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 I’m, going to show you how to set up seriously simple, podcasting and configure your podcast feed for submission to iTunes, stitcher and Google Play first thing in the plugins area in WordPress.

We can see that seriously simple podcasting plug-in is installed. I’m also using the Genesis theme framework, so Genesis support is installed as well. Both of these are free plugins and can be found in the wordpress.

org repository here in the podcast menu item. We can see settings will click on that and get started. Configuring our show the first setting that you’ll come to is which type of posts will be included in the podcast RSS feed by default seriously, simple podcasting only has podcast posts included in the theme.

If you want to include regular blog posts, just click the post menu item here and if you have custom post types already configured on your website. Those will show up here and you can include those as well.

If you want to include podcast posts in the main blog, you can click the second menu item, but just know that different themes will behave differently with this option. The next option is where to display the podcast media player on your pages.

For me, I only like it on full pages, not on excerpts and above the content for each post. We’ll, save these settings and get on to configuring our podcast feed settings here in the DeFede details area.

We can see a little bit more about our podcasts RSS feed. We have things like title subtitle, both of which iTunes will display the author’s name and encourage you to use a lot of keywords here. So we were, we were a little bit whimsical with our title, subtitle and authors, but this is a great place for you to place keywords that are relevant to your podcast, so that people in iTunes and stitcher can find them by searching for those keywords.

The other item that really helps with discoverability is the three categories that you’re afforded within iTunes. They have both parent and child categories, and these are the parent categories here in 2017, selecting a parent category and then the relevant child category below that and each of these being different will give your podcast a lot of discoverability when people are searching through the categories.

In iTunes in general, you want to have each parent category be different, and really you want each child category to be different as well. This just gives your podcast better reach. The next thing that you want the description or summary of the podcast.

This tells potential listeners to your show what they can expect by tuning in and hearing what you have to say. One thing to remember here is that no HTML is allowed, so you can’t, embed links or social media handles in here.

Only plain text, your podcast cover image, can be uploaded here and needs to be at least 1400 by 1400. Pixels in iTunes is preferring now 3,000 by 3,000 pixels. The last few items you need here are the owner’s, name and email address for iTunes to get in touch with you when your podcast has been submitted and approved, any copyright notices that you want to get and whether your podcast is explicit or Not just a warning here if your podcast is explicit, go ahead and mark it as explicit.

If there’s, if there’s, a notification against your show and it’s not marked as explicit iTunes could pull it from their library and that’s. It will save, will click, save podcast settings and take a look at our podcast RSS feed here.

This opens in a new browser tab and you can see the title, the subtitle and the image that we uploaded. If we had podcast episodes here, they would show up down here all in order with the most recent ones appearing at top, so that’s.

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