How To Start An Affiliate Program With Shopify

Shopify Affiliate Warrior

So from your Shopify dashboard, all we’re going to do is click on apps and then we’re, going to click on visit, Shopify app store and we’re, going to search for an app called affiliate Li. So if you just type in ass and if you scroll down you’ll see this bottom.

One here is affiliate Li and then you’re, going to see it’s. This first app here now I’ve, tested out many different apps for creating affiliate programs, and I think in 2019. Affiliate Li is the best app before creating a philia program.

So if we just click on this, and the reason that I think that this is the best app is because it’s, so reasonably priced. If we scroll down and have a look at their packages, we can see the cheapest package 16 dollars a month and you can have 50 active affiliates now.

That is a lot of people for promoting your products on your store and then, if you feel like you need more affiliates, you can always upgrade your plan to 24 dollars a month and get 200 affiliates and still that’s.

A very high amount of affiliates to promote your products so for the price I think, is really good and it’s, a really powerful app that allows you to create a great-looking affiliate program. So all we’re going to do.

Is click add app and then it’s going to bring us back to our Shopify dashboard and from here it’s just going to ask for some permissions. So all we’re going to do. Is click install app and then we need to authenticate our store so head back over to your store and just grab your URL so just copy this, and we’re just going to paste that into here and just delete this admin apps after it.

Just up and to the comm and then we’re just going to click authenticate and then it’s. Just going to ask you for a few details so enter in your email address your website, which we just entered in your name.

So it will grab most of the stuff from the information that you’ve already entered into Shopify and then just enter in your password. Then you can choose your plan. So if you’re going for the cheapest plan, you can go here all the way up to 129 dollars a month, but that’s, probably for people who have a massive army of a few years.

So maybe, if you’re, just starting out, choose this and then just accept the terms and click register. Once you’ve registered, it will bring you back to your Shopify dashboard, so just give it a few moments to load and it’s going to ask you to enter in your credit card details.

Now you don’t. Actually have to do this, you can continue without entering them, so that’s. What we’re going to do so. If you just want to try the 30-day free trial, you can do that, so just go back to apps and now, if we click on the actual app it’s, going to bring us into the affiliate Lea app without having to actually enter in Our card details now from the affiliate Lea dashboard.

We can enter in the email and password that we just registered with, and then click login and now it’s going to say, welcome to affiliate Lea, and this is going to be the quick setup for your affiliate program.

So let’s just go through a few things in this quick setup that we can use to create our affiliate program. So, firstly, you want to choose your currency, so this is going to be the currency that you actually pay your affiliates in.

So obviously I’m based in England, so mine is the Great British pound. But if you’re in the USA, then you can choose the dollar. If you’re in Europe, you can choose Euros: Australia, Australian dollars, New Zealand, there’s, all of the different types of currencies that you might want to use for your Shopify store.

I’m just going to leave this as default currency for Great British pounds. Then you can choose your time zone. So, whatever time zone you’re on just make sure you choose that and your date format. So I’ve just gone for day month year and that’s perfectly fine.

Then you can enter in your login text. So when an affiliate actually logs into your affiliate program, what are they going to see so I would say getting rid of the dot-com area and just have your websites name.

So if your website is Apple Apple comm, then we can just say: welcome to Apple &. # 39 s affiliate program, there we go and next up you can choose which traffic tracking method you want to use. So this is basically what your affiliates are going to use to actually promote your brand or your store.

So I mostly like to use track by link, of course, so they can put their links in their blogs on their social media and things like that and also by coupon code, because then they can share coupon codes with their audience.

And then you can check that if that coupon code has been used, it comes from that affiliate and that’s a great way. You know. If you’re using influencers on Instagram, you can give them a coupon code with their name and number ten for ten percent off, so it could be Elliott.

Ten would be my coupon code. I can share it with my audience and then, if somebody clicks through and uses that coupon code, you know it comes from that affiliate now: QR code, SKU and email. I leave them on ticked because, to be honest with you, they’re, not going to be used that much if you’re just recruiting regular influences, so just leave them untape because they’re, not really necessary.

Then all we’re going to do is click on next step and then it will bring us to the second page of our quick setup. So on this second page of the quick setup, it’s, going to ask us a few more questions and the first one is the default cookie duration.

So this is basically saying: how long will our website track a user for once they’ve, actually clicked onto our site, so this one is saying default seven days so for one week, if someone clicks on an affiliates link and the customer makes a Purchase within seven days, they will be able to get the referral money for it and if it’s after the seven days, then we won’t have to pay our affiliate now.

A good way to actually attract affiliates onto your program is by offering a really high cookie duration, so something like at least minimum 30 days, which means, if somebody clicks on an affiliate link and then they decide to purchase within those 30 days.

Then that affiliate is going to receive the Commission and, like I said, if you only have you know a five day, cookie duration and they feel it’s gonna think wow. So somebody is going to click on my link and then, if they don’t make a purchase within five days.

I get no Commission, so I generally would put this to actually something like sixty days, because when you’re trying to recruit a Phillies, you can say to them. We have a 60 day, cookie duration, and that’s.

It they’re, going to think wow. That’s, actually a quite a long, and you’re, going to entice them to want to join your feeder program and promote your products and either way if somebody purchases in within the 60 days, it may have been because they clicked On the affiliates link and they kind of deserve the Commission in it any case, so the next up is link tracking earning types.

So you can say a percentage, you can say, buy a visit, so you could pay someone 1 % every time. Someone even goes to your website, but or you can do a flat rate purchase. So if somebody purchases something and the affiliate gets $ 5 every single purchase.

Now, personally, I always prefer percentage from purchase and I would generally say offer this really depends on your pricing model, how much profit you can make out of it, but a general rule of thumb for any affiliate.

They want at least 10 % so, like I said, if it’s, a digital product, then you could say 50 % because it’s not going to cost you anything when you actually send out to your customer. When your customer pays, you get 50 % in your affiliate gets 50 %.

If it’s, a product say, for example, clothing and you are purchasing the clothing for $ 10 and you’re selling it for 20, and then you’re, offering a 10 % commission. Then your affiliate is going to get $ 2, which means you will make $ 8 profit.

Once you take the $ 2 off of the $ 20, you’re selling, for so 10 %. Is you know? At least I would say the minimum that you would want to offer your affiliates if you are really trying to recruit and then once again for the coupon code, I would say 10 % as well.

Now, like I said, you can set this to whatever amount you like and the cookie duration for, however long you like, but if you really are looking to recruit some good affiliates that want to promote your products, then you probably want to at least offer something similar To this, so then we’re, just going to go click next step and finally, this is going to ask us some questions about how he wants to pay our affiliates.

So, firstly, what is the default minimum payout? So basically this means. How much does your Fiat have to earn in Commission before you actually pay them now? Once again, this is totally down to you most affiliate programs.

It’s, usually at least $ 50 before you get paid out, so I would say: go for something like $ 50, because if an affiliate makes commission to 3 for $ 5, you know it’s, not really worth it. For you to end up paying them out, so let’s just say $ 50 and then choose the method that you actually want to pay them out with.

So generally, I would just say: PayPal and bank transfer don ‘ T worry about cheque gift card Bitcoin. They’re all a little bit shady for me personally, and I would just stick to bank transfer and PayPal.

So once you’ve done that just keep scrolling, you can add a private sign up to your affiliate program, which basically means you can only your affiliate program is invite-only, so people can’t go onto your website and just sign up For your Fiat program, they have to actually be sent the link to it.

I wouldn’t bother with that, because when you have your store, you want to advertise your field program, so people know about it and they’re more likely to sign up and promote your products. And then you can have this Auto approved tix, which means as soon as somebody signs up they get approved immediately, so they become a feel it immediately.

If you uncheck this, then that means you have to go in and check all of the signups for your affiliate program and go and approve them yourself. That’s totally up to you, because if you have a brand, where you only want certain people promoting your product, then you might not just want anybody to sign up for the affiliate program and start promoting it.

So then you would leave this unchecked, whereas if you have a brand where you just want to get as many feeis and as many people promoting your brand as possible, then you would just leave this ticked.

So we’re just going to click Next and basically our affiliate program is now set up and it’s ready to go so now we’re just going to click. Go to your panel and I’m just going to show you a few things in your affiliate panel that you can use to utilize your field program to the in the best possible way.

So let me just give you an overview of your affiliate Li backend, dashboard and, and we’ll, show you what each of these tabs are for and then I will show you how you can embed your affiliate signup form onto your Shopify store.

So, firstly, we have the dashboard – and this is basically an overview of how much your affiliates have generated for you. So you can see a fear earnings how many visits they’ve generated for you, how many new orders, how much you have to pay? Your affiliates, how much you haven’t paid and things like that, and then they have it all in different chart forms.

So you can see visits to your site so how much traffic your affiliates are generating for you orders made so how many orders they’re generating for you and conversion, so how many people are purchasing through your affiliates.

So this is more just like a general overview of your affiliate program. Then, if we click on a fear it, this is where we will see each individual affiliate. So when somebody signs up for your field program, they’ll, be here, so you initially get one which is called the attest affiliate, but let’s say somebody actually does go and sign up for your free.

That program. You’ll, be able to see them here, and this is actually where you can pay your affiliates. So it’s. Really it’s quite important. So if you click on this little cog here and you’ll see the different information that the affiliates so their name, their email.

Maybe if they’ve lost that password. You can reset it for them, and this is a really great thing, because you can actually choose the cookie duration and the percentage per philia. So let’s say you have somebody that has a massive following: 1 million Instagram influences Instagram followers.

Sorry and you want to entice them to join your affiliate program. Well, you can say you know what just for you. We’re gonna offer you 25 % Commission because they have such a massive following or they’ve got 25,000 YouTube subscribers and you want to get them on board really badly.

You say for you: we’re, going to offer you a 25 % Commission so within here. Like I said, if you click on this call, you can actually update things per individual affiliate. You could say to them. We’re gonna offer you a 100 day, cookie duration and all of those types of things that you can tailor for each person or affiliate.

You can also block affiliates. So let’s say you’ve fallen out with a influencer, and you don’t want them in your affiliate program anymore. You can just delete them and block them or disapprove them and basically get rid of them from your affiliate program and also you can leave some notes.

You know maybe to say if you are having, if you have different staff leadership, forests or to say this is a really important influencer, try and keep them happy, and things like that. So you could leave some notes in here and then, if we scroll back up, we can have a look at earnings, so we can see how much this individual affiliate has earned for us and we can also pay them.

So if we go over here, we can enter in how much we’re going to pay them. So we owe them 20 pounds, let’s, say and then we’re going to change the payment method. So we can say we want to pay them through PayPal and then we would enter in their email address, that they want to be paid to click, Save, and then you just blue mark some as paid and that will actually be transferred to their PayPal account or If you want, if they want to be paid by a bank transfer, then you would see you can enter in their bank details and once again, just do Marc summers paid you enter in how much you owe them and that’s.

How you pay your affiliates? You can also have a look at payment history to see how much you paid them over a period of time and also their stats. So this is a really important tab and next up we have orders.

So these are basically all of the orders that have ever been made through your affiliate links, so it’s just another way of tracking it, and next up we have banners now. This is quite important as well, because if somebody wants to promote your products on their blog, then they’re, going to need some sort of marketing collateral to add to their websites.

So this is basically where you would add your banners and then your affiliates can come on here and get your banners and add it to their blogs or to their social media accounts. So if you want to create some banners for your store, you can see the common banner sizes here.

So if we click on this, then we can have a look at the different banner sizes, so we have a pop under which is 720 by 300. So let’s just say somebody wanted to advertise your products in the side park sidebar of their WordPress blog.

Then you might want to create something like a why scraper, which is 160 by 600, and then they can take this and add this to their blog. So let me just show you how that looks. So if we add a new banner here, we can choose a file and let’s just say for argument’s sake.

This was a banner, so just the logo and then you can do it a banner category. So what type of banner is this now we need to actually set the banner categories from the banner settings over here and then set the specific URL, so you would actually set this banners URL.

So when somebody clicks on it, where does it go within your store? So if you want it, let’s, say for example. I wanted it to go to this case. So the banner is this case. Then someone could add to their block and then the URL would be the product URL from my Shopify store.

Now this short file store, doesn’t, have any products on it. But if I was to just add a product, let’s just say for argument’s sake. Let’s, add a product very, very quickly. So I can show you how to do this, so we’re just going to say case very briefly, and we’ll just save this and then, if we actually just view this, we can get the URL.

So if we just go to view, we’ll grab this URL. So this is the case here and we would put this in here so that’s, the URL. So basically, when somebody clicks on this banner that’s on an affiliates blog, they’re gonna come to this page.

Now. You can also set the width and the height. So once again you would go and have a look at the sizes that I just showed you and basically set to that and any notes that you want your Felix to see about this banner.

So it might just be if it’s for a Black Friday, it would be. You know, use this banner on Black Friday only or use this banner on Cyber Monday. Only so use this banner on Cyber Monday. Only so then you would just click upload, and you can see here that this is a banner.

So now somebody can grab this banner and they can actually upload it to their blog or their social media accounts like I was saying before, so that’s, basically an overview of banners. Next up we have set now.

This is basically what we’ve done in the beginning of the tutorial, but if you ever do want to change them, you can come into settings and you can change them. You can add things like a signup bonus. So I don’t personally recommend this, but if every time an affiliate signs up, they could get a little bonus just instantly for signing up.

You can block certain IP addresses. So if you have someone that you think may be a hacker or somebody they don’t want using your affiliate program again, you can block it or you can block certain emails.

Once again, you can update your currency. You can have Commission tiers so that when somebody hits a certain amount of a feel its link clicks or things like that, then they tear up in the Commission. So you could have a 10 % commission and then, when they make a certain amount of sales from their affiliate links, they’re, going to the 20 % Commission tier and things like that, and there’s.

So many different things that you can set up here, so a felis approved upon registration. Like I said you can untick tick that here and you have your banner settings. So this is basically the area where you can do a lot of things through settings.

For example, you can also promote your affiliate program on a feel it Lee’s own website, so you will see here promote your program on our site. So if you click see options and then you can just fill this out, so you could put your affiliate programs name.

So, whatever your name is, we like. We call the Apple before so that Apple affiliate program and you can tick promote, and then you can choose a category. So let’s say for Apple. It would be something like technology.

I’m. Sure is here: if they have it, or maybe maybe under shopping, so have a look and find the best category that suited to your store. So I would say: maybe let’s, just say: electronics, maybe for Apple.

Then you can put your store’s URL. So once again you would just grab your store’s URL, and you can paste it in here and just get rid of this over here. Then you ‘ Ve got your average order price, so you would obviously have to figure out that, based on how many sales you make so let’s just say that average order price is $ 50.

You can upload another banner, so you could just upload your logo. Maybe to here and then you can put a program description in so in here you would want to say we offer a 60-day cookie duration. We offer 10 % on each sale sale you make through your links.

We offer tracking through coupon codes, or you know you want to sum up your affiliate program in this description area, and then we just click Save so that’s. Another way that you can actually promote your affiliate program, which is really great now.

Another thing that you might want to have a look at so once again you can change the tracking in here, so you can track if you want to tick these later on, like I said, I don’t really find them that’S important, but if you ever want to change it, also payments if you ever want to update this, but a really important part under settings is customization, and this is basically how your affiliate program is going to look to your affiliates.

So we have text for affiliates login page, so when they log in you can just say, welcome to episode feel — it program. Can I make that a bit more in-depth? You can always add to that. We also have text for the epheus register page so when they’re registering.

What do you want to say? You know you could add in some text in there saying what we offer. We offer us to critique a 60 day, cookie duration. We offer a 10 % commission, so I’ll. Just add that in here, so let’s just say if I was to say we offer so you might want to just bullet point this.

So I think these should be ordered list. Actually an unordered list, so you can just say 60-day, cookie duration. You can say 10 % commission on every sale, so this is what they’re, going to see when actually go to register.

So you want to add in something in here that’s, going to entice them to register. I guess so in a way. If we just do this and then we can say, join the Apple affiliate program today, if you have a social media following or a blog and looking to monetize it, then our affiliate program could be for you and then you can say something like we offer and Then you just say what you offer you know, so you could say: discounts on our products, etc, etc.

So we can just save that and then we also have our felis info page. So when actually are signed up, so you can see this will be shown under the affiliate panel. So maybe any extra information that you want to add for your affiliate program and also, if you want to add any FAQ, so any frequently asked questions from your affiliates.

Then you can add them in here, and one important thing is the actual design customization. So we click on view and change. We can add in a few things in here, so we can change the custom background color.

So personally, I would just leave it as white, because I think that looks nice, but let’s say you want to change the font color. So let’s just say: I want to change it to this blue here then we can change the font color.

So we can just add this in here. Just make sure you add a hashtag in front of it and you can change the link. Color, so let’s say I want to change the links and I can also upload a logo. So when somebody actually signs in or they go to sign up for our field program, they know that it’s.

Your store’s, affiliate program because it’s. Gon na have your logo on it. So you can upload this and we could say max to 65 by I don’t know let’s just say 65. So obviously, work out the right pixel size before you do this, but just for the purpose of the too-tall.

If I click Save you can see now. My logo is here and all of my links have updated to this sort of blue color. So you can change it to match the branding of your store. So if we click Save Changes now we have affiliate program in branded as the same colors at our store and with our logo on so that’s.

Really important customization, I think, is a really good tab on here that you can use to actually customize your store now. Another thing is, if you go to tutorial and we’re, going to actually scroll down and click registration and login pages now from here.

This is where we can actually add the affiliate signup page to Shopify store. So what you’re, going to do you’re, going to grab this second one where it says iframe to load the whole page with the banner and text at the right.

So just copy this. So it’s under registration and login pages, which is on the tutorials panel, and then we’re going to head back over to our store. We’re, going to click on online store. We’re, going to click pages and then we’re, going to add a page.

So if we just add a page and we’re just going to call this affiliate program, so let’s. Just say this is the affiliate program and then click on this little button here, which says, show HTML and we’re just going to paste what we copied earlier in here and we’ll, just click Save and then, if we view The page we can see we have a feeling it’s ein up, so there we go that’s perfect.

Now, obviously you can actually hide this affiliate Li bit here. I think that looks a little bit messy. So we’re gonna go back to customization, so they’ll, go to settings, we’ll, go to customization and we go to design customization and we can actually hide this.

So this will hide the blue row with the affiliate logo, so we’ll, just click that and click Save. And now, if we head back to our store page and we update this, we can see that that has now gone so that’s perfect and you can see here is the information text I added.

So we want to add something like this to your page, so then people can actually be enticed to sign up. So what we’re, going to do now, actually ghosts going to sign up as an affiliate to check that our free Liat registration form is working correctly and just to see what dashboard looks like from an affiliate point of view.

So let me just enter in an old email address that I’m, not using anymore and a name. Let’s just say Bob Smith and we’ll just enter in a password and a password again. Then we can accept the terms and click on our robot, and this is a good way to double check that your affiliate registration form is working.

So then just click register and then it would say you have registered successfully. So then we can click on this and it’s, going to bring us to a feel it panel. So we’re just going to enter in that again and then we’ll just type in this again and we click the login.

And now you can see. This is what our affiliate program will look like from an affiliates point of view, so they can generate their links from here, so this will be their referral link. So this is the link that they would put on their blogs or in the YouTube description or on their Instagram feed, or anything like that, so they can generate other links.

So if they click on generate other links, they can get a link from our stores URL. So let’s say they wanted a product again. So let’s. If we go back to our products. I know it’s, not a very good product, but let’s just go on this and if we just view this product again, we can just say from an affiliate point of view.

Ok, so I want to promote this case product. So I would just take this case and then I would head over here and as an affiliate. I can paste this in here and click generate, and now I have this link, which will always link to this phone case and also have this piece of HTML code.

That maybe I want to add to my blog or something like that and then also under here. I can see the banners so here’s that banner I created earlier. So let’s say I wanted to get the HTML code for this banner.

I can get it from here and I can add that so if I just click generate, then I can put this on my blog as an affiliate, and I would promote this product here for this banner and we can also look at the payments.

So obviously there’s, no payments at the moment, but when you get paid out as an affiliate, you would see your payments in here your orders, so how many orders have come through your links and once again we have the link generator and also The info page, so you can see here this is my link and they can also generate that other links and you will receive 10 % commission.

So if I was to go back into my other panel now so this is me as the person who’s controlling the affiliate program, if i refresh this feel its page now, so I need to log out and log back in so let me Sign out and I’ll sign back in as myself.

So now I’m signing as the store owner again and I will log in and now, if I go to affiliates, we can see here this Bob Smith, who I just signed up, obviously has zero. So now, if I was to change this, unless I wanted to change this Bob Smith – and I want to give him – I want to be really generous to him and give him 90 percent commission.

So I can save this and now, if I log out again so let me just log out – and I’ll log back in as Bob Smith, and hopefully it should show that Bob Smith now has 90 %. So if I go to the info page, you can see here.

His commission has now been changed to ninety percent commission so that’s, really amazing what you can do with affiliate Li and that’s, basically the full tutorial we have set up the page. So if we go back to the page now – and we have a look at again – we know everything is in working order and once again you can just change everything on your affiliate page.

So let me just click on this philia program again and we’ll view this. You can change everything on here by going to that customize tab that I showed you earlier, and that is basically how you can set up an affiliate program for your Shopify store it’s, really quick will really easy just with one app $ 16.

A month and you can start recruiting affiliates who will promote your products now. Let me very briefly run through how you can actually recruit affiliates for your Shopify store. Now. The first thing that you can do is use YouTube.

So let’s say you are promoting a store in the gardening niche. You sell gardening products on your store or you’ve, got a drop shipping store in the gardening niche. Now what you could do is you could type something in to YouTube like how to plant lemon trees or lemon seeds.

Let’s say so you would type that in and then what you can do is you can filter this. So you could say you want it to be this year because you want your affiliate to still be relevant and then you can filter it by viewcount.

Now, obviously, it’s going to come up with the highest views first, so you don’t want to go for those people because more than likely, if they’re getting big views like this, then they may not join Your affiliate program, if you’re a small store, so what you can do is just keep scrolling all the way to the bottom.

So we’re gonna keep going. Let’s just say something around. I would say a thousand views would be good, so maybe this one seems pretty good, so 825 views in 10 months. So if I have to click on this person and let’s just pause this now I can see she has a 121 subscribers.

So she’s, probably not a great affiliate, so it’s, a bit of trial and error. But if we just open up their page, so we have a look at their YouTube page and see so she ‘ S only got let’s, have a look at the videos.

How many so not many videos. So probably you want someone a little bit more active than this. So what we can do is we’ll go back again and we can try and find affiliates in the gardening niche again. So look at this one gardening at home, so they might be perfect.

So let’s, open them up. They’re, not too big, so they’re more than likely, they might want to join your affiliate program 40,000 subscribers, which is pretty good, I would say, and you can see they get some decent engagement.

So now you can see she’s. This person is obviously active in the gardening niche. They have a good following. I’m, not too sure. Maybe this is Hindi or something so you know you might want to look for somebody that’s based in the country.

You’re targeting, but let’s just say they were us-based. Then we could have a look on their videos, so let’s open one of their videos up in a new tab and we’ll just pause this video very quickly. So let’s just pause this and we can try and look for their contact details now.

So let me just scroll down and see if I can find this person’s contact details. So let’s open this up. So they don’t have anything here, so maybe within their about page on here they might have their contact contact details.

So they don’t have any contact details, unfortunately, but you can always leave a comment down below on their YouTube and you could just say hey. I have some products that I think you would be great to promote for then leave your email and say email us.

If you want to be involved in our affiliate program or our ambassador program, as some people like to call it so that’s, one way of recruiting affiliates, maybe let’s, have a look and see if we can find one more Person on YouTube that actually might be perfect for an affiliate program in the gardening niche.

So you know you have to obviously spend a lot of time. You can’t just go and find any old affiliates, but let’s. Have a look, maybe this person might be perfect so once again, this one is obviously all Ganic.

So this is the gardening Nishant once again and once again maybe this is sort of hindi again I think, but you know you could always keep having a look. So I ‘ Ve only tried one thing: how to plant lemon seeds, so there’s, so many different things that you could try within the gardening ish.

And then, if we go to the about us so once again they don’t have any contact details. Unfortunately, so maybe let’s. Try another niche. Let’s just say you were in the dog training leash. So how to teach your dog to sit or to roll over okay? So you’re selling products within the dog leash, so we go to filter.

Then we say this year and then we can filter again by not upload date view count. And then we’re gonna scroll down, and we can say maybe this person, so it’s. Energy dog training, let’s, have a look at this guy.

He might have some good videos and some good engagement and could be an affiliate for our store that sells dog products. So let’s, see he hasn’t made anything for three months, so maybe that’s, not the type of a feel it that you’re.

Looking for, but let’s just say. Maybe he has some contact details, so he doesn’t, so it is quite a strenuous way to look for a felis, but this is the best way like I said. Obviously I’ve only tapped in few things, but any affiliates that I’ve ever recruited.

This is how I found them. I’ve, kept typing in video names for the products that I’m selling. Looking for affiliates looking for people with lowish amount of views, decent amount of subscribers, maybe one to two to three K and then seeing if they’re interested in joining the affiliate program.

It’s, a good way for them to monetize their channel, and so that’s. What you would want to say you would email them and say so. Let’s, have a look. Maybe this guy will give it one more try just to see, so you would email them.

We just say: hi, I’ve, discovered your YouTube channel. I think you have some really amazing content and don’t, think that would be very good to match with our brand or our Shopify store and you could promote our products.

This is a great way for you to monetize your videos, but that’s. What people are always looking for. We can set you up with your own personal discount code that you can share with your audience, and things like that.

So here we have. He has an email, so if we have a look at this, obviously I’m, not a robot. Let’s submit this and we can see so we can email. This guy and, like I said just say, hey we found. We discovered your YouTube channels, we think they’re, really amazing, your YouTube videos and we have an affiliate program that we think would align perfectly with your channel.

This is a great way to monetize your channel. We offer 10 % commission for you. We’ll, offer 20 % commission on every sell and send them a link to your affiliate, signup page from your Shopify store and ask them hey: do you want to sign up and we can create a 10 % personal discount code? Greg Lee tend to share with your audience.

Let us know if you’re interested and that’s. Basically it you want to keep looking for affiliates on YouTube once so he’s got 29,000 followers. So you know if you could get him as an affiliate for your dog drop shipping store or your store selling dog products.

Then you know he’s, probably gonna drive some pretty decent traffic and that’s. Basically, how you can use YouTube to find affiliates now let’s, have a look at Instagram. So once again, if we go back to the garden English regard, English, we can just type in hashtag gardening, on Instagram and we ‘

Ll. Have a look at the different posts that come up, so let’s just go for this first one! So let & # 39! S have a look at what this verse is: black girls with gardens, so that’s, a bit of a niche area.

So once again, if you’re selling gardening products, you could reach out to these people and say: hey. You know once again: we found your Instagram page. We really love your content, we think it’s, amazing.

We think it aligns with our store perfectly. Could we send you some free products and you can sign up for our feel — it program and that’s, a great way for you to monetize your Instagram page so on here let ‘

S have a look if we can find so they don’t seem to have a contact. So let’s, have a look, usually it would say, email for inquiries or something like that, but they obviously do not have one. But you can always direct message them and see if they want to sign up for your affiliate program.

But if we go back, maybe we can find another gardening page. So let’s, have a look. Let’s. Have a look at this one here, suburban existence, I don’t think that that is going to be a great page, but let’s have a look, so they have a big following once again, but they don’t Seem to have a contact page, but once again you could always just direct message them and say: hey.

We think we’d, be you’d, be the perfect affiliate for our affiliate program. So this is the two best ways I have found to actually find affiliates who are willing to promote your band. You can always register your affiliate program on websites like Clickbank, but if you’re selling products, you know drop shipping products.

There are physical products, then Clickbank is more for sort of digital products. I would say so. This is the best way to find affiliates for your affiliate program. So let’s. Just try one more on here once again with the dog niche.

So if we type dog training, so you can even got two million posts which is massive now. If we just have a look, maybe we could find someone who’s? Let’s just see. I think this is gonna be more of like a meme page dog lovers Club.

Even still, you know you could get these people to join your affiliate program. So, instead of paying them for a shout out, you could say: hey. We’ve, sent you some free products, and if you join our feed it program, then you can actually get 20 % Commission on every sale.

So you could reach out to these big Instagram influence pages like that, as well. So having an actual affiliate program for your store is really enticing because it means you don’t have to always pay as much as you would for a shout out on YouTube or on Instagram, because your commission is actually making up for that.

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