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We administer and run it’s very simple. You simply sign up to info links using the link that I have placed in the video description below and then all you do. Is you log in to your info links account and you add your website.

So you’re, going to add your web address right here. You’re, going to select the category that your website best fits under. Then you’re, going to select the language that your website is in and any other comments that you think InfoLink should know.

Once they’ve had an opportunity to review your website. You’ll, get a yes or no on whether or not you’re approved. Typically, they want to prove gambling sites or adult themed sites, but just about everything else will get an approval.

After that, you’re, going to go back into your account details and select how you want to integrate info links into your website. It’s very simple, and it takes literally about a minute or so you, don’t have to be a marketing guru to do this.

For the sake of this video, I’m, really not going to touch on other platforms. WordPress is predominant out there and it’s predominantly growing. It’s, approximately 25 % of all Internet real estate right now.

So we’re going to use WordPress, and this is an example because that’s. What we do here, so all you’re going to do. Is you’re going to select which website you want to integrate info links into so for the sake of this example, we’re, going to choose misadventures, and then we’re going to click WordPress.

Now it’s. Actually pretty simple here, you’re, going to download this plugin and it gives you complete instructions on how to download this. Then you log into WordPress and upload the plug-in. You activate your plugin and then everything else is completely automated, so this is essentially how you’re going to do this.

You’re going to click this download. Then you’re gonna go into your info links or you into your WordPress plugins. You’re, going to select, add new, and then you’re, going to upload the plugin that you just download it from info links and the name of this plug-in when it downloaded with WordPress 30.

So we’re gonna find that we’re gonna open this, and then we’re gonna install it. So it’s already been installed on our site, but that’s. Just how you will install it just for your future reference, the way that you access it is actually in your settings.

Tab you’re, going to go to settings and then info link settings. You’re, going to input your publisher ID and also your website ID here. You can choose to exclude info links from certain pages if you like, but there’s, other ways that you can use integration as well, and I’ll.

Show you how we do it first, you need to locate your publisher ID or a PID number, that’s right here, so you’re. Just gonna take this and you’re gonna copy this into info links. Right there, then, you’re, going to look for your website ID, which is listed under all of your accounts, so you can see here the website ID for misadventures is for so you just put in 4, and then you save your settings after that.

You’re, going to select how you want to integrate info links into your site. Now they have a lot of different options on on the display customization so for different websites. Different things work for us.

I’m, going to show you what I have selected for misadventures. What I selected for misadventures was just two types of integration. One was in text, the other one is in article I felt like when I added these.

These just got a little bit too spammy with the ads and that’s. Not when I want that particular site to be about because I feel like there’s other opportunities to monetize it as well, without being overly spammy with the ads.

So let me show you what that looks like on the misadventure site. Just with these two optimization settings in here in text, as you can see here, we’ll, put different text options on to your site. Now you can choose either a double line for the text or dotted.

You can also choose a unit color for your apps. You can select whether you want one to display two all the way up to 12. For this demonstration. We’re using twelve. You can turn on in text ads for misadventures, and you can also apply this to all of your other sites.

I don’t want it on all of my sites, so that’s. What we’ve chosen to do here, an article is something new and it’s a little. It’s in beta right now. This is going to say that you need to put this code wherever you wanted to appear in your article.

If you have the WordPress plug-in, which you should, there is no reason for you to need to mess with this at all, so don’t. So this is essentially what it’s, going to look like with just these two things put into misadventures and how it monetizes each and every single blog without me having to go in and fuss with that code.

So this is one of the ways that we’ve monetized misadventures up here. This is actually not info links. This is a different monetization provider and one of the things that I have found to be most successful just about any website, as you’re, putting advertising up at the top in the middle and at the bottom of every blog.

So this is behaviorally target targeted advertising, so why is it showing me a web hosting and it’ll? Show you something else. Well, it’s, showing you based on your search history and since I spent a lot of time on Bluehost, because that’s, who we use for our host, that’s.

What’s coming up in front of me just based on my behavior or my online behavior? Rather so you have all of these things here now. These are actual links that I’ve, put in okay, that link out to other sites.

Now here is your info links at so every time somebody clicks on this. You’re, putting piggies in your piggy bank, so they might and – and we all know, people online have the attention span of a gnat with a DD.

It’s about seven seconds, so it’s. Okay, if they’re clicking out to something else, because you’re still putting yourself in a win-win situation. They can always come back to your blog when you’re using the right social media marketing techniques anyway.

So don’t stress out about that. No, you see here there’s, just different pop-ups all the time and they’re contextually based and behaviorally based advertising. So you have all of these different options for people to click through different things on your site.

You know for all kinds of different things: they can click out to beauty products. They can click out to. You know different discounts whatever it is. You know if they have that moment, like I often do it.

I’m, like oh. I forgot to put in my Walmart order. I forgot to do this. They can do that right there and find out more about different text messaging options as well. So there’s, tons of different opportunities here, where people are clicking out of your site or opening up a new window when they’re clicking on these ads, and you are able to capture some additional income that you might not have.

Otherwise, captured now granted, this is not the only way to monetize a site, and I’m just gonna give you another example here of how I monetize my sites effectively one I’ve got a different advertising provider up here.

That’s, a different video altogether, but two I actually advocate and advertise different products that I’m using when I’m blogging. So this is a brand new blog. As of the date of this video – and you know it – hasn’t gotten any shares yet, but I don’t ever ever ever forget an opportunity to share something.

So even the rescuetime is a free tool. It’s, something that I believe in and something that I use on a daily basis, and I want to tell everybody else: how excited I am about using RescueTime. So I use my blog as a venue to do that when I do that as well.

They have an option to where they can share the picture. That’s right here on all of their social networks, which is a pretty cool option to have, and that is a website customization feature that we do have Valkyrie consulting then, if they click through to this link, and they sign up guess what I’m, getting paid that way as well, so you can monetize a single blow six to ten different ways without it feeling very spammy by using the right strategies.

But for the sake of this vlog, we’re just going to talk about infant links, and I hope that you ‘ Ve learned something about infolinks today, how you can implement it on your site. If you have any other questions, concerns or one some additional information, please visit us online ww, Valkyrie comm, and that is it for me and infill links.


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