How to Use SendOwl for the First Time (Its so easy!)

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I’m gonna show you. How to add products on send owl send owl is an online shopping cart for selling products. Alright, let’s. Just jump right in first, you’re gonna just go and sign in to your account after you sign in you’re gonna be brought to the dashboard page.

Yours will look similar to this. As you can see, I’ve made a few sales this month. If you look on your left hand, side you’re gonna see products, click products here I’ve added a few of my previous products, but today I’ll, just add a new one, alright, so click product, and Now you have to choose what type of product you’re gonna add.

If it’s gonna be a digital file. If it’s, gonna be software, a physical product you choose here, I’m gonna start with digital file. I’m gonna name my file product 1. It’s, gonna be $ 50, and I’m gonna attach a file here.

Alright, now that I have my file attached, I’m ready to create the product. Alright, after you click create product, you’ll, be redirected to this page, where you’re gonna be able to start selling your product.

So what you can do is it will give you a link wherever you’re planning on selling your product, you’re gonna use that link to sell your product. You have the option at the bottom here to edit your project product.

If there’s, anything that you want to change like price or file, and now you can return to the products page. Alright, you can see here. My product has been added right at the bottom. Now let’s, go try another one.

Alright for other types of products, click again add product and we’re gonna do service. So first all you’re gonna need is the name of the product. This one’s. Gon na be product. You’re gonna want a price $ 10, and then you can create the service again.

It gives you the link social sharing options and then code to use for your website or blog as you can see, send out, is really easy to use. The user interface is great and really intuitive. It makes a lot of sense.

The way they have things set up there’s, a few other things that I want to show you before we move on. So if you go to add product and click bundle, you can add the name of your bundle. You can do P 1 & amp 2, so I’m gonna bundle, my products together, I can choose my product and then this product here and I can sell it for whatever I choose so that way, if you want to have some special Ordeal where you’re selling, two products for the price of one or something like that.

You can had two products, a bundle and then give it a special price click. Create bundle gives you your links, your social sharing and then the code for your website or blog. Now, you can go back and edit these products at any time.

Alright, now that we’ve gone through the product creation process, go down and click on your product that you’ve created, and it brings you to the Edit product page. It has the name of your product, the price of your product, and then you can manage your product from a sales page here.

Other options that you’ll want to understand are under Advanced Options. You can do prices guide where it lets the buyer. Pay any amount they want. I don ‘ T really know why you do that. You can also set a quantity limit.

You can set sales limits, type of currency. You can redirect the URL. You can also issue free orders to check if your product is working if the links are working properly, to make sure that you have the right file uploaded into the product, just everything as far as checking before your product is actually published.

You can do all of that here. You can also view your button code again like before it shows all of your links and then codes and social sharing all right. Now, after you’ve added your product go to the left hand side and you’re, going to see the orders.

Tab, click on orders, and here it will show you everything that has been purchased. Now you probably don’t, have anything here yet, but you’ll want to check here. As you start, making making sales it ‘

Ll show you what was issued for free. What orders are complete if you’ve, given any refunds, it will show refunds, and it also gives you order numbers and then all the information that you’ll need for each order.

It’s, important to see that if you click into the order, you’ll, be able to issue a refund here, revoke access to the product or delete the order entirely. All right. The next part that we’re gonna look at is the market of the product.

Sandow has created a few really cool, but very simple tools for the marketing of your product. You can do coupons, you can do discounts or upsells. If you look at the upsell tab here, I don’t currently have any upsells, but what you can do is if someone goes to purchase your product, they pay, they enter their information.

You can have a window that pops, oh this says, add this. For X, amount of dollars or, however, it is, and then they can have the opportunity to just click purchase and then they don’t have to ran to their card information.

It’s, a really effective way of getting a little bit of extra money out of each customer. You also have the option to add affiliates to your products. I don’t have any on my products, but that’s. An option if that’s, something you’re interested in also.

You can connect an email list here. So if you want to email out information about your products or your customers know about a certain deal, you can hook up popular mailing list providers and you can see those here on the screen, the last option they have as far as marketing his car abandonment.

If someone is about to purchase your product and they go to a man in their cart, it’ll pop up a window that says: wait. Don’t go yet you can have 20 % off this or 20 % off everything in your cart. It’s just another way to try and get the customer to stay before they leave the next thing that they offer are analytics.

It’s, really nice to have analytics reporting on all the things that you’re selling. You can see here that you can change from total income to income by product. What discounts you’ve, been given how your affiliates are performing, orders that were given as gifts and then also the the geographic location of your customers.

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