I Tried Shopify Dropshipping for 14 Days (Insane Results)

Dropshipping Warrior

I might have just found a winner: we hit a record [ Music ], so they say that drop shipping is dead. Well in this video, i’m gonna take a store from zero to one thousand dollars per day. Yes, i know that’s crazy.

I can’t even guarantee that this is gonna happen, but i’m, putting it all on the line for you guys now. Obviously, drop shipping is changing over time and we have to adapt, but it is most certainly not dead and that’s.

What i’m here, to explain to you guys in this video and with black friday and cyber monday coming up. This is the perfect time for just about anyone to get started on their drop shipping store. So if you’re interested in getting started with drop shipping or even drop shipping right now, this video is going to be perfect for you, because i’m, going to go from step number one all the way to the end and Show you how it’s completely done now.

I’m just going to stop talking, let’s, get right into the video now. The first step in this whole entire process, which usually most people have a hard time figuring out, is product research. But if you do have experience in drop shipping – and you know what you’re looking for and you’re, not just searching everywhere blindly, it tends to be pretty easy.

Now there’s. Various methods for product research, ranging from just searching through aliexpress using softwares, watching youtube videos, but the one that i’m gonna use in this video is ad spy. Now most of you watching this video may already have heard of ad spy, but people generally tend to use the same settings in ad spy.

Therefore leading everybody to see the same products. Now i have a very different strategy and i don’t think anybody else on youtube has covered this before and what i’m gonna be doing is sorting by keywords now, once i reveal this method on youtube.

I know everybody’s. Gon na start doing this, so i’m gonna go have to find a new method, but this is for you guys. So, generally speaking, what i’m gonna do is target some of the keywords, such as words like comfort, increase, reduce alleviate pleasure sleep relief.

Any word that you think sort of is a like problem-solving word. I would throw into ad spot and then add spy will filter through all of these keywords. So i’m, going to start the product research and leave this sort of on time lapse and get back to you guys.

Once i’m [ Music ] done [ Music, ] [, Music ]. So here i am looking for winning products, as the lcd screen is burning the retinas in my eyes, because the brightness is too much and my eyes can’t really handle it.

But, thank god i did not stop looking for products, because soon i end up coming across something that can change the direction of this whole entire video, [, Music, ]. Alright, guys, i think i might have just found a winner.

So this is a product that i found with the keyword method that i use and you can see that it has a keyword of increase, and that was one of my keywords. When i go to the facebook page, it has 1 600 likes 134 comments and 305 shares, which is really really good.

The video it seems pretty pretty interesting. So basically, if you don’t know what this is don’t worry. I didn’t know what it was at first either you put it in the barrel of your gun and once you turn it on, it will project a laser looking something like this and once it starts projecting it, you can see that the laser Is actually aimed somewhere different than where the crosshair is centered, so this is a very, very big issue for people with rifles or scopes or guns, so they actually have to align their crosshair to match the laser.

So it’s on point. So this is basically a big big problem. Solver now, once i found this, i knew that this was the perfect product. The likes were good and the engagement was also amazing. So i went over to the competitor’s site and they were selling it for 54.

99. So then i go over to aliexpress.com to see the pricing and it was 11.20. This is what a product that’s. Winning looks like i already have a general store, so the only thing left for me to do now is upload.

This to my store, add a description, get a video ad made and yeah. So before i started with the store bill, i thought it would be a good idea to submit the video ad. So while we’re building the store, we can have that running and being worked on.

In the background, i went with the split testing package and filled out all the information required which wasn’t really too much and decided to submit the product all right. So i just submitted the video ad and if you guys need a video ad, there is a link below you can go check out, but in around a day or two we should have the video ads ready and in the meantime, i’m gon Na go ahead and upload the product to my store and just make the product page one step better than our competitor, so i’m gonna go ahead and start uploading the product to our store and get started all right everyone.

So i just finished the website. It’s, not completely done because i’m waiting for the video ad, so i can convert those into gifs and then place them on the website. So i found this image on google and i photoshopped it and it wasn’t 3d at first, so i made it 3d and then added this little reflection right here so that it just looks like it’s floating.

Have this nice little 50 off free shipping – and we also have reviews right here so that’s, pretty much it for the shopify store itself. I actually also changed the logo so that it has this little target.

Next to it. Usually it’s, a general store and it would just be empty, but since we want this store to feel more like a store just for this product, i just added a little red pointer right here, just to add that little bit of hunting vibe.

So yeah overall, we’re, pretty much done with everything. We just need to wait for the ads and then revise our product description a bit, and we should be good to go to start running ads. I’ll catch up with you guys once i get all the video creatives and thumbnails and all that so yeah i’ll, see you guys, then so it is currently the next day and i received all the videos and all the Content for our video creatives a few hours ago, and now i’m just going to go over and review them with you guys and by the way for those wondering this mic, doesn’t actually even work.

It’s, not even plugged into anything. I just thought i’d, mention that, but anyway, i’m gonna hop onto my screen and let’s, go ahead and review all of the videos. So, as you can see, we got three different videos with the first three to five seconds being different.

We have ad copy and a few thumbnails, let’s, go ahead and view the first video [ Music ] boring. That was probably super loud, but nonetheless it was a pretty good video, not gonna lie. So now i’m gonna go ahead and check out the ad copy that we got probably actually not gonna use this exact ad copy.

I want it a little bit shorter, so i’m gonna edit mine and then we have all three of the thumbnails. So, overall, everything came out pretty good, and now i’m gonna go ahead and turn some of the video content here that i got into gifs and add them on the website, just to make our website more appealing and different from the competition And then, after that later tonight i’m gonna throw all of them into facebook, ads and start choosing interest and start running the ad and then hopefully we should start seeing some crisp dollar bills coming into our bank account in no time.

So i’m gonna go ahead and do all that and then catch up with you guys in a few, so i was on it. I had no time to waste, i started by creating the campaign and then targeting the interest hunting, because that made sense, and then i only ran this on facebook and instagram feeds since that’s, where most of the results come from and set the Budget at 15 per day here’s, the primary text on what i added pretty simple short and straight to the point, and then we added a link to our store and then for the headliners put the name of the product.

Just so it’s, simple five stars, you already know rate is five out of five and then shop. Now, as always, then i just confirmed it and then i just duplicated it six more times and changed the interest, as you can see here, all right guys.

So it’s currently the next day and we actually didn’t, get any sales and so far we have spent 59 with a good click-through rate and no sales actually. But there is somebody who’s actually checking out right.

Now i’m, not sure if he’s gonna purchase, but yeah i’m, just waiting to see if this guy will actually purchase. I thought we weren’t going to get that order 52 dollars because he did pay for the 699 shipping option.

The first order right there 51.94. Now we know that somebody’s actually interested in the product, but yeah we got our first sale for the day. Hopefully we get a few more sales throughout the day and i’ll.

Keep you updated at the end of the day. What’s going on guys, so i just got back and came back to another sale. Actually, as you can see 142, so we have three orders for the day. All right and here’s.

The end of the day, reporting 142 for revenue, product cost is 45. marketing is 104 and a total of negative seven dollars in profit all right, so it is currently 11 50 a.m. September 29th, on a tuesday, and i just woke up pretty satisfying news.

Actually, i woke up to a few sales. Unlike last time, we actually woke up to four orders, which is crazy, so here’s, the four orders: each person only bought one, and only one person did pay for the premium shipping.

So today’s. Looking a lot better, our ad spend for the day is only 41, but anyway i’m gonna go and get something to eat and then keep you guys updated along the way all right. So we just got another sale.

I actually was recording this whole time and just missed it. So there’s, the sale all right, so we have five orders for the day we have 232 dollars in sales, not bad, and this was the guy who purchased so we had 232 dollars for the day, not bad.

Actually, we’re. Only halfway through the day now i’m, going to show you guys the profits. So today we actually profited 217 very happy with the results. I’m gonna work on the ads and get back to all right guys.

So it is currently the end of the day, so it is around 11 52 and, as you can see, we have a pretty good amount of sales for this store, and i’m gonna show you guys everything from a to z on my Computer right here and you guys are probably like shariful – you can easily draft order all of these sales and just make this entire video, and while that may be true, no, i’m just kidding.

I’ll, go into my computer and show you guys everything and i’m gonna hop onto my screen. Right now and yeah. You guys can see the entire screen. We did 559 for the day. You can see it’s about to be 12.

, but if we go to orders, you can see that for draft orders right here there is no draft orders and then for the orders you can see. I’m gonna have to block all of these names out, but you can see that all of these orders are right here and if we go over here, you can see that we can start from the entire process how we started from day.

One so we actually had zero sales, and now we’re at 559, so that wraps it up for friday, i’ll, see you guys tomorrow, all right guys, so it is currently october 3rd and since we didn’t Scale yesterday, today’s, results were actually reasonable, so we did 443.

I’m, pretty sure and we didn’t even scale, so the results make sense. Tonight. We’re, actually gonna scale. Now that we have some pretty strong ad sets – and i’m gonna go on my computer and show you all all right, so i just loaded up and for today we actually did 187 in profit.

But now i’m, going to hop into the ad account and show you how we scale so. The first thing we want to do when scaling is select. The past three days then take a look at all of your highest row as and purchase ad sets and then select the top five, and then we want to duplicate it into a new campaign known as a cbo campaign.

Now, once i have all of the five best ad sets, i’m gonna remove the word copy from all of them, because i don ‘ T really need that and click on the cbo option right here and set the budget to 100 per day.

Then, once you’re done just click the nice green publish button and wait for all of your assets to be published, but that wraps it up for saturday, which is today october 3rd, and i will catch up with you tomorrow on how this whole Process goes see you guys tomorrow, yo hold your horses, so i know i said tomorrow, but since the cbo campaign needed time to actually optimize – and i didn’t want the video to get too repetitive.

I actually updated you guys two days later, so it is currently october 6th and remember that promise i made in the beginning of the video of how we’re, going to take this store from 0 to 1k per day. Well.

Today. Is that day that we actually hit 1k in a day? So officially this challenge is complete, but we’re going to take this to even more of a scale. Now remember: we started this on around september 27th or 28th, so it has been around eight days since this store was completely at zero and we’re doing one thousand dollars per day.

Now that just shows the power of e-commerce. I’m, doing it in front of you guys, and yet some of you guys still say drop shipping is dead. It’s false, but anyway i’m gonna hop onto my computer, and i’m gonna break down everything for you guys.

So let’s get on over all right. So i’m on my computer now and, as you guys can see, we did a whopping 1032.65 in a single day and refresh for you guys to show you that this isn’t some bs or some fake things.

I just did to put this video out. This is a real shopify store that you guys saw me start, so you can see it just refreshed and let’s go over to when we started now, which was, i think, the 27th or the 28th that might be wrong to today.

So yeah 27th, we actually did nothing in sales, so this is the day before we actually launched the store and then the 28th and then finally, today 1032, but yeah overall, everything is going pretty good.

We hit our goal as promised, and i’m. Just going to keep updating you guys on what happens, but if you are enjoying this video so far just drop a like right now, so it’s been two days since i last updated.

You guys and the ads are pretty much doing its job, and today we actually hit a new all-time high of one thousand. Two hundred, as you can see, one thousand two hundred yesterday was pretty bad and then this week and this month 5600 – and this is only showing the results of this month, so we’re at about 6400 or something like that and now of course, We’re, not 6400 in profit.

I’m gonna reveal the profit to you guys all at the end, but this was just a little update to show you guys how things are going and if you guys are enjoying this video. So far, remember to slap that little like button all right, so it has been around a week since i last updated you guys and if you’ve been dropping for a while.

You know that we encounter a lot of issues on a daily basis and i actually encountered one of the most craziest reasons for the ending of this challenge. I would tell you to ask mark zuckerberg himself, but basically we got a banned facebook page now.

The reason for the ban was for misleading content, which i really don’t understand. So i did submit an appeal when this happened, which was two days ago, but i didn’t hear back from them, so i thought this would be sort of a good spot to end this, but before i end it, of course i’m not gonna leave.

You guys hanging. I’m gonna show you guys all the details, all the profit, so yeah, as you guys, can see the screen. We did 14 349, but you can see here that we actually hit 1700 in one day then from here it was sort of fluctuating, but october 14th was interesting because we were gonna hit two thousand dollars in sales, and this is the day we actually got Banned but anyway, i’m gonna go into the analytics of this, and i’ll, also refresh this for all of the refresh police.

In the comments telling me, oh, i didn’t refresh or whatever. So here is the refresh for you guys and what’s interesting? Is we had a two percent conversion rate without using paypal but yeah? I’m, going to show you guys the stripe account because i know there’s.

Still some non-believers out there, so i’m going to go from the day we started, which was the 27th up until today, and we did a good 14 489, but that sums it up for the revenue we did on the store. Now i’m, going to show you guys the ads manager and then i’ll.

Show you the profits. So here are all the campaigns that we made. I actually made a page likes campaign called interest campaign that didn ‘ T really work out and the retargeting that i remade down here, so the test interest campaign that you saw me make all the interest in has a 2.

64 roads. The next campaign, our look-alikes. I actually only got to do the 95 video view look-alikes, and they were doing amazingly amazingly. Well, then, for these top five cbo’s, i just took the best interest out of the testing and put them here at 100.

200. A day budget. I was actually scaling one of them until you already know what happened, and then we have the retargeting, which was actually working pretty well all right. So now you guys may be wondering which video actually performed the best.

So i’m gonna go into my campaign right here and then choose one of the ad sets and after looking into it, one actually did perform the best. So i’m gonna go into the facebook post with comments and show you guys how many likes and engagement this creative actually got, and here’s.

The video and the interesting part is, i actually spelt bore incorrectly, so it’s supposed to be b, o r e, not b o a r and people were asking me in the comments for that. But anyway, the video did get 1 400 likes and i think it was like almost 200 000 views that it gathered.

Comments are pretty good 225 with 466 shares, and this was actually our best performing creative wow. My computer is getting hot, but finally, last but not least, we have the profit sheet right here. So, as you can see, we profited a grand total of 4 403 by the way.

Yes, this is the daily profits and i forgot to go over it so yeah. So the total revenue was actually 14 402. Our ad spend equaled up to 5 327, our cost of goods, which was the cost for the product added up to 4, 203 um, and now the cost for the apps was actually a bit higher than usual 131 um, and these were unnecessary apps as well fees.

291 uh, which means 14 402 minus our cost, which added up to 9952 uh. We are left with a solid profit of 4 450., but yeah 4 400. Profit is not bad. It’s about a 30 margin and i really haven’t, seen any other youtubers build and scale a store live like this.

So leave a like in the comment section down below. If you did enjoy this video and in the description, i will leave a link to a behind the scenes and go more into depth on these numbers. If you guys are interested in that.

But anyway, i hope you guys did enjoy this video and if you did remember, to smash that, like button share this video with your friends, anyone who’s interested in getting into drop shipping – and this sort of just proves that drop shipping is legit.

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