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You know you try 10 things and only two sources work out at the end and they actually bring you the maximum amount of revenue. Well, you have probably heard of the 80/20 rule it’s kind of like that. This is our first video in the affiliate marketing series, and today we’re, going to discuss how we run close to $ 2,000 in a matter of three months by promoting a particular ad network and that’s about $ 600 in Passive revenue in a month well either stop beating around the bush for now and tell you which affiliate program of talking about it is a media dotnet, affiliate, gold program.

Media dotnet is a contextual ad network which allows us publishers to earn revenue from their blogs and websites by displaying relevant ads. It is the second largest contextual ad network, only after Adsense and works well with specific niches and demographics like the US and Canada apart from absence, media, not net can be a great network to supplement your revenue from your website or blog and for a lot of Publishers to bring around 50 to 60 % of what Adsense bring for them in terms of ad revenue, so ensured publishers can make money from media net.

If you focus on the right niche bloggers of log on topics related to affiliate, marketing and WordPress can make use of media dog nets. Referral programs to further earn revenue through referral commissions.

So in this video we’re, going to discuss in detail how you can earn money through media darknes, affiliate program, making money from affiliate networks peak sometime it’s, not that you start earning money instantly or maybe sometimes not even in A fortnight when we went live with media darknets affiliate program with one of our brands here at digimax for the first few months, the stats were reading zero everywhere, although there were signups, but the publishers, didn’t go live and we were not earning Any money at all, so at one point in time we literally stopped checking the stats and earnings one fine day.

However, when we checked our PayPal account, we found we had earned six hundred plus dollars from an ad network. We didn’t instantly recognize so when we looked deeper into it. To our surprise, we found that the money had come from media darknets, affiliate programs pleasant surprise.

It was indeed media. Dotnet was making good revenue for us so far and we decided to check our dashboard and when we logged into the affiliate center, we found that we had actually earned good revenue from media outlets.

Affiliate program here’s, a peek at our stats and if you have any queries, feel free to comment below this report is from September 2017. And if you looked at the Commission’s, we have earned around two thousand ninety one dollars and eighty one cents and that to within a mere three months.

Now, if you could also look closer to the approved versus the live signups, then you would find that we have seven approved signups, where six of them have already gone, live signups become live when they implement their media.

Dotnet add quotes into their sites. Our college strategy is to further increase the media dotnet signups through referrals and by serving a divide through DSP [ Music ], in order to apply for media darknets, affiliate program, click on the info card up top or go down to the description panel below where we Have provided a link to the media, dotnet Affiliate Center fill up the form and click on the I agree to media darkness, program guidelines and then click on get started upon submission of form.

You will be prompted to verify your email ID once you verify your email ID. It usually takes around $ 40 for media dotnet to process your account at times it may take a bit longer. So your advice, via pic patience and account representative, will get touch with you with further information feel contacted with the media darknets affiliate team, then the whole process becomes much much easier and also you can get in touch with them directly and they will open an account For you, once your account is active, you can explore your media dotnet Affiliate Center.

It contains three tabs dashboard programs and reports. The dashboard tab gives you an overview of the approved and live signups. The commission’s, earn till date and a graph that represents the daily Commission’s.

Programs tablets the affiliate program you’re, promoting in our case we are promoting the media dotnet code program. It also contains banners and referral link code which you can use to promote media dotnet on your blogs and web sites.

The reports tab shows a detailed graph of the earnings approved signups life publishers and overall estimated earnings. Media dotnet affiliates program offers affiliates an opportunity to earn 10 % of their referrals earnings for 12 months from the date of sign up.

So if you refer a publisher who’s, making $ 100 per day through media dotnet, then you ‘ Ll earn $ 10 per day. This can be a very lucrative income if you can refer to to three such publishers every month.

Right now we’re, going to discuss strategies which you can adapt to earn more revenue through media darknets referral program. Point number one: affiliate: banners, media door. It offers a variety of banners which you can use to promote them on your blog or website.

We would recommend you to go for 336 by 280, 300 by 250 and 728 by 90 for desktop and 320 500 sticky banners from mobile number 2 affiliate links. You can also create call-to-action links which can prompt publishers to sign up with media dotnet.

Sometimes hard sell works and you can get a good chunk of their revenue. Number 3 create native ad units using DFP, creating native affiliate ads using the FB can improve the overall click-through rates on your website.

Also, it could seamlessly blend with your content and create more genuine clicks. Number 4 create video tutorials. You can also create video tutorials on media dotnet. That would help publishers increase their revenue through the media, dotnet programs.

You can also talk about the Nicias which work well with media dotnet and talk about a dog de migration strategies that could help publishers earn more revenue from media. Dotnet number 5 provide an optimization consultation.

We are providing ad optimization consultation to your clients, consider media dotnet as a useful option. They perform really well with US and Canadian traffic’s. You can earn good money through referrals, [, Music ] for any affiliate program.

Targeting the right audience is a very crucial part. It is always important to address the right audience and to explain to them about your product. Since media dotnet doesn’t work well with all Gio’s and niches, you should do a little research first and suggest publishers about the niches that can do really well on media darknet.

As a publisher, too, you can sign up with media dotnet and earn good revenue for your blog or website. You may consider exploring media dot Nets interface first and then share your earnings experience of success stories, which would encourage more publishers to sign up with media dotnet.

So now that you know that you can earn good revenue from media dot Nets, contextual ad program and also its affiliate program. Why don’t you give it a try if you have good traffic coming from the US and Canada and have blogs related to travel products or even affiliate marketing media dotnet is the right answer for your contextual ad needs, as well as a good Resource for an affiliate program, so if you are interested and want to sign up for media darknets contextual ad program, you can click on the info card up top right now or if your blogs related to affiliate marketing and want to sign up for their affiliate program.

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