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The way you get going with WordPress is downloaded from or you can install it via your web host. But this isn’t a tutorial on that. This is about selling products. So once you’ve got WordPress installed, go ahead and get the WooCommerce plug-in downloaded and installed on your blog.

So here I’ve. Just got an old site. I’ll blow of this one for this. The purpose of this tutorial, so I’m just going to log in okay. So let’s, go ahead and download or install the plug-in WooCommerce. Do a search for that search and go ahead and install this plug-in here.

Okay, so activate the plug-in, and then we’re just going to go through a few quick setup things. So what you’re going to need for this to take payments, is a PayPal account. So if you haven’t got a PayPal, account hello, head over to paypal.

com and register for an account there and what you’re. Going to need is your the the details that you, the email address that you signed up for PayPal with. So just if you get that wrong that you’re, not going about taking your payments, so go ahead.

Let’s, set up the payment options. First, I’m going to go into the settings okay. Well, we need to install the pages first and come back okay, so sign here. We need to install these these pages into WordPress.

So let’s, go ahead and install these we could manually add certain short codes, but this is a blank site. So I’m just going to install install these pages automatically, and then I’m going to go into the settings and then we’re going to set up our PayPal account.

So we’re, going to go in to check out check out and then we ‘ Ve got PayPal. So what I have a PayPal, checkout click on settings and then here’s, where the important part where you put your email address to receive PayPal payment.

So mine, for example, is a lot of Dreams. Up is just an old email address and I signed up PayPal ages ago and then I think the same. You put the same email just there, and this is optional. So that’s.

The main thing you need to put your your paypal email address. Oops and they’ll receive it email address. Actually this is my receive it. You know it just is slightly different than mine is actually okay.

Okay, yours should be the same. I imagine if you use the same PayPal same email address. You signed up with PayPal so that’s, that one done and then Save Changes, and then we should be good to go. Take payments! Okay! The next thing is, we’re, going to show you how to add a product.

So here we have the product section of woo commerce. So go ahead and add your first product click on add product. Now we can type in the title of product. So say: test product the title: we pretty content about your your product.

There you can add pictures and video. I didn’t, think you want in this space here. You want to set the product image here. So click on set product image and then select a file, so we’ll just use any old.

I’ll. Just use any old image here that’s. What I’m, do fit Google Apps okay. So once it’s, uploaded set the product image by clicking on set product image, and that should be done. Okay put your sale price in so your regular price, which we want to sell it at.

Obviously, if it’s on a sale, so you would put maybe 80 pounds, for example, or 80 dollars in whatever currency you’re working in and then we can publish the product and we should publish now that product will be published.

On my website and view that so here we are, this is added to the site. I’m gonna change this theme actually because it is not compatible with Wu teams, so that’s, a good point. You actually need to have a template that is listed as being practical with WooThemes, and I’m, showing what I’m gonna.

Do I’m just gonna switch this back to the default WordPress theme for now. 2014 and then that should look a bit better, so there we go, we’ve now added our products into there, and then we can add that, to our cart, you know Add to Cart.

You know view the cart. We then proceed to checkout. We can fill in our details and then we’re gonna choose PayPal as our as our option sheet: the PayPal. Okay, it’s, asking me to fill in some details here: okay, so there we go.

I’ve added a product and that’s. Now pushed this. It’s processed that into PayPal, and if I put in my details here, obviously I want to pay myself, but this would be a function in products. So you see in as little as the time we’ve just taken to set up a few minutes.

You can have a product up online ready to sell very quickly, obviously creating a product, and you know it takes a bit more time to do that, but you can see the technology behind it. Doesn’t. Take too long.

If you want to get started selling products using WordPress okay, so I just want to mention that the purpose of these tutorials is not really. I’m, not trying to make a perfect tutorials here. I just want to give you really an overview and what you can do with WordPress and hopefully give you something very quickly in these short videos.

So I’m not going to spend subsequent videos. I’m, not going to spend a lot of time, setting up demo pages and things I’m just going to use real world examples which I have okay. So what we’ve done in this this little video.

I’ve shown you how to install WooCommerce into WordPress. We spoke about very generally about themes and having a compatible theme with WooCommerce is important now, obviously, the default themes that come with WordPress, probably not going to be the best ones to use.

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