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I went more in depth on the Facebook pixel, but basically a Facebook pixel tracks. Every single thing on your website from people who visited your website, which pages they were on the longest, which items were clicked the most which carts got abandoned, email captured all of those things to actually pug your Facebook pixel into your website.

You’re gonna go to some preferences and then you’re gonna scroll down and it’s. Gon na say Facebook pixel and then you’re gonna take the Facebook pixel ID that you got directly from Facebook and put it right into your website.

So once again, if you guys, didn’t watch the video one super quick super easy to get a Facebook pixel you go to Facebook, go to your business manager to click. The three little lines then go to Facebook.

Pixel it’s. Gon na give you the steps on how to get one, and then you’re gonna just plug that right into what I just showed you. So the next thing is to add the products that I got on Shopify. So I already went into the store.

I got my products. I got permission that I was able to use the photos from the manufacturer. Now it’s time to put them on Shopify. So the first thing that I’m gonna do is actually click on products and add a product to the page.

The first item that I’m gonna put on my website is this purple set and I’m gonna just call it let’s say we call it the Lady set and then from there I’m gonna go to my email because he sent me all of the pictures of all of the products in all of the specs of the products.

So I’m gonna save and download each and every picture that I like. So I can put it on to my website and then from there. I’m gonna copy and paste all the specs into the description box, because these things are important.

Certain people are allergic to certain fabrics or don’t like the way certain fabrics fill on your skin. So the way I see it as a consumer, the more information on a website, the more that I trusted the more integrity that it has and the more that I think that the product and the quality of the products are gonna, be good.

My personal opinion that’s, just the way I shot so next, I’m gonna go ahead and just put in the price. This obviously just depends on what you want to price your items at whenever I press my items. I always like to consider overhead cost, which is basically the subscription for the website, what I ship the items in so if you’re getting tissue paper or you’re, getting cute bags or you have any branding marketing any labels or Anything like that, you want to go ahead and divvy up those up and then basically put that into the price of your product.

I will go ahead and in video four or five I basically go through all of the branding and marketing things I like to put into my products general rule of thumb. For me, is I like to add anywhere from like two to four dollars worth of marketing costs for each product.

So one thing that is important to me: even when you’re starting up a small business, it’s, always adding a unique SKU. Askew is a stop keeping unit, which is basically the way a lot of big brands or employees like to communicate.

I always make a super super super easy to follow so p-p-pussy power, and then I actually just put the name of the actual product. So I’m gonna put lady set, and then I put an initial for the color, so P is purple.

A stop. Keeping unit may seem super small to you guys, but stay in the mindset that one day you’re gonna be a bigger business and you need to be organized the better. You’re organized the better it’s.

Gon na be in the future, so just start now that’s, a little motivation for you and I’m, just manifesting bigger business for all y’all watching the next thing. Obviously you’re gonna want to put in the quantities I bought minimal quantities on each item, so I only bought six.

So I’m gonna put the quantity at six and then you also want to put in the weight. Um when I started in my business, I actually got a scale for free from USPS because they know I’m gonna be shipping products and makes their job easier.

If I pre way the objects – or you can also get a scale on Amazon for super cheap, then you have the important part, which is basically the variance-covariance are small, medium large purple, pink blue orange black white.

So after I select that there are multiple variants in this item, I’m gonna have to fix the quantities and put two two two, because when I bought this wholesale, the pack came in too small to medium to large.

If you guys want more information on the sizing, I did not pick the sizing you guys can reference to video to most whole sellers have a certain way that they sell things now your items. Do they come in two or go three two one, three, two one.

You have three similar to me going okay to small to medium and I basically went down through the whole breakdown on shopping in wholesale stores in two videos that I will link down below and put in this video somewhere.

So after I adjust the quantities, I personally always like to adjust my SKUs instead of putting one two three or ABC, which is what Shopify usually. Does I like to put s for small M for medium and L for large that’s, just something that I like to do, but to each its own another thing that’s gonna help you in the long run with objective That this business is gonna go from just having five products to 200 products to 20 products, whatever you see fit so for me always putting more information, as I can is always best in my book, so say, for example, somebody comes and they search on your Site that they want a purple pearl set, they don’t know the name of the set say: you have 200 products, they’re, not gonna scroll through they might put in the search bar purple pearl.

So basically, everything on the side here breaks it down into. I’m gonna put this as a set. I’m gonna go ahead and then tag just different things that I think people might search for once again. As a small business, you might not need it, but for seeing the future you just want to get in the habit of thinking, big and thinking more products and and more organization and a bigger team and easy way to communicate.

So I always like to add, as many tags as I see fit for each individual item. This is really beneficial because say you get a random person that sees your outfit tags from Instagram from like two months ago, and your website now has 200 items and they don’t know the name of the item.

They can literally put purple pearl and this product would probably come up. So this is a little tip for people who don ‘ T got that coin: to buy a whole bunch of inventory, and you’re, also testing out your audience and seeing what they like.

So two tips and one is buy one product that you actually like for yourself or that you like for your audience and then don’t buy the second item. But you can still put it on your website and you could put it as a pre-order and another tip is separating the two.

So you have two separate products to your product. Page fills out and you have more products choose from rather than one product in three different variants, so reason number one. Why I like to do. This is one I don’t know what colors you guys like.

I don’t. Have the budget to just buy whatever I’m gonna go ahead and test out the product. First go ahead in the description box input. This is a pre-order and then make sure the pre-order is like a week and a half to two weeks out always stay in contact with the vendor to make sure that they have this item in stock.

And you also want to make sure that it’s, able to ship quickly so that when you see that a few people aren’t ordering the item and then get it shipped away to your customers ASAP. Another reason why I don’t want to put one product under multiple variants is because I don’t have that many products on my page.

So if I want to fill my page out instead of putting everything in one product, I’m gonna go ahead and separate the two, so it just looks like I have a little bit more going on, and this is a little tip that I had for myself when I first started out and on the bright side, if nobody really even likes that product, then you have nothing to lose.

You don’t. You’re, not stuck with the inventory, and you can just simply take it off of your page. This is also really good in the testing period so that you can kind of see which items your demographic gravitates to do and just get a better fill of your audience.

I’m gonna go ahead and show you guys. Another example of one item in one product so that you guys can see what I’m talking about, and if you want to go that route, you know exactly how to do it. So this sweater I purchased in the color purple, but it also comes in the color orange and it’s in stock.

It’s in LA. I can drive to pick it up if people are ordering it, and I’m gonna also put this as a pre-order, but instead of putting it in two separate products, I’m gonna put it all in one. So in the description box, I’m gonna put that the orange color is on pre-order in the dole ship in about two weeks, and I’m.

Also gonna provide additional information to my customers that if they do purchase multiple items on the website there and one of them is pre-order, there is a chance that they might get multiple packages.

You just want to be proactive so that you’re. Not getting a whole bunch of emails talking about, I only got the one item I didn’t get the two. So after you go ahead and add the pictures at the description and put all of the information in now it’s.

Time to adjust the variant so after I fixed all of the SKUs and fix all the variants to the right number and sizes, then I’m gonna go ahead and click the picture box and I’m gonna put the Corresponding picture with the corresponding color in the backend, this basically helps so when people are on your website and they’re clicking orange or purple, they can actually see exactly what color and what it looks like on the model.

This becomes super helpful when you start getting into products that say like beige and ivory when beige and ivory too, a lot of people can mean the same color, but when you click it, and you see that the beige is a little bit different than the ivory On your customer or on the model, so it’s, just a better way to communicate and be straightforward with your customers.

So the next thing that we want to set up is setting up payment, which is the way that we’re. Gon na get our Queen, so you’re gonna go into settings and then from settings you’re gonna hit payment providers and then, from there you’re gonna go ahead and click to add your information.

So you’re gonna add all of your information here. It’s. Gon na ask for your EIN number, which is your employer identification number. I like to think of this as a social security number for your business and basically separates you from your actual entity.

I’m, not sure if that’s true, but that’s. Just what I like to think. Okay, don’t, take my logic as legal advice consult a lawyer. Please then, after you put all of your address and information, and it’s.

Gon na ask you for a brief description of what you’re selling and then from there it’s. Gon na provide a a big statement, descriptor for you, which you can also change. This is basically what pops up say.

Your customer buy something and they’re like what is this seventy dollar cost from, and they can just look at the description and it’s. Gon na say power, which is like oh yeah. I remember I bought from the law in move and then, after that everything is set up.

You can also set up your PayPal, but you’re, not going to get a notification to set up the whole entire process of PayPal until you get your first order. So, following up with payment, I am then going to go into shipping.

Shipping is probably my personal biggest headache of EECOM, just because it’s a lot but to set up the shipping you’re gonna go to settings and then from there you’re gonna click, shipping and then Under there, they already have presets under domestic as far as free and they based off of weight.

Unfortunately, for me, I haven’t, found the sweet spot with shipping. If y’all know anything about shipping for a cheaper price or shipping tips, please let your girl know, because I feel like that area is very great for me.

I personally am gonna just set my shipping out seven dollars, because the smallest priority package to ship is a seven dollar envelope and if your customers get more than just one item and they get like a jacket or something you’re gonna Have to spend like $ 20 on shipping that’s, not fair to charge everybody else $ 20 for shipping, so I just do the minimum the sweet spot of seven dollars and for those bulkier items.

What I like to do, personally, is just add the shipping cost to the overall product so that you’re, not adjusting the shipping for everyone. You’re, just adjusting, not shipping for that product for the people who are buying a specific product.

That was a lot of work. I hope it made sense and I hope y’all understood me and then, if you are wanting to open up your site to international shipping, you’re gonna want to choose the countries.

I only two specific countries because in my experience, unfortunately, I’ve, had to ship to random countries that I don’t really get that much traffic from, and then I realized that there’s, a certain law and certain Way to ships to certain countries and then that person ends up getting their item like 40 days later, which is never a good thing to communicate via email and she was a hot mess.

So you want to make sure that you’re. Doing your research on countries to ship from for yourself and depending on where you are in the world, the smallest trackable package for international shipping is 2650, so I’m gonna go ahead and set my price at 2650.

The next thing is the legal page and the shipping and the private policy, and things like that. So, in order to set all of these pages up, you’re gonna go to settings, and then you’re gonna go to legal shop.

Avaya provides templates for all of these different legal things that you need on your website. I like to use the template I like to customize it to my own, because they basically make a general template so that pretty much anybody can fall under that category.

But, for example, I’m, not selling any gas or liquid. So I can go ahead and just delete that I’m, not selling any gift cards or any software, so I can go ahead and delete that and I can also adjust the policies to be what I wanted to be for me.

I just like to use it for the verbage and just like the basic language, something I don’t really adjust is the private policy, and I also don’t really adjust the terms of service, but one thing you do need to Adjust is the shipping one of the biggest annoyances for me when it comes to shipping is when people try to do returns or when people try to say that they return something and then the package is lost.

Unfortunately, when a customer sends something back, it is not the company’s, responsibility and that’s. Why there’s, something called tracking and that’s? Why there’s, something called insurance, because it basically proves that somebody’s, actually sending something back and that the product is insured, just in case it gets lost.

I think the insurance is anywhere from like $ 100 to $ 200, depending on which insurance, then you get. The insurance is already included in the $ 7 for their priority or the $ 20 in priority that you choose from

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