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How do you start flipping domains online and make money every time you sell one? Now, you might say Tommy this isn’t work anymore, but I’m telling you guys you can make a lot of money by buying domains and holding them and then sell it to the right person, because, again guys I bought around Five domains for wreck around to three hundred hours, and now they’re working around like five thousand dollars, okay, which is a lot of money.

If you asked me for a $ 20 investment now, on top of that, I’m. Also going to show you guys how to guys can she buy the domains and I say, sell them, and I’m. Also gonna show you guys exactly how much tastier she starts the expenses and also the profits of this business.

Now, on top of that, guys, you guys don ‘ T know me, my name is ty Bryson. I’m, an accountant and I produced and do every single day subscribe to channel hit the best you get notified on top of my favorite.

Like button and here’s, a question for you guys, okay, I made a call a few days ago and I access guy, hey Nathan. How much is it those domain cost? Okay, one two domains called simple finance com. He said you know what tell me I’ll, give you a good deal cuz.

I like you, I like how you sound over the phone, and I was saying, okay weird, but I write bro and he tells me okay. Tell me I’m thinking, 500 dollars, one thousand dollars coming down below and let me know what’s.

Your gets, for. I tell you one two three times up here’s, the answer guys. Okay, this guy tells me well Tommy it’ll cost you around $ 100,000, who’s, a good domain, a lot of traffic and we won’t, sell it for less, and I said, like: hey Nathan, stop right there And I hanged up okay, I got offended right then, and there and I’m, not interested anymore, but that’s.

Why? I’m making this video now because I said you know what, if this guy can make this much money, why don’t? I learn how to do it and why don’t, I teach you guys how to do it also. So in this video I’m gonna teach.

You guys everything you absolutely need to know about son domains and buying domains for the low and something really high. Okay. Now the first thing when I break down guys is actually well. How much does it take to start the expenses and also the profits? That start with the start of course, okay, here we go to actually start this business.

It depends. Okay, you want to have a budget, and you want to figure out like well how much you actually have to spend now the great uses this guy’s. You don’t need a million dollars or two million, even three million dollars.

No, no, no, you only need to grow like a dollar or two dollars, because I seen domains out there for two dollars and they sell pretty quickly also, so it all depends what you wan na buy, but I’ve. Also seen domain sell for 30 dollars, ten million five hundred thousand a lot of money.

I’m telling you okay, so, for example, the highest domain actually sold in history was so this year it’s called voice, calm, search it up and actually sold for around thirty million dollars. A lot of money right here’s, a picture right here now, on top of that this month, only these domains right here – CARICOM, I think, for Phil calm.

Well, these domains right here have so far like $ 5,000 $ 6,000 $ 3,000 by weight. These domains on average cost maybe like a thousand two thousand three thousand five hundred ten dollars. Twelve dollars two dollars, so he made him buying something for two dollars and then selling it.

For a million 500k a hundred K, it’s, a lot of money. So again the startup cost is dependable and what you want to buy and your niche. So in reality you can start with two dollars to five yours to even up to a million dollars.

If you have that type of money. Okay, so there you go, let’s start with cost now top right, one there well Tommy. What are the expenses of this business? Well, the quick answer is this: okay, whenever you buy a domain, they’ll, usually charge around a $ 10 to keep your address, your name and phone number privates, okay, and that can add up when you’re buying hundreds of domain.

Every single year well, 100 times 10. Now it’s, a thousand dollars right. It’s, a lot of money, but what you can do is since, if you buy a virtual address online or virtual office online, you can put that address in there and also use like a dummy phone number or a second cell phone.

And that way you put your name doesn’t matter right and it’s. Your phone number, your dummy one and also the address you rent it for like $ 125, and that way you’d, have to worry about. I can I have to pay $ 10 every time of our domains, so in reality the only costs are the domain names and then also the privacy, but that’s about it.

Okay, that’s, that’s. All it is to it: okay, every single year you renew the domain name and that’s like $ 50 $ 20 dependent domain, but that’s about it. You know 50 plus 10 to 60, and on top of that the domain name may be like 40 $ 1000.

It just depends, you know, and I’m gonna tell you think they were finding it. Don’t worry, but the last part is this: the profits, okay, imagine buying a domain for $ 10 and then selling thirty million dollars.

It’s, a lot of money and on top of that, imagine buying a domain and then actually using it for a website because it’s, so good. For example, there’s a website out there. It’s called tom s X II, I can’t say because I get the amount of times we just like switch to s with the e and then the you know the other one.

Well, that website gets to run 37 million views every well searches every single month. So imagine everyone that’s, watching those ads and clicking here and there with the ads. Well that person that owns a domain makes a ton of money.

On top of that, the voice, well, the voice type comment. So Frank, I rounded like 33 million dollars. That was like 30 million dollars well, that one gets around like six hundred and seventy five thousand searches every single month.

Also so again, these high, like searches, websites, make a ton of money and that we can to make money from flipping and also either keeping and then putting ads on them. So there you go, profits are a lot.

Expenses are little and then the sort of cost is also small, depending on what you’re, actually looking for. So there you go guys, but now let’s, get into the step-by-step guide to start this business, okay.

Now the first thing is this: guy’s to buy domains. You can go and go down there calm. I also have links down below, for other pictures should buy, but all the links are down below no worries, but I gonna go daddy.

com and sure it’s domains there and I buy them right then, and there so there you go quick answer. Quick solution link down below again, but now let’s, get started to step by step, guide, to buy and resell domains properly and profitably.

Okay. Now the first step is this: you want to decide exactly your budget, okay, so how much money do you have to spend on this business and, for example, I bought five domains for less than $ 20, and now they’re worth around $ 5,000 Estimate Valley, okay, so I’m just waiting.

I’m gonna listen for sale. I’m gonna keep them for myself and just like create a business out of them. So here they’re. All right here I’m gonna blur, some of them out because again sometimes domain get hijacked.

You never really know what’s gonna happen, so I’m gonna blur them out, but in reality guys I bought these domains for like 20 hours. I’m gonna sell them for around, like five thousand dollars estimate.

Okay, so there you go pick your budgets. How much you wan na spend because again, some domains that actually searched up were like two thousand five thousand ten thousand a hundred thousand and that’s, not my market.

So if it is yours, you know what your market is, but for reality my market is that you know like ten dollars per domain $ 12 $ 15 from something like two hundred hours was really good. But again I won ‘

T really go that high. You pick your budget depending on your wallets, but there you go. The first step is pick a budget now step. Number two is this: you want to pick a niche once you know how much you’ll spend you want to know where you’re gonna spend that money at so Kay you can’t go into the fitness, Then finance and tech.

You want to pick a market to learn everything in bottling, for example, what industry is it who’s, the buyer? How much is the one to spend, for example, get this right. Imagine I own like the entire, like Logan, Paul, calm or like PewDiePie, calm or or you to calm.

Well, these names mean a lot to these people because again is their branch. If I all missing stuff back then for a lot of money, so that’s, how it works? Okay, guys you want to make sure you understand your industry by picking your niche.

So, for example, my niche is finance. These people in finance wants to pay a lot of money for names because they know that these names are profitable because it will get them more, like you know, like more traffic, and they’ll make more money out of it.

So it’s kind like an investment for them, so pick a niche your market, and that will you understand who your audience is the industry and also who the buyer is. Okay, there you go now. The third step is disguised.

You want to find names that are actually valuable, so, for example, you need to go like long term or short term. For example, imagine when the printer spinner that craze came out like oh my gosh, we just been there man if you bought like fitness trainer, calm.

Okay, you sold for someone for eccleston dollars right then and there, but it’s short term, because now no one cares about with your spinach or like slam. Calm. No one Karan’s now, but back then people pay a lot of money for that entire website.

Okay. Now, on top of that, if you want to go like very very like long term and very like you know like unique with these names, you want to ask yourself walk how much traffic this is drive. I have links ability to find out this information, but the main idea is this: you wan na find names that are SEO.

Optimized have keywords inside of them that, but, like keywords, are words that actually searchable, and they’re, constantly search online. That way, it pulls traffic for the person that has an entire domain.

Okay, that’s, how it works, but once you have that domain, you wouldn’t ask yourself: you know: why does this person want this domain? Doesn’t help them and where’s, the value in it, it’s more about them than it is about you, because we just saw something.

Somebody want some hey. This is important to you and here’s. Why? And here’s, how I was gonna help you make more cells or make more money or help you with Brandon okay, so you wan na shove all these questions and you want to find words again there that’s tonight.

You know I make three words: two words or a nice lesson: 17 character, because you don’t wan na domain, like oh, I saw you buy, I saw you buy calm it’s kind of weird you don’t. Want that you want something simple, concise, that’s very easy to markets and bring it easy to sell and very easy to type up for the user.

Okay. So there you go number three now number four. Is this once you know your budgets, your industry, your niche, basically, and what you actually want to focus in when it comes to keywords? Well, now it’s, time to check in the domains I see available.

Now I use GoDaddy calm to see if the domain is available or taken now. My entire strategy is this: you’re gonna see, go local or you can go wide, for example, Bronx real estate, calm that might be available.

You can search it up and then you can actually sell to someone that’s, interested in selling real estate in the Bronx, the Bronx apartments, calm or Bronx. I’m local zoo, calm or Bronx um, whatever you know, but you want to go local to see if you actually buy something guys you sell to a local business and that way you make money but locally in central focus like oh, my gosh.

This is huge, big something you want to focus on small don’t. You see exactly where the value lies now, on top of that, your domain might not always be available. Usually it won’t, be, for example, if you can’t find simple finance calm, you might want to search up easy clients, calm or very quick glance.

Calm. You know, like things, are very similar and very high keyword, search volume and that way. Well, you final turn it’s, an entire name and that we still got it. So if you can’t find a specific name, sometimes just go with the alternative and by that one way still can.

Because again, if I couldn’t find simplifies calm because it cost $ 1 well, I would buy simple finance that code and use that one and that way I will avoid spending a hundred dollars on a domain okay.

So there you go now number five once you found a domain and it’s actually available in your niche in your budgets. Well now you won’t understand. Is this valuable or is it not valuable? Okay, so that’s number five now the way you find this out is by doing either in three method.

Okay, there’s. Three websites link down below you can go and go TOCOM such appraisal to see exactly how much is selling for and based on what value. Okay. So, for example, if you find simple finance out comments actually available, you can search it up on GoDaddy, calm, slash, appraisal and see.

How much does she worth based on their criteria, which is usually like keywords? Okay, now you can actually go also an ethnic calm or name bio calm. Again, all the links are down below, but once you go through these on websites, it’s, Oh exactly well.

How much does to be in search the value of it and why so, once you have that, why? Why is it so valuable that you can put that Y under customer? So I’m: hey it’s valuable because of this. So you should buy it because of this.

There’s, a lot of searches, it’s very catchy, very simple, and it ‘ S asked you within your niche and it also gonna help you business with more business. Okay, so that’s to Y and the Y is how much is it worth? Yes, you search up how much is worth by using the links down below by the way I’m, not paid.

I’m, just sharing the info bro okay, so don’t, be so suspicious about everything. Now let’s, keep going now number six guys right once you have your domains, you want actually put it front and center.

So now you bought your domain in your niche in your budget and also it’s very catchy. It’s very optimized and has a lot of volume to it. You know people search it up now you when she sell it. So how do you sell it? Well, I guess you saw it on go there, come the links down below to all this stuff or you can sell it on another marketplace for money.

Okay, so I have all the links down below to where to actually sell it. For right now, the main tip is this: you don’t, always want to sell to the first person. Sometimes you want to hold and see exactly and the reason you can see any well.

You know what I can you sell it for $ 1,000. Now or hold on to it for a little longer and see exactly who wants to buy it, why they wan na, buy it and how much you get for this entire domain? Okay, because again, you might end the guy’s son.

The boy said: you know what he’s, offering ten dollars now. I just thought it right now: no, he held on to it and then sold it for thirty million dollars. So that’s entire point. Here you want to be patient and hold on to the domain.

Now number seven is risk, you know every business has risks and this one is not free of risk either. Now I have three risks here and the first verse is this. You know there’s, legal problems. We buy a domain that’s very similar to a business or a brand.

And now you are, you know in some legal trouble, but I would probably buy the domain first and then worry about that. Later, okay, honestly, so final domain is very catchy very good. I would buy it first and then worry about the entire legal trouble later, because usually they’ll, try to buy from you for a very decent price, so you never really know so.

Don’t worry about like oh, am I gonna drop now buy it and then worry about that later now. Number two: is this: okay, liquidity of the money liquidity means. Well, you know you have that money locked in until you sell domain.

For example, I bought these domains here for like $ 20, but it’s still like $ 20 here until I sell it, I might sell it tomorrow next year or Never. You never really know okay, so the money is locked in until you sell those domains.

Okay, basically, so it’s, not a lot of room to use that money. Take it out. You know it’s locked in until you sell it. Now number three is this: the value is issued by the entire. Like seller, I mean that the buyer descends okay, so you wan na sell to someone that understands the value of the domain, because again, the domain value is based on what that person feels as if, like hey it’s worth a lot of money And here’s.

Why, but is it really worth that money? Not really? I would never spend 3 million dollars in a domain. It doesn’t, make any sense to me, but you never really know ok, but the main point is this: value is dependable on the markets and also the buyer, so that’s, something to think about.

Okay, now guys that’s, basically, it 7 steps to actually start this business. Very simple: all the links are down below coming down below and let me know does this sound clever like a good business? It’s, not sound, like a good business coming down below.

Let me know and guys before I go it’s. Gon na say one last thing here remember it is a Holden research and patience game. So if you’re, not patient, don’t wan na do research, then I don’t recommend it, but if you are patient and one of the research wall, I highly recommend this low budgets high reward.

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