ads have a frequency capping all right so campaign targeting Gio you can actually or you can choose so mean that’s Gio.

You can actually include a country. Let’s, change it something so you can include it’s, a Tier three country. Oh, you can just press tier 3 and all the tier 3 country will come. So if you press tier 1, tier 1 countries will come and if you pressed here, two tier two countries will come here.

So let’s just go ahead and press collision. Please you, but I don’t know why they put tier 3 over here. Let it be so browsers. You can actually choose any browsers from here. You want that’s to Chrome, operating system windows.

They are doing mobile right. That’s, why we can’t click on Windows and Mac, so we are going to do on Android, so device type mobile, both table as well mobile carry we’re, not going to include day so you can actually Select a day or a particular time where you want the ads to be so, let’s just say we want Monday, Tuesday, folks so one month in a whole day, it’s.

Actually troublesome need to click one by one. I don’t know whether you can see. No, you can’t click fully, so you have to click one by one. So let’s. Just close the day then go over here. You can set the language you can set the IP range OS version – Brad mobile device, but all these you need to contact your manager and ask them to set it for you.

So the campaign limits daily impression limits. You can set the total impression limit. You can set so we can adjust, set daily budget and total budget, so daily campaign budget will be $ 10 and total campaign budget would be $ 100.

I beat all right baby limit usage algorithm as soon as possible, or you can even do even depends on use, so you can only upload one create proofs. You don’t, have like an icon and you don’t, have a preview or something let’s.

Let’s, just add an image and see whether there’s. A previous just add a sample image. The format is not there, so I can’t. Add a sample image. Just get another image over here and just try to add, you may still can’t an image, so it’s.

Okay, but there’s, no preview or anything over here, which makes everything looks pretty set. I want to add an image and see whether there’s, a preview and I don’t want to make judgment. Yet I want to add an image and see whether the Supreme, let me just add an image first yeah.

I have actually added an image and there is a preview so that’s. Why I didn’t want to judge it because it looks pretty like lean and straightforward. So I really want you to know whether there’s. A preview or not that’s, why I needed to add an image.

So there is a preview and there is even an icon that you can actually add. So let’s just name these tress. So this would be your offer URL, because it looks very plain right, so I knew there was something hidden, because there was not any URL there’s, not any offer URL or even for your tracking URL anything so how it will actually lead.

This particular image link how it will actually link this particular ad in this particular image to the offer URL, so that’s, why? I wanted to add and see it for myself. So once you add an image you can actually see over here, so this into our side.

So let’s, see test description, new testing, one two three, so this is how it looks like. So if you put your URL decays by your URL would come so you can actually put an image as well so yeah. So this is the icon.

So I’ve, actually add the icon, a larger image. You can actually go ahead and add this. So, as you can see, they actually very particular with their site. So if you have the difficulties of using the hilltop at especially in uploading, the image make sure that you go ahead and resize it.

We have no idea on how to resize it simple guys. Just go to canva: if you go to Canberra canva is like a designing made for, especially for people without any designing background to design stuff, so you can actually go and create design over here and then you can go to custom design and kids see their site.

So the Assizes 3 6, 0 x, 4. 0. So you can just go ahead and press the 6 0 x. 4. 0. Sorry x, 4, 0, and you can actually create a size according to that and over here you can actually just put any size or you can even let me just upload my own image, for example, just go ahead and upload animate and let’s.

Do it so this is a sample image which I’m going to upload, and I’m going to see how it works. Alright, it’s, just a sample image. It’s not pretty down, but I’m using this man. It’s. Dallas rocks smells good.

Let’s. Just do like this. Just for the purpose of this video nice, so just download it, and now I’m, going to go ahead and upload it, but let’s, see how it looks over here. Well, it looks pretty amazing, pretty nice, so your icon would be here and your image would be here.

So everything looks pretty neat. So there’s, a preview for your hair as well, but it’s a little bit complicated. It’s, not straightforward, like, for example like propeller, it’s. My favorite boost traffic Network.

I always gonna compare all the traffic network to propellers because it’s, my personal favorite and I think it’s very straightforward, very easy to use. So this one is a little bit complicated as you can see, but it works pretty nice and pretty fine.

So the final thing is to put the rain. If you don’t know the rate you can actually go. I hate to the estimation to just now and use the rate there’s. No, for example, it’s just put yep. There is no like, like recommended rate for you over here, like how propeller X does it propel X again, but that’s, that’s about it, guys that’s, the body and all you got to do is just Go ahead and press the add campaign and the campaign will be added and will be reviewed by huge choppers and then once like, after maybe 24 hours, your ads will be approved and start running.

So basically that’s about it with hilltop axe. Personally, let’s, summarize everything that we have to do regarding the heal to add. So what I would personally say regarding the hint of axis theme, biggest plus point and a hint of axe has is first, they are very, very good with your support.

There’s, something that I knew. I heard a lot of reviews regarding hint of hats regarding their support. They have like Skype, they have like life chair, they have email support, all this kind of stuff and they even have direct phone numbers for whoever can actually call from us to us number or UK number can actually freedom a call them straight, which is one of The best point of huge of ads and the second, I would say that they are actually very, very concerned regarding their security purposes, which is very, very good as well, and the third point would be regarding your referral program so compared to any other traffic sources.

Usually, traffic network has like three percent referral program, but few top ads and very very active referral program, which is over 5 %, which is pretty pretty great, and I particularly like it. So I think these are the three major things that I think he’ll talk.

It’s, really really wrong compared to other traffic Network. But personally I think it’s a little bit way too complicated, especially for new beginners, navigating via the dashboards and creating the campaign, is not straightforward, like push trucks like propeller heads and all this kind of stuff.

So basically that’s. My thought on hilltop ad, so it totally depends on you, because this user interface and everything it’s very, very subjective or personal interest, so it ‘ S totally depends on you, but basically that’s.

My conclusion on key topics: definitely, if you want to go in and try it or bed, go ahead and try he’ll talk that’s. I think that’s about it. In today’s, video, I think I’ve covered a lot in today’s video.

I really hope that today’s, video was beneficial from you and I really hope that you were able to learn one or two things regarding the hint of X, especially on the way to make. They are campaigns which would be very helpful in your athlete marketing journey or in your media buying journey as well.


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