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Article by Shlomo Enden

I know that there are a lot of people that are looking for ways to make money online and they came along with a great opportunity to make money blogging. Now, here is the thing that most people can’t get over it, they know what a blog is, but how in the heck could you make money blogging? How to set up a blog.Before I get to talk about how to make money blogging, I would like to give you a short guide on how to set up a blog.First you will have to go to blogger .com or wordpress .com, and sign up with them for a free blog. Signup is easy, you just fill out a form and you have to confirm you email address. Once you confirm your email then you have your blog up and running.When you first create your blog with wordpress, the theme is a simple look. You have the option to change the look of your blog for a better look and outlay, everything totally free. There are plenty of free wordpess themes to choose from, different colors to fit your niche. It’s also a good idea to change your theme to give your blog a new and fresher look every once in a while.How to get your blog popular Now, once you have your blog all set up and installed the theme you like, you will have to start posting content to your blog. You should do some good keyword research before you start to post, and write your posts using the keywords you selected. It is a good idea to post often, I would say at least twice a week. This way you blog will get ranked quickly with the search engines.Another step you would like to take to get your blog ranked quickly with the search engines is called “link building”. You should build links to your blog from outer sources. This could be done by commenting on other people’s blog or article writing.How to make money bloggingNow let’s answer the question we asked in the beginning of the article. How do people make money with their blog?The truth is that there are many ways a person could make money from their blog. One common way is with Google’s adsense program. You just place ads on your blog and every time someone clicks these ads you get paid a percentage of what the advertiser pays Google. Another way that you could make money with your blog is to place affiliate links on your blog. You will have to sign up with an affiliate program and then you will be provided a personal link. This link has your code in it and every time somebody purchases a product through your link you will receive a commission of that sale.

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Shlomo Enden is a successful affiliate marketer earning a full time income online. He is helping others that are still struggling to find ways to earn money. Visit his website to find out more ways to earn extra money online.

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